Best beaches To Visit In Goa in 2022

1.Calangute Beach

Calangute beach in Goa is also known as the Queen of Beaches. It’s 15 km from the capital city Panaji. The beach itself isn’t anything special, with steeply shelving sand, however it’s capacity is large enough to accommodate the huge number of high-season visitors.

 The period from November to February is the most pleasant to visit here.

The Calangute beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa with a host of facilities to cater to visitors, including golden sand along the beach and water sports. 

It is usually crowded and the small resorts thrive in business during the holiday season.

Things to do in Calangute Beach

Calangute is a perfect place for adventure and water sports like kayaking, sailing, wind-surfing, water snorkeling, water-skiing, fishing, etc.

 Parasailing on Calangute Beach offers an unbelievable experience as you soar up high in the air and undergo the wind on your face, that exhilaration truly kicks in.

Head towards the beach from the city and you’ll find handicraft boutiques, jewelry shops and Tibetan shopkeepers.

The architectural beauty of the St Alex church is quite appealing and the beautiful location of Medicinal Springs look too good. The Beach seems more vibrant and lively, when the sun goes down and the city awakes up in the sky. 

The nightlife scene of the beach simply lightens the city with cultural, music, parties, wines and dance shows.

How to reach Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach doesn’t have flight or train connectivity. But it can be reached via bus. It’s also connected with the road so you can hire a taxi, or self-drive to reach here if you like. Shivamogga Bus Terminal is the nearest major bus station, with buses to other cities.

Best time to visit Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach can be visited round the year. Though people are advised not to visit this place in the monsoon season, due to heavy rains. Still if you are wondering about the best time to visit Calangute Beach then months from November to February are the most pleasing months of the year.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

2.Morjim Beach

Morjim beach is an isolated beach situated on the north side of the mouth of Chapora river estuary. It can be viewed from Chapora forts The beach is recommended for viewing sea birds.

The Goa Morjim beach is most famous for the famous olive Ridley turtles that are found here. Even the strong breeze blown here is known as the turtle wind amongst locals as it attracts these beautiful sea reptiles.

The southern end that has soft white sands of the beach known as Temb acts as a nesting ground for the Olive Ridley turtles that come here to lay their eggs.

The Morjim beach is also a spot where we can see a lot of net pullers.

There are few beach shacks and restaurants found at the Morjim beach in Goa that serve delicious meals and fresh fruit juice. 

Also for accommodation there are some private houses and small guest houses. There are a lot of buses that connect Morjim with Panjim and Mapusa.

Things to do in Morjim Beach

There are so many things to do in Morjim beach and they are following:-

1) Morjim beach is famous for Olive Ridley sea Turtles. Spend time here enjoying these beautiful creatures. Giving food to them and disturbing them is not allowed.

Tourists often click photos with these turtles.

2) It’s a peaceful beach and not the activity. Tourists like to spend lazy evenings and afternoons in the beach side shacks and sun beds. Local drink Feni and fresh coconut water are sought after in this.

3) Morjim beach offers plenty of things to do apart from water sports adventures. Enjoy the beach with watching dolphins swimming in the deep sea, diving for seagulls. Adventure sports is not much here due to inhibition of water animals.

3) At morjim beach we can see water birds including beautiful kingfishers, kites and other species.

4) It is a peaceful beach with lots of Russians inhabiting this beach and its surroundings. That is the reason why local eateries and restaurants sell a lot of Russian cuisine along with Goa food.

Enjoy both of these cuisine. A lot of private beach sunbeds, coco palms, Russian sports bars and beach touching restaurants can be found here.

How to reach Morjim Beach

By air one can first reach Panjim Airport. From there reach Morjim beach which is close by. To reach by train, we need to reach Vasco DA Gama railway forst.

From Thiv to Morjim it is just 2 kms which can be covered by a pre-paid taxi or a local bus. From Madagaon early trains start early, usually 6 am.

Best time to visit Morjim Beach

Best time of the year to visit Morjim beach from November to February. The weather will be more pleasant then with little rain, so you can spend more time on the beach. The beach shacks will be all open, and there will be parties.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

3.Bambolim beach

Located in North Goa, this peaceful little beach is a heaven for those who want to enjoy the sand and surf without the crowds that pepper most of the other beaches in North Goa.

The beach is a secluded stretch of sand and rocks, lined on the landward side with swathes of swaying coconut palms, which provide a cool and shady place to relax. This beach is located behind the Grand Hyatt hotel and is very peaceful and serene.

Wide and long, white sand, gorgeous beach, some call it the best beach in Goa.The sand is darker, and you might get the feeling that it is not as pleasant as ocean beaches, but it’s a quit, non-touristy beach near panjim, and a good option to get a fresh air surrounding and also it has a 5 star resort, if you need a drink.

The beach is a secluded stretch of sand and rocks lined on the landward side with swathes of swaying coconut palms which provide a cool and shady place to relax

Things to do in Bambolim beach

The beach is a great place to have a beach picnic and enjoy the quiet and solitude of one of the less frequented beaches in Goa whilst at the same time being more accessible than most of other secluded beaches.

The beach is also a popular hangout for university students who like to chill there for a while after their lectures.

Since this is the closest beach to the university of Goa. The beach is also popular with fishermen both for pleasure fishing and serious fishing.

The bambolim beach resort has a great restaurant which serves a variety of different cuisines ranging from authentic and spicy Goan fare to cool continental delights. Despite the water being not as clean as ocean water it is a good spot for a peaceful swim, since it has a clear view and water is super calm.

The beach has excellent facilities for water sports like surfing, sailing and scuba diving. A four-hour high speed boat ride takes you the world class dive site of Angria Bank, 120 miles away from Bambolim Beach Resort.

How to reach Bambolim beach

The Bambolim beach is located near the little seaside town of bambolim which is about 7km from Panaji, the capital city of Goa.

Although there is no bus service to the beach, it is quite accessible by road and can be reached using the services of a pilot or taxi service.

Nearest rail station of Bambolim Town located at Karmali about 12km away. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Bambolim from Karmali station. Other important railway stations are located little away at Madgaon and Vasco Da Gama.

Best time to visit Bambolim beach

The best time to visit the Bambolim Beach is between October and March. The sea can be rough during July and August and the monsoon period. Bambolim Beach, like most of the beaches in Goa, is at its best during the tourist season, from October to March.

Those who choose to visit between March and June, should beware the hot sun, and carry water and sunscreen.

From June to September, the monsoon season, the beach has its own peculiar charm, but the sea is not safe to swim in.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

4.Butterfly beach

My place which gives me about butterfly beach are: Butterfly beach is located along channel Drive in ritzy Montecito, CA.

This is a popular beach with santa barbara area locals, many who walk their dogs at the water edge. The beach has been eroded here so the sandy part is thin sometimes especially at High Tide and after winter storms .

Rocks and broken concrete barriers are trying to protect the bluffs and the road . Getting here is easiest if you just drive towards the ocean on Olive Mill Road which turns into channel Drive near the four seasons Biltmore Resorts. Park along the waterfront on channel Drive or on butterfly lane if necessary .

Near butterfly lane there is a stair to the widest part of the beach. At lower tides it is possible to walk all the way to east beach in santa barbara . In the other direction the narrow shore line leads to Hammonds beach.

Things to do in Butterfly beach

Things to do in butterfly beach are: photography enthusiasts must visit this beach for its photogenic Ambiance. You can click an ample picture here to add invaluable visual memories to your Goa trip.

You can enjoy a canoe ride along the stream running across the Island. If you have that adventure zing in you can go for a two hour trek through the forest consisting of steep climbs, Brookes and densely vegetated landscapes . You can enjoy splendid views of the super acrobatic dolphins .

Especially in Water around the island. In short we can again say which things many people can do on the butterfly beach of Goa or other beaches of our country or state are photography , boating , running into water , swimming , playing adventure games , and also doing adventures, rides or other activities, etc .

How to reach Butterfly beach

The Beach cannot be accessed by buses , cars or bikes as it is surrounded by a dense forest. You can reach butterfly beach by boat from Palolem or Shonda Beach .

A boat ride cost around INR 1000-1200 . You must keep in mind that during monsoon season boating to butterfly beach is not possible.

Best time to visit Butterfly beach

The best time to visit butterfly beach in Goa or other places is between November and March.

At this time, the winter season is not so cold or hot. During these months, the temperatures are pleasant and there is not much rainfall.

This allows the travelers to enjoy both the sun and the water alike . Even the month of April and May are not too bad for a trip to butterfly beach.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

5.Galgibaga beach

Galgibaga beach is one of the marvellous, a tad undiscovered places in South Goa. It’s known to be the cleanest beach in india.

This place is recently coming into limelight and thus you won’t get any shacks or sunbeds nearby.

The most ineffable fact about the beach is it’s much quieter and pacifying unlike other beaches because of the turtle nesting. So in case you need a sojourn far from busy scheduled life this beach won’t disappoint you.

Therefore if you wanna get transfixed by the ethereal beauty of nature you should definitely visit this place.

Things to do in Galgibaga beach

Galgibaga beach which is also known as turtle beach is one of the scintillating, inexplicable jewel of India.

The beach is surrounded by coconut trees and the sea area is quite rough so the precautions should be taken before swimming.

One could take a relaxing sunbath with the cool breezes of the beach and can ride the galgibaga river on a ferry observing the astounding scenic beauty and then visiting nearby villages.

It’s also a delta where the river meets the sea. Turtles generally lay eggs at night if you really hanker for something amazing it’s a must visit beach.

How to reach Galgibaga beach

The location is a bit outskirt. Distance from Goa international airport is 80km and from canacona railway station it’s 11km.

So one can hire a cab or take a bus from the canacona bus stand to Mashem and from there you need a ferry to reach this phenomenal beach.

Best time to visit Galgibaga beach

The best time to visit is winter season i.e from October to March. As beaches are hot during summer the best month would be January and February due to its pleasant nature.

However, the monsoon is not the safest because of the strong undertow of the sea.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

6.Coco Beach

Goa is a state where you will find a diverse culture and Goa is present in the Konkan region and covered by the Western Ghats, Goa consist of exquisite beaches, landmarks leaven behind by the Portuguese with Forts, Churches, vast beaches and a lot more.

An elegant beach that stands out is the Coco beach which is present directly opposite Panaji and covered by the Nerul River and it is situated atop the Mandovi estuary of the same river, this Beach is well ensconced on all sides by the Mandovi river bay.

Coco Beach is primarily perceived as a natural bridge between Candolim and Nerul.

Things to do in Cocoa Beach

When you have arrived in this beautiful elegant beach, you will be exploring various activities to your heart content like,

You will for the banana boat ride and the river cruise in the Mandovi river bay and the adrenaline- rushing Jet Ski in the Arabian sea and a lot of other activities in your resorts and comes the sites leaven by the Portuguese.

You will be near the Aguada Fort area and other structures like Reis Magos Fort and Reis Magos church and Fountainhas in Panjim where old Portuguese culture is preserved and not to miss the tasty restaurants and Goa food.

How to reach Coco Beach

Coco beach is present opposite the Panaji, it is approximately 10.8 km, due to its proximity to Panaji it is the most populous tourist spot.

Anyone from around the world or from any state in India can reach by flight, train, or bus to Panaji and it is very easily accessible to everyone.

Best time to visit Cocoa Beach

The best time to visit this hotspot is between October to March as the climate of Goa is pleasant and you will have breezes of the sea in the morning while gazing at azure skies.

The winter is the best season to visit the beaches, summers can also be considered.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

7.Ozran Beach

Ozran beach is an extension of Vegator beach and is renowned for its shacks, pubs, restaurants and bars around.

Apart from this, there are various water sport activities like banana boat, ride, water scooters, fishing and swimming that one can experience on the beach which make the place full of enjoyment.

There are also many historical attractions nearby like Chapora Fort that add to the heritage of the place. There are also many famous shopping destinations near like Anjuna Flea Market.

You can buy trinkets, souvenirs, etc for your loved ones, at awesome prizes. Don’t forget to haggle there.

Things to do in Ozran Beach

There are many cool and interesting things there which you need to experience if you visit ozran beach, those include Mukti Kitchen, it is one of the eight best things there.

Another thing which you can do is visit the famous Goa collective bazaar. You can also visit the Chapora Fort- as it is the first suggested thing to do there.

The next thing is you should not forget to visit the Primrose Cafe Club there, it is the third of the seven Nightlife in Panjim. So, if you are interested in late night parties, you should definitely go there.

How to reach Ozran Beach

If you want to reach Ozran Beach, first go to the Airport, from Airport – there are buses that commute to Panaji Bus Stand from the Goa International Airport.

Panaji is connected to Mapusa and Calangute that lead to Vagator Beach, which is more or less a part of Ozran Beach.

Best time to visit Ozran Beach

The timings at which the Beach remains open every single day are from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

I think this much time is perfectly sufficient for any visitor to visit there and enjoy the beauty of that place.

It takes at least one hour to reach there from the Airport.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

8.Velsao Beach

Lying to the south coast of Goa, this sun kissed beach marries the Bogmalo beach in the north of Goa to Majorda & Colva beach lying to the south.

The Velsao beach brings vibes of a blessed Hawaiian vacation with an endless seashore lined with lush coconut trees. The cooing of the ocean and the blissful breeze that blows to sooth the trees are a must to experience once in Goa.

 The serene beauty of the ocean is at its best here and captivates every visitor. This amazingly gorgeous beach happens to be one of the most stunning beaches in Goa.

Things to do in Velsao Beach

Just like other beaches it provides all kinds of water sports activities. Many people also flock here to enjoy the feast of Three Kinds at Our Lady of Cures Chapel, which is celebrated every year in January.

Plenty of exotic birds flock here and therefore one of the most enjoyable activities is bird-watching. 

Fishing is also a major activity here. Boats are available on hire for tourists at affordable rates.

Velsao is situated from the busy city surrounded by chapels and churches. Velsao also provides you with a stunning night life with lively bars and restaurants.

How to reach Velsao Beach

1. Dabolim airport is situated just 8 km from Velsao and 25 km from Panaji. The airport provides taxis for hire.

2.There are bus services available from Panaji to Velsao. Kadamba Bus Terminal in Panaji is a mere 7 km from Velsao.

3.You can board a train from Majorda, Thivim or Verna Railway Station to reach Velsao Beach.

Best time to visit Velsao Beach

The best time to visit Velsao is from November to march.

It offers a superb view of the sunrise and sunset, so make sure to be here at dawn and dusk. With its natural scenic beauties in and around to its delicious Goan cuisines, travellers consider this place a rejuvenating retreat.

Velsao Beach is just the place to relax and unwind yourself.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

9.Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach is a tourist spot in Pernem taluka in North Goa which is about 30km from the capital panaji. The beach of Mandrem lies between the twin beaches of Ashvem and Arambol.

What makes this beach prominent is its white sand with limpid water, this beach is quite concealed compared to the other beaches, the Mandrem Beach is an ideal option for foreign tourists.

Among the crowded beaches in Goa, this place will give you the escape you badly need, occasionally one might see local fishermen hauling their catch from the sea. The grand beauty of this beach is especially during the High Tide time when the seawater rushes into the Mandrem Creek.

If you are planning for a romantic getaway with your loved one and want to spend some peaceful quality time having an evening walk hand-to-hand at the coast experiencing the cool breeze with the beautiful warmth of the sun then there is no doubt to choose this place as a breakout from your boisterous life.

This beach offers a perfect hideaway with appealing ambiance having a local and friendly atmosphere, tourists can enjoy, relax and live in harmony with nature.

Things to do in Mandrem Beach

One might eventually get bored if the tourist spot has nothing to offer other than muted environment but as such the beach is a peaceful place but there are quite some attractions in Mandrem.

As in case of sites to visit this place offers places like Dog temple, Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort and also Casino paradise for gambling enthusiasts.

After the sightseeing this place has some great beach-side marketplace for eclectic goods like Anjuna Flea market, Saturday market night and Tibetan Market. Other than this the place has Oceanic Yoga and Meditation School where you can embrace both spirituality and pleasure.It is the best place to have a memorable time with kids and family.

World standards, extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts and well-thought out execution make the place a highly desirable point of tourist interest. Another great place here is Kiteguru Kite Surf & SUP Center which is open from November till April and offers kite surfing lessons and a Stand Up Paddle boarding dolphin adventure, you can have one of the best experiences in Goa surfing and dolphin spotting with SUP boards.

After a hectic day one desires for some good food and a relaxing environment . This place has a Chia lounge, cafe black pearl & Garden of dreams are some of the few recommendations to live upto your expectations.

How to reach Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach is located about 30 km from Panaji, the state capital of Goa, the beach is accessible by road from Mandrem village.

To travel from Goa International Airport to Mandrem Beach which is at a road distance of 52.8km there are taxis and bikes available for rent.

The nearest railway station to Mandrem is in Pernem which is at a distance of around 13km. Those wondering how to reach Mandrem Beach from Panaji, first board a bus to Mapusa town from Kadamba Bus Terminus (KTC Bus Stand) at Panaji.

Then from Mapusa, board another bus that takes travellers to Mandrem village. One can simply walk from the village towards sea to Mandrem Beach.

Best time to visit Mandrem Beach

The best time to visit Mandrem beach to have an ideal experience taking into note the weather, safety & tourism are from February 5th to April 29th or from October 22nd to December 16th.

This data is based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Mandrem, the hottest months are May, April, and then March where highs are regularly around 94°F (34.4°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 80.2°F (26.8°C) at night.

If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Mandrem are February, December, and then January. Tourists are unlikely to visit Mandrem in September, those willing to visit at these times will likely find the prices here least expensive.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

10.Arossim beach

Arossim is a beautiful beach located in south Goa that has quite a good stretch of golden sand that’s perfect to enjoy some down-time.

Clear blue water, a dense set of palms lining the border and gentle waves make Arossim one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa.

It’s like heaven on earth. Beautiful quiet beach ,a taste of paradise, a place where we can meditate and gain some positive energy. It is located right next to Cansaulim Beach, and is still isn’t too popular with regular tourists.

Kept beautifully cleaned by a group of cleaners. Waste bins about 100 yards apart for your Wastes. Good food and drink with sunbeds and umbrellas scattered about 500yds apart.

Lovely beach in the morning and evening to see Sunrise and sunsets that makes a Quiet sun-drenched holiday for a perfect family.

Things to do in Arossim beach

There are many things to do in, near or around arossim beach. There are many water sports like water skiing , windsurfing , speed boating , aquamarine etc. Other than that you can enjoy night life with a poolside bar along with live singing.

Also you can enjoy Ayurvedic massage that uses herbs and plants and focuses on pressure points .There are a few places to rent bikes on Arossim Beach. Whizzing down the beach is bliss, especially since there’s barely anyone to zigzag around. Heading east towards the Western Ghats, things start to get a tad hillier.

But before that you’ll hit the wide paddy fields they’re super peaceful spots that are perfect for a picnic. Also when bikes are around you can stock up on jewellery and spices.

How to reach Arossim beach

Arossim Beach is difficult to distinguish from the neighboring Cuelim and Cansaulim Beach which are actually its natural extension in the north direction. All these three beaches belong to the territory of Cansaulim Village, located in Salcette Taluk (Salcette region) in South Goa.

The distance from Arossim Beach to Margao, the main city of the region is about 12 km, and the distance from the resort to Dabolim International Airport is about 16 km.

Best time to visit Arossim beach

Being such a big country, the weather in different parts of India can be as varied as night and day. Down in Goa, the temperature stay beach-perfect all the year, with averages ranging from 25°C to 30°C.

When it comes to avoiding the rain, the best time to visit is during winter and spring – from June to September this slice of India gets drenched with monsoon rains while rest of the year sees hardly a drop.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

11.Odxel Beach

Odxel beach is a wonderful and comparatively lonely beach in Goa. Odxel is a place of Serenity to unwind. One has to visit this place to experience the tranquility.

The beach is packed with rocks, stones and seashells. The length of the beach is approximately 250 meters. It is a favorite picnic spot for locals and tourists of Goa.

In Odxel beach, there is a Portuguese Catholic Chapel (Church) along with the shrine of Holy Mary. It is the pilgrimage spot in this region. The chapel caters to the local catholic population. Marriages and occasions are celebrated in this place.

Things to do in Odxel Beach

Due to the rocks and currents, the beach is not suitable for swimming. It is good for Sight-seeing. The pleasant nature around the beach is beyond description. There are few resorts located to repose.

Some of them have a bay view point. The beach gives a pleasant experience during sunrise and sunset. A visit to the chapel and offering a prayer to Holy Mary adds divine touch to the trip.

Children can have a wonderful time here and it will be refreshing for them. The time spent here is a memory, throughout life. The place is calm and gives relief from stress.

How to reach Odxel Beach

Odxel is located in Carca, a village in North Goa. It is 11 km from Kadamba bus stand, Panjim (also Panaji, the capital city of Goa).

Also it is 28 km from Vasco de Gama railway station, 26 km from Goa International Airport and 4 km from Dona Paula beach. There are cab facilities available from bus stands, railway stations and airports.

Best time to visit Odxel Beach

Generally, people love to visit places like Odxel during the winter season (i.e, November, December, January, February). During monsoon, the beaches are wet and the weather is not suitable for swimming.

It is very hot during summer and the people cannot enjoy the place completely. During winter, visitors can have swimming, sun bath etc.

So, winter is the best season to enjoy weather with cool sea breeze. Finally, Odxel is a place of tranquility and a best destination for refreshment.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

12.Cola beach

Planning a trip to Goa, and clubbing and partying is not your thing!

Maybe you just need some me time or some peace with your loved one(s), Cola beach if one stop destination you can ever think of, located in South Goa, where most of the attention is drawn by the townships of Palolem and Agonda, you are not likely to find even a dozen of tourists on this elusive beach which offers you serene golden beach sand and jitters of large volcanic boulders.

Some have crowned this rather unexplored beauty as the best beach of Goa.

Things to do in Cola beach

The best way to spend time on this beach is relax or swim, yes!!!!

The water is quite worth swimming. Apart from that, the coolest thing you can ever find on any Bach is the Blue Lagoon AKA Emerald Lagoon, where a river meets the beach and creates a stupendous emerald blue colour all over the water.

The palm trees and the lush verdant borders along the canal only add to its beauty. A lot of people prefer this place for yoga and meditation, but cherry on top, it has adventure sports like all other beaches, plus the hiking you can undertake.

How to reach Cola beach

By Air — The Dabolim international airport is 53.1 kilometers from Cola beach by the NH 66. By Rail Canacona railway station is at a distance of 15.9 kilometres.

By Road Canacona is 18.1 kilometers from Cola beach. But the most enjoyable way is to reach Samayana retreat first and then go on for a 10 min walk to reach your place.

Best time to visit Cola beach

All time is the best time and no time is the worst to visit this gem of a beauty.

But locals and experienced tourists suggest that winter months like November and December are the best, because of the absence of the perennial humidity and calm breezes all over the place.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

13.Hollant Beach

When you are planning to picture your perfect beach vacation , what image springs to your mind? Relaxing with a book for hours at time .

Maybe it’s all about non stop splashing and riding waves with kids. Perhaps your perfect beach day includes a long stroll with a stop for a snack and beer at the beach bar along the way.

Then Here Comes the Hollant Beach in to the Picture.

The Curvy Shorelines along the foothills of Western Ghats, Hollant Beach is a peaceful place isolated from most of the world. With the ravishing surroundings, the beach exudes a rekindling aura that lures people looking for a solitude .

It’s an ideal place for love birds looking for spending private time amidst the pristine surrounding. It is inhabited with issorcim by corals of all types and colors.

Things to do in Hollant Beach

Head to the Hollant Beach in Goa to witness a sunrise which you will remember for a lifetime.

The only Beach in Goa where you can enjoy the beauty of sunset too with a beer in one hand. It is famous for one of the most popular water activities – THE KAYAKING.

Apart from Kayaking you can do Scuba Diving , Snorkeling, Banana Ride , Parasailing etc. There are a few beach shacks where you will get lip-smacking seafood. A typical Goan Shack is available with a limited offer in case you are thirsty. It’s very safe for swimming.

With less availability of hotels , you can rent a villa or guest house at a reasonable price. Hollant Beach is traditionally a fishing centre, so if you love to do fishing there it’s a perfect place for you to visit.

There are not many popular clubs here but you can enjoy at the famous beach resorts.

How to reach Hollant Beach

Now if you are wondering to visit Hollant Beach, you can take your own vehicle because it is connected via road and no buses ply there.

It is located at a distance of 27 Km from Panaji in the south of Bogmalo Beach. If you are planning to go by plane then this beach is very much near Dabolim Airport.

Best time to visit Hollant Beach

Now when you have decided to visit Hollant Beach , the next question that comes to our mind is “What is the best time to visit Hollant Beach?  .

So here is the answer to your question , when the weather is pleasant i.e November to March .

When the wind is carrying the warmth of the Sun along with the coldness of the ocean. It’s the time when the breeze from the ocean touches your body, making you feel as if you are lying in the lap of nature.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

14.Querim Beach

In the northwest of the Goa region, just to the north of Arambol Beach lies this very quiet and beautiful beach.

This is undoubtedly the prettiest spot of all the offbeat places in India. enjoy the spellbinding quietness and serene beauty of this peaceful stretch of coastline with family, friends who want to just relax and have some quality time alone amongst the tall pines and outstanding Goan buildings.

Querim Beach, popularly known as Keri beach is 1.7 kilometers (1 mile) from the Maharashtra Border.and is the queen of the heaven named S Sunny, sandy, sea, serenity, and solitude

This very quiet and beautiful beach seems like a private beach with high-intensity waves and plenty of seashells. It is perfect for families who want to have a picnic by the beach and just relax.

Show up at dawn to take photographs of the shoreline on the nearly abandoned seashore. Stroll along the 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) of quiet shoreline and sit down under the pine trees to regain some composure in the shade.

After an invigorating sprinkle in the moving waves, locate a peaceful setting for sunbathing

Things to do in Querim Beach

North Goa’s Querim beach is not much of” “eventful kind of a spot but is an excellent place for peace-loving people. What’s more, a great one at that.

1.Food is an absolute necessity, Goan fish curry and the Kokam sharbat tops the list. Also, continental food there is really much much better than most other places in India

2.Visit the turquoise-and-white Ajoba Temple along the seashore. It is old to such an extent that its commencement date has been lost after some time. many movies were shot there as well.

3.the seventeenth-century Terekhol Fort, which has been changed over into an inn. From its rooms, you can appreciate amazing perspectives on the Arabian Sea.

4.simply unwind, and let everything be. Wake up, eat, go to the seashore, eat, rest toward the evening.

Absorb Goa. there is nothing as a must-do. Goa is an experience. In this way, don’t go for squeezed plans. Simply let the casual way of life there set on you.

How to reach Querim Beach

You can reach Querim beach via Goa International Airport on NH 66 and the Querim Arambol Agarwada Road which will take around 2 hours and 4 minutes of your time across a distance of 67.2 km.

Another route, which lies at a distance of 75.5 km will take you through the Betim, Pomburpa, and Aldona route will take 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Best time to visit Querim Beach

Visit between October and June to avoid the wet season. The best time to visit Querim seashore is between the long periods of October-November and March-June.

During this time, the climate is very lovely and neither too hot nor unreasonably cold for the explorers

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

15.Siridao Beach

Located in North Goa, the small village of Siridao along with its alluring beach is popular among shell collectors and visitors who love to explore caves. The place is rich in natural and cultural heritage.

Just at the entrance of Siridao, there lay three stone carved statues of men and a dog playing musical instruments in glee. Siridao beach is also home to the Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth, which makes it a popular destination for devotees during the first week of Easter.

The beach is comparatively rocky and sandier than other Goan Beaches with a diverse collection of exotic shells.

Things to do in Siridao Beach

Apart from the rocky beach, the chapel of Jesus of Nazareth, located on a hilltop is a major tourist attraction.

The Pejechem Fest celebrated annually on the Sunday after Easter, is any devotee’s delight. One must also explore the ancient caves and the monolithic stone structure, as they form an integral part of the village’s rich heritage.

Siridao also provides its visitors with another impeccable attraction – The Holy Souls Chapel. The Chapel with its magnificent architecture and peaceful aura will surely leave you spellbound.

In all, Siridao is a bewitching place that will definitely capture your soul with its beauty and rich ambience.

How to reach Siridao Beach

Siridao beach is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. It is around 9 kms from Panaji, the capital of Goa and 19 kms from Dabolim Airport.

One can reach Siridao from Mapusa or Vasco Da Gama Railway station (20 kms far), by taxi, local bus or a rented bike.

Best time to visit Siridao Beach

The winsome beach of Siridao can be visited from late October till March. This is the best time to enjoy and relish the impeccable aura of the beach. The Goan weather is at its best during these months with the clear skies, moderately warm sun and the cool sea breeze.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

16.Baga Beach

About 17 kilometers North of Panaji, Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. It has been named after the Baga Creek, which opens in the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach.

It is one of the most visited beaches. Baga Beach, is considered to be an extension of the Calangute Beach, since both of them lie on the same coast. One can enjoy a number of water sports like parasailing.

Apart from that, there are a number of food bars located at the beach which give out delicious food at very reasonable prices.

Things to do in Baga Beach

1. Water Sports

Baga Beach provides a lot of water sports for the visitors. These include, Jet-Ski, Banana Rides, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Speed Boat Ride. These water sports are definitely worth spending money on. 2. Food

One needs to try out the food at Baga Beach. Places like Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambos have embarked the place with their food.

They gather in the night time at the beach with their tempting food. 3. Shopping

The street-side market is a temptation for everyone who visits. Not only can people shop in the markets, they can visit tattoo parlours, spas, and much more for relaxation.

How to reach Baga Beach

a) It takes about 30 minutes to get to Baga Beach, from Panjim, if you travel by road. b) There are buses that take you to Baga Beach at time intervals. It takes approximately one and a half hours to reach the beach from KTC Bus Stand and Old G.M.C.

Best time to visit Baga Beach

An ideal time to visit the Baga Beach would be when the temperature of the water is ideal for swimming and water sports.

The ideal months to visit the beach would be from October to March. In a day, it is best to visit the beach after a sunset.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

17.Colva beach

Colva beach:

Colva beach is a really cool place in Goa to enjoy. If you are bored out of your monotonous routine you should have a visit. Colva beach is located in the village of salcete in South Goa.

It’s a famous tourist destination and remains crowded especially on weekends. It has a Portuguese history. Colva was the village of Portuguese Roiz family. It has a mesmerizing view of the Arabian sea.

Colva is hot and humid for most of the year but at the month of may the temperature is at its peak. By early June , rain starts.

Things to do in Colva beach

Cool things to do in Colva beach

You may enjoy sports like snorkelling, speed boat riding, parasailing, Jet skiing, Banana boat ride, motor boat rides, paragliding and lots more. You should not miss the nightlife at Colva beach.

It is absolutely safe from the early morning till the whole night you can sit by the sea shore and have an unforgettable experience. If you visit here in October, you may find a huge crowd due to the Fama festival.

Colva is famous for the white washed ‘Our Lady Of Mercy church’. It is well equipped with budget hotels, pubs and bars.“

How to reach Colva beach

Goa is easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

The Dabolim airport is just 24 km from the beach.

Madgaon is the nearest railway station which is 8 km away. Shivamogga bus terminal is the nearest major bus station. Colva beach bus stand has a limited bus frequency.

Best time to visit Colva beach

You can best visit during winter months from October to February to avoid scorching heat. In monsoon months heavy rainfall is observed. The night is the best time to enjoy the colourful night parties and flock around bars and pubs.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

18.Miramar Beach

The Miramar beach is a perfect place to explore if you are planning to have a relishing beach day in Goa, The Pearl of Orient”.

Being only three kilometers away from Panjim, the beach is a beauty spot embellished with silvery white sand.With a length of two kilometers, this aesthetic beach is situated at the sangam point of the Arabian sea and the Mandovi River.

Originally named as Porte de Gaspar Dias’ ‘ by Protuguesse who settled in Goa, which was renamed to Miramar symbolising ‘look at the sea’. It is an ideal destination to visit for relaxing and rejuvenating your soul under the charisma of the palm trees and the delightful oceanic waves.

Things to do in Miramar Beach

A splendid place for adventure, the Miramar beach attracts the attention of the Globetrotters, Photofanactics and the fun lovers.

With a range of water activities, one can enjoy Kayaking, Water Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Fishing and many more activities.

Banana Boat rides are adventurous if you agree to stay seated on a banana without getting flipped by the oceanic waves. The Dolphin watching cruise cannot be missed if one visits the beach. Playing, laying, picnicking and walking over the smooth white sand will be fun.

Well for a shopaholic there is an exquisite range of handicrafts, Stone jewellery, Wooden lacquer items, Showpieces and also the Seashell craft. For a foodie the beach has the local street food along with the famous coconut water.

How to reach Miramar Beach

The Miramar beach is easily accessible to every visitor whether it be a tourist or a local. To reach the beach from the International airport of Goa one can hire a taxi or take a car or go by a bus.

The beach is three kilometers away from Panjim and can be accessed by buses or one can hire bikes on rent. To reach the beach in less time one should go with a taxi or a car.

Best time to visit Miramar Beach

In winters, a large number of migratory birds can be spotted on the beach, including the seagulls and plovers, depicting a beautiful view and the best time to visit the Miramar beach.

It is between the month of November and march, the best time to visit the beach when the rain showers are rare and the weather is perfect to enjoy the beauty of the Miramar beach.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

19.Small Vagator

Small Vagator or Ozran Beach is an expansion of the Vagator shoreline in North Goa. It is almost 8 km from Mapusa, and 22 km from Panaji. It is situated towards the north side of the most Vagator shoreline.

One will be able to visit a few separated spots and the two water springs which are commonly known as ‘Zor’ found within the Ozran shoreline.

The geology of this shoreline is mixed with rough territories that are sponge-like in appearance.

People will be able to see the seawater dive out of the pores of these rocks like magma emitting out of volcanoes.

The seashore is flanked with palm trees that serve as well known excursion spots for families and visitors alike.

Things to do in Small Vagator

1. Water sports- Water scooters, banana boat rides, swimming as well as fishing everything’s available at this place to pump the adrenaline rush of the visitors or tourists.

2. Chapora Fort- This place offers breath-taking views of dawns and dusks. It is 1.4 km away from Small Vagator. Voyagers can moreover go for trekking to reach the topmost area of the fort. Whereas coming to the best, one will be able to see an excellent view of Vagator and Morjim shoreline.

3. Bazaars- Shop shoes, dress, adornments, and whatnot at the Goa Collectives Bazaar. One can never miss the mouth-watering food of the place.

4. Tour activities – Tour activities include not only cycling or boating but also some of the educational tours for the tourists to engage in diverse activities.

How to reach Small Vagator

There are buses that commute to Panaji Transport Stand from the Goa International Air terminal.

Panaji is associated with Mapusa that leads to the Vagator Shoreline, which is more or less a portion of the Small Vagator shoreline. The most straightforward way to commute to the place is through a cab.

Best time to visit Small Vagator

• March to June: Summers are hot and sticky in Goa, but the shoreline location makes up for different adventurous activities. • October to February: The climate is charming, and all the activities are open for the season.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.


Cavelossim is a village in South Goa district in the state of Goa.

India. Cavelossim beach is known for its contrasting black rocks and white sand. RANKING——-It is ranked 19th in Asia by Tripadvisor 2016 and 5th in India. Situated in between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River, the Cavelossim beach looks extremely beautiful with the paddy fields in the backdrop and simply creates a lovely ambience.

The contrast colors of the black lava rocks along with the white sand simply add its own splendor to this beach. Padded by a long white sand beach, it’s very nearby from the hustle and bustle of historic Margao.

You can simply laze around, have long walks or go for Dolphin trips after trying out adventure water activities.

Not only this, even the nightlife on the beach is quite breathtaking. It’s simply a perfect destination for honeymoon couples, adventure freaks or beach lovers.

It’s a romantic getaway and one can’t afford to miss the pleasant atmosphere & beauty of Cavelossim.

Things to do in Cavelossim

If you are on a beach holiday and haven’t enjoyed interesting activities like adventure water sports, river cruises, beach walking, sightseeing, fishing trips, etc., then your trip can’t be a memorable one.

1.Adventure Water Sports

2.Dolphin Spotting


4.Ayurvedic Massages

5.Other Leisure Activities

(a)Church of Cavelossim

Dedicated to the Santa Cruz or Holy Cross, this church has a simple and sober façade. It’s a perfect blend of its parent church patterns.

(b)Goa Cabo De Rama

Located very close to Agonda beach, this fort makes a beautiful sense of history and drama as well.

(c)Varca-Fatrade Beach

It’s a twin beach which is surrounded by a clutch of shacks and resorts.

(d)Shree Shantadurga Devasthan

It’s a holy abode dedicated to Shantadurga, who is believed to be an intercessor between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

(e)Naval Aviation Museum

One of the most appealing and captivating museums, which showcases the history of Indian Naval Aviation, sensors, safety equipment, several aircrafts, artifacts and rare photos of Goa’s liberation.

If you are in search of swinging nightlife, this is a perfect place for you as it reveals its hippie nightlife after sunset.

Known as the land of beach entertainment, this beautiful beach offers lounge, discotheque, casino, etc., for travelers.

There are popular restaurants and nightclubs like Aqua Swings, Liquid Lounge and Holiday Inn, where one can hang out with their loved ones till the early morning.

How to reach Cavelossim


The Dabolim Airport is the nearest one, which is only 26 km away from Cavelossim.


The nearest railhead is Margao, which is at a distance of 7 km from Cavelossim. Other railheads include Karmali and Balli.


There are regular buses available from Margao to reach the Cavelossim beach.

Best time to visit Cavelossim

If you want to plan your holiday here, we recommend you visit here between November and March.

Winter is pleasant and the weather will swing you in the mood to enjoy every activity here. Even in this peak season time, the beach is calm and quiet.

The summers are hot and humid and the rainy season can get slightly difficult. None of the water sport activities can be done here in monsoon.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

21.Anjuna Beach

Popularly known as the freak capital of the world, Anjuna is just the right place for lazing holiday makers.

Besides the calm waters of the Arabian Sea lapping softly on the Indian shore, Anjuna comes alive with its ever-famous full-moon parties and the Wednesday flea market to take one on to a trance trip.

Anjuna is a small village in north Goa, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It lies 18 km away from Panaji (the old name for Panjim), the capital of Goa.

The key attractions of Anjuna Beach are the magnificent Albuquerque Mansion built in 1920 (flanked by octagonal towers and an attractive Mangalore tile-roof), the Mascarenhas Mansion, and the Chapora Fort.

The Acid House Party – Anjuna is also known for its full-moon (acid house) parties. Held for and by young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists.

The trance party with dance, frolic, and merriment goes all night besides the fire.

Things to do in Anjuna Beach

The stretch of Anjuna Beach is almost 2 kms filled with water activities, cafe’s, coffee shops, family run-guesthouses, beach bars and yogic panorama.

One of the most carried out activities include jet skiing and paragliding. For water sports enthusiasts this can be a disappointment as only some and not all water sports are carried out here.

Yet some of these can be enjoyed here at reasonable prices which are costly at other beaches.

Anjuna is also a place known for its small rocks by the sea side. People staying in nearby hotels often walk up to the sea and sit here in morning hours to look at the rising Sun and sip local tea/coffee. It is also a good time to take some exclusive pics.

Yoga, Reiki, Ayurvedic massages are something which foreigners as well as Indians love to do. Brahamani and Oceanic are two locally popular names for these practices. One can join daily – basis or weekly sessions for these.

Eating, drinking and meri-making are some of the things which everyone comes here for. Enjoy at some of the well – known names like Banyan Soul, Cafe Diogo, Whole Bean Tofu or Casa Anjuna. For those who love nightlife Sea Bar is a good place to be in.

How to reach Anjuna Beach

Anjuna as a place lies north of Calangute and Baga in Goa. Nearest town is Mapusa which too is a travel destination. One can reach Anjuna either by train or by bus. On reaching Goa, catch the train to Thivim station in Goa. Get down at Thivim; take a local bus to Mapusa bus station and then get another bus to Anjuna beach.

Or one can hire a cab and each Anjuna beach. From the main city of Goa; Anjuna beach is a 2 hours drive via NH66 by cab or local bus it being 67 kilometers in distance.

Best time to visit Anjuna Beach

Goa has a consistent climate throughout the year with just meager fluctuations in the temperature. December and January might require light woolens, but April and May are warm. The period from June to October brings heavy rain, almost up to 320 cm.

The temperature during the summers ranges from 24°C to 32.7°C and during the winters it ranges from 21.3°C to 32.2°C. Because of its pleasant climate, Anjuna can be visited at any time of the year.

However, tourists should beware the heavy rainfall between June and October. The period from November to February is the best time to visit Anjuna.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.


Gokarna is a town on the Arabian Sea, in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. A popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, it’s known for sacred sites like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which has a shrine dedicated to the deity Shiva.

Nearby, Koti Teertha is a temple tank where devotees wash in the holy waters. The town is also home to beaches such as palm-lined Gokarna, in the center, plus Kudle and Om farther south.

Gokarna is known as one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers. It is on what was once an unspoiled beach near the estuary of the river Aghanashini. The population of Gokarna was 25,851 in 2001..

The beaches around Gokarna were hardly used by the locals until these mainly western tourists started coming. Enterprising locals started stores and restaurants, and now the resorts also cater to wealthier tourists.

Things to do in Gokarna

There are a plethora of Gokarna activities that you can indulge in with your friends, family, or beloved. Here are the famous things to do in Gokarna.

1- Mahabaleshwar Temple – Spiritual Trip

2- Beach Trekking – Beautiful Paradise

3- Banana Boat Ride – Adrenaline Pumping

4- Food Tour – Treat Your Taste Buds

5- Night Stroll – Heavenly Experience

6- Flea Market Shopping – Shopping Spree

7- Beach Camping – Under The Stars

8- Souvenirs – Memorable Items

9- Kudle Beach Sunset – Gorgeous Sight

10- Beach Yoga – Live Healthy

11- Beach Shack Stay – Local Stay

12- Beach Sports – Indulge In Fun Activities

13- Massage – Relax Your Body

14- TreeHouse – Living In Nature

15- Shiva Statue – Sacred Point

16- Yana – Must Visit

17- Mirjan Fort – Ancient Ruins

18- Beach Hopping – Wash Away Your Worries

How to reach Gokarna

Gokarna is about 238 km north of Mangalore, 483 km from Bengaluru and about 59 km from Karwar.It is 200 km north from the college towns of Surathkal and Manipal.

Gokarna can be reached by buses and cabs from Kumta (30 km), Ankola (26 km), Karwar (59 km) and Bhatkal(88 km) on National Highway 17 (NH-17). Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) runs long-journey buses from cities like Panaji, Bengaluru and Mangalore.

It can be reached by Konkan Railway on the Mumbai to Mangalore route or Goa to Mangalore route. The railway station (called Gokarna Road) is 6 km from the town.

The nearest airports are Hubli Airport, Karnataka which has domestic flights only, Goa International Airport at Goa and Mangalore International Airport at Bajpe, Karnataka are the nearest airports to reach at Gokarna.

Best time to visit Gokarna

Gokarna experiences the southwest monsoon from June to August, following which the weather becomes dry and sunny.

The best time to visit Gokarna is from October until March, when the weather is warm and pleasant with temperatures averaging 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit).

Although if your entire plan is to be a part of the Shivratri festival celebrations then you obviously have to go during March.

To sum up, Winters are the best time. It’s wonderful that time of the year.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

23.Majorda Beach

Goa, located in the south-western coast of India boasts off a 100 km coastline having a number of golden sand beaches.

Goa also being a party capital attracts a large number of tourists round the year. Located in southern Goa, Majorda beach is one of the prettiest white sand beaches of Goa. It lies amidst Utorda Beach and Betalbatim Beach.

With the golden sun rays falling over the turquoise water and the jet skis cutting through the undulating waves makes this place a perfect blend of calm serenity and adventure. One can enjoy this breath-taking view from the shacks feasting on some spicy Russian delicacies.

Things to do in Majorda Beach

Apart from enjoying the scintillating view of the sunset, one can indulge into a number of water sports right from scuba diving, flyboarding, parasailing to bungee jumping, kayaking and many more. Spotting the dolphins in their natural wilderness is a sight to die for.

Located just 8.8 kms from Majorda, the Goa Chitra Museum showcases the agrarian lifestyles and technology of Goa. There are more than 4000 artifacts of local pottery, ancient carts, farming tools, musical instruments, palanquins, and more.

This beach is a part of a long stretch of sand that you can explore on foot or hire a bike locally and ride on the beach itself which is a joy unparalleled.

How to reach Majorda Beach

It is a 25 to 30 min drive from the Goa International Airport which is about 23 kms from the beach. Hired taxis and buses are easily available from the airport.

Madgaon railway station is the closest to this beach which is about 8 kms.The other railway stations are Vasco da Gama and Karmali railway stations.

Best time to visit Majorda Beach

The climate here remains pleasant for most part of the year. However the best time to visit Majorda beach is between November and March when the weather is beautiful and cool with the pleasant sea breeze blowing through the swaying palm trees.

Hotels are packed to capacity during this time as it is a festive season with Christmas and New Year’s eve being the peak of the party atmosphere.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

24.Betul Beach

Beaches in Goa cannot get more scenic than the Betul beach, located south of Mobor beach.

For explorers, especially professional photographers, this beautiful beach rests right at the delta of Sal River, giving passers-by a gorgeous view of the serene sea.

The beach itself has soft silvery sand, fringed by looming fruit trees and swaying palms to provide visitors with some shade as they enjoy this seaside delight.

The foothills of the Western Ghats form the backdrop of the beach, offering a 360-degree natural panorama. A small lagoon also exists at this beach. A walk to the Betul lighthouse along the fascinating coastline is sure to inspire a new sense of admiration for this natural beauty.

Things to do in Betul Beach

The place is indeed famous for sight-seeing, it has a breath-taking panoramic view.

For nature enthusiasts, explorers and especially professional photographers, Betul is again a perfect place for a vacation. Betul is also an important fishing port as all the deep-sea trawlers and fishing boats bring in their catch here.

There are boats on hire and regular ferries that take you across from Mobor. It is a famous beach of south Goa known for the cheap and fresh seafood supply. Here one can find some of the largest muscles of Goa.

How to reach Betul Beach

Betul beach is located to the south of the Mobor beach, just across the Sal river. It is located at a distance of 24 kms. from Margao city.

From Mobor, one can reach Betul, either by taking the ferry at Assolna or taking a boat from Mobor to reach Betul.

Best time to visit Betul Beach

Best time to visit Betul Beach is from October till March. For a serenity cool peace of mind experience for the day is the best time to take a walk at dawn or sunset.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

25.Kalacha Beach

Situated in the South of Querim Beach. Known for its beautiful and tranquil sight. The sweet water pond with pleasing tides and bohemian vibe is the most fascinating part of Kalacha Beach.

The pristine beach is nestled between the mountains with the backdrop of green slopes where the sound of sea waves, chirping of birds and hustle of tourists will give you an amazing experience.

Things to do in Kalacha Beach

Kalacha Beach is a complete hidden gem. If you reach there, you will cherish those moments forever. Make your way over to the wildlife where you can explore far-flung birds and tropical vegetation.

In the summary of the sea, take a dip and enjoy the seat under huge palm trees and soak up the sun.For the fun activities, you can move forward to experience scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing and many other rides.

And if you prefer to have a beautiful view of the sea, head up to the mountains for trekking and hand gliding.

How to reach Kalacha Beach

Connected to Panaji via Mapusa to Arambol beach and from the beach, you can easily take a bus or a walk to Kalacha Beach.

Hiring a scooter will be easier to explore the beauty of Goa on the way over to Kalacha beach.

Best time to visit Kalacha Beach

The best time to visit the beach is between November and March, when the weather is heavenly and serene with the cool breeze of the sea.

During the months, all the water sports and the nightlife of Goa will be amazing as hell.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

26.Rajbaga Beach

Goa the land of exquisite beaches, travelers crush to experience the freedom and to spend quality time with friends and family. The beaches are always crowded with tourists.

Apart from the crowded beaches Rajbagh beach is a tidy & cleanest beach to visit, acquiring its name from the famous Rajbagh Residency near the beach, the Rajbagh beach has always prided itself on being one of the untouched shorelines, the perfect mix of culture and class.

It is located in the canacona region of south goa and is among it’s poletties shores, the beach is fitted with exquisite five star properties making it an exclusive beach destination.

Things to do in Rajbagh Beach

Not only the beaches but also there are several places worth visiting near and around Rajbagh beach, surfing, water sport & various adventures things which one can experience around.

Almost the whole Rajbagh sea coastline is occupied by luxury five star hotels, among which the most famous one is The Lalit Golf & Spa, Resort Goa Hotel.

Rajbagh beach is also full of gorgeous landscapes while you are spending your vacation at Rajbagh Beach you can enjoy a hand-padded ferry ride in Talpona river.

The low tide of the clear blue water is perfect for swimming and other water sports. one can also join some fisherman in fishing boats.

A must to do List near Rajbagh beach

Snow bar (Goa)

Baga beach

Grand Island

Ancona beach

Including these one can also add on these destinations :-

Sadolxem church

Malika Arjun Temple

Gazebo Bar


Surfing at patnem beach

Come and experience the beauty and get mesmerized with the uniqueness

How to reach Rajbaga Beach

1) At a distance of 70 km from Panjim kadamba Bus stand, 66 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway station and 36 km from Margao Railway Station.

(2) Situated 4 km south from the famous palolem beach it is advisable to go by bikes to reach this location as the path can be very rough and narrow. Also, a bike ride along these hills with a lot of beaches on the way will make your journey something unforgettable.

Best time to visit Rajbaga Beach

Mid November to Mid February

These are the best to visit the party capital since the weather is pleasant school and comfortable as well.

It is the perfect time to relax on the beaches. December is the time when Goa witnesses one of it’s most popular festivals, Sunburn

. You might want to book your hotels in advance since this is the peak season and prices of accommodation go way higher you would imagine.

So what are you waiting for to plan your exquisite journey.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

27.Colva Beach

Colva beach is one of the longest and oldest beaches in Goa. It is located in south Goa in a distance of 20min by walk from villagio Hotel in Betalbatim. To visit this beautiful beach the best time is from October to till march end.

From Madgaon station it is around 14km of distance. Guests from abroad, especially from Russia and Sweden, prefer Colva beach because you will see less crowd and cleanliness here.

You can enjoy lots of water sports activities and the local streat food like vada pav, shawarma and many others.The Colva beach is very beautiful and has a stream flowing through it.

Speckled with colonial style villas and broken-down fishing huts, the beach looks more stunning with a wide collection of concrete hotels, souvenir stalls and snack bars all around it.“

Things to do in Colva Beach

Colva Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. It is renowned for the host of water sport activities that it offers, which include parasailing, jet skiing, swimming, and boat riding.

You will also see several beach shacks, restaurants, pubs, and resorts scattered all over Colva Beach.

Moreover, it is also known for the world-famous lady of mercy church, which features a statue of the Baby Jesus and fantastic architecture also there is one of the best places to enjoy live music alongside an array of incredible cocktails and American cuisine, the 49ers restaurant and pub is an international pub located alongside the Colva beach.

You can easily observe its American gold rush theme and enjoy some quirky dishes made by the chef.

How to reach Colva Beach

Colva beach is about 9km away from Madgaon railway station .

You can hire a local can from the station and can reach the beach destination in approximately 20 to 30 minutes .

The other railway station near Colva beach is Karmali station 32 km away.

The other way to reach Colva beach is By Road or by flight. By road, there is no direct bus But you can reach Panjim and then from Panjim you can board a bus or hire a taxi to reach Colva.

By Flight, Dabolim airport is the nearest airport for Colva, 21 km away. From the airport you can hire a cab to reach Colva Beach in 30 min.

Best time to visit Colva Beach

The best time to visit Colva beach is between October and March when the weather is beautifully balmy & sunny with a fresh sea breeze blowing through.

If you want to enjoy the famous Sunburn festival, visit Colva beach during winter. If you want fewer crowds, monsoon will be the best time to go for it.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

28.Aguada Beach

Aguada beach in North Goa is undoubtedly giving Kashmir the toughest competition for the tag, Heaven on EarthApart from being one of the cleanest beaches in India with exotic natural beauty.

The pristine Aguada beach is the home to one of the oldest forts of India name the Aguada fort.The Greenish blue water of the Arabian Sea kissing the Aguada beach surrounded by the tropical forest is one of the most beautiful scenic experiences in this beach.

Watching the sunset from this beach is one of the biggest tourist attraction,as the beauty of the beach doubles during the sunset.

There are many beaches all over the World,but only Aguada beach provides a fine blend of Natural beauty and history.

Things to do in Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach has got plenty of attractions which the tourists can’t afford to miss.Out of all the attraction the foremost is the Aguada fort situated in the Beach.

Its an engineering marvel which is worth watching.At the centre of the fort there is a lighthouse,The view from the lighthouse is one of the best experiences one can ever get.The Aguada Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India surrounded by the tropical forest.

There also facilities of Scuba diving,Underwater diving,Riding speed boats,are other tourist attractions.

How to reach Aguada Beach

There are both facilities of Airlines and Trains.It lies about 16km from the capital Panaji,and visitors can reach there with any public transport.

It is located about 39km from the Goa international airport,so people can directly reach there from the airport also.Aguada beach is at a distance of 25km from the nearest railway station at Karmali,so people can avail any public transport to reach there from the nearest railway station

Best time to visit Aguada Beach

Although it is always a good time to visit a Beautiful place like the Aguada Beach,but I would suggest you all to visit this place between November to March,The beauty of this place glorifies during this time.

With a pleasantly cool breeze blowing in this place and the sun held high in the clear sky,the sound of the sea waves,The beautiful fort,All sums up to a Great experience for the visitors visiting this Heavenly Beach.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

29.Cansaulim Beach

Goa is a location where the beauty of paradise lies between the Sahyadri hills and the Arabian Sea. It’s a destination full of magnificent lakes, springs and waterfalls where you can travel and experience nature’s beauty.

At a distance of 15 km from Margao, lies the Cansaulim beach, which has the second largest coastline in India, has a spectacular view of the palm tree groves, the beach and the radiant gold sand. It is situated between the coasts of Bogmallo and Colva and near the Dabolim airport.It is recognized for its calm and scenic beauty, which attracts many tourists.

Things to do in Cansaulim Beach

Although the Cansaulim beach is very pleasant , quiet and tranquil, a range of activities can be carried out here. The beach has become famous for swimming and water sports like diving, fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, etc. Apart from these sporting activities, you can even read a novel, sunbathe, and enjoy the waves lying on the shore in a peaceful seclusion.

There are also a number of shacks on the beach that offer exciting, relaxing time for their guests with delicacies and cocktails.You may also shop clothes, jewelry, souvenirs from local markets such as Nagao Market, Queen Nagar Market, etc.

How to reach Candolim Beach

As Cansaulim does not have a station of its own, the closest station is Madgaon where five trains arrive, like Rajdhani Express, Trivndrm Express, Goa Sampark K Express and Kerala Skranti

ne can hire a taxi to get to the beach.You can hire a taxi to get to Cansaulim from the airport.

Best time to visit Cansaulim Beach

The best time to visit the Cansaulim beach is between November and March.

The coastal dense groves of palm trees provide a cold roof from the hot sun and delicacies from the shacks which are pleasant and good to experience during the hottest months of the year April and May.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

30.Querim Beach or Keri Beach

Calm and Clean, is what you’ll experience wandering at the Querim Beach a.k.a Keri Beach, in Goa. It is a very secluded and untouched beach which needs around a couple hours to be covered fully edge to edge.

It is filled with pine trees and greenery to take a breath under the shades and with nature itself. This is the perfect destination for a person or couple who needs peace from living in a fast paced city life full of deadlines, parties and noise.

No matter how much you love the rest of Goa but the Querim Beach will suck you in itself like a wormhole and never let you forget it.

Things to do in Querim Beach or Keri Beach

For a beach like Querim Beach, less is more because of the inner peace it provides which most of the beaches fail due to being overcrowded and dirty.

Even after being secluded, Querim Beach sports a handful of things to do: Sunbathing in the quietest environment. Watching the gorgeous Terekhol River into the sea.

Watching the sunset turning the sea saffron.

Visiting the Ajoba Temple along the beach.

Browsing the centuries old Goan houses, just off the beach.

Taking a ferry service which will take you from Sindhudurg District to North Goa.

Roaming around the 17th century wonder- Terekhol Fort, which has been turned into a hotel

How to reach Querim Beach or Keri Beach

You can reach Querim beach via Goa International Airport via Car or Bus: Continue to NH566. (30 metres)

Follow NH366 and NH 66 to Guirim. (36.2 Kms)

Take the Querim Arambol Agarwada Road which will take you to Querim – Tiracol. (31 Kms)

Best time to visit Querim Beach or Keri Beach

November and March is said to be the best time to visit Querim Beach. During this time, the weather is quite good, it is neither way too cold nor way too hot.

You can probably hit the beach catching sunrise with a breathtaking view and blissful weather with your loved ones.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

31.Butterfly Beach

A Short distance from south of Palolem located in the Canacona region of Goa, the God’s beautiful valley is situated, which is famous with the name of Butterfly beach.

It’s a valley for peace seekers. The Butterfly beach is in the shape of an isolated cove and can be reached by a boat from the Palolem beach.

There are many rocks around this beautiful beach. The name of this beach was given by tourists in its initial days.

When any goes on the hillside beside the beach bloomed, we will see the beautiful butterflies there.

It can also be reached out by walking for a couple of hours through a forest.

Things to do in Butterfly Beach

Most people who are newly coupled, come to butterfly beach and enjoy their initial days of married life.

It is also known as honeymoon Island. People also come here to dolphins, they consider themselves that they are in paradise.

People who enjoy marine life so there are amazing sunset views that will agile you and reduce your sluggishness.

There are resorts and camps for tourists. There are inclusive of mouthwatering food with the chill bottle of bear on the shore of Palolem Beach.

People also get to know about goldfish, crabs, sea urchins, and sea cucumber, which makes the butterfly beach more amazing.

How to reach Butterfly Beach

Most people come to the butterfly beach by boat, they cannot use bikes, buses, and cars because there is a forest around the beach. People also come here by walking through the forest.

The availability of boats is not during monsoon. The boat charges are 1000 to 1200 Indian rupees.

If you want to come to the butterfly beach by road, you should reach the first Agonda beach.

Best time to visit Butterfly Beach

The best month to visit on butterfly beach is between November to march. Because there is not much rainfall during these months and the weather is pleasant. So people enjoy both winter and summer seasons.

The opening days of the butterfly beach are Monday to Sunday. And the time will be 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

32.Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is a must visit place for everyone especially for the tourists and visitors that are willing to explore Goa.

It is a beautiful stretch of white sand on a bay in Goa. It is well known for the peace and stillness that can be found in it’s calm waters.The beach is covered with the beauty of nature as it is lined with palm trees and colorful wooden shacks.

The beach faces Canacona island,known for its resident monkeys. It is also known for its nightlife and parties full of energy and enthusiasm in which people dance in silent discos, where partygoers wear headphones.

Things to do in Palolem Beach

There are plenty of activities that people can do to enjoy their time and relax at palolem Beach. First of all one can laze on the beach and swim in the Arabian sea, it will surely be a refreshing dip.

One can also do a Yoga class as there is no better place to align body and mind than in Palolem’s effortless splendour. One should also try traditional Indian food while enjoying dolphin spotting .

Undoubtedly dancing in Silent Disco with people full of enthusiasm would be an experience worth remembering.

Last but not the least one can also visit Cotigao wildlife sanctuary which is home to birds, wild boars and gaur.

How to reach Palolem Beach

The easiest way to Palolem is to take a train to Margao or another way to reach there is to fly to Goa dabolim airport and pay for a government approved fixed-price taxi to Palolem available outside the airport or railway station.

One can also take bus to canacona Bus stand and then use auto rickshaw to reach the Palolem beach

Best time to visit Palolem Beach

Best time to visit Palolem beach is from November to February but if you love rains then you should plan the trip between June and October.

Palolem is surely a great place for people who love nightlife so one should plan a visit to this beach after midnight or in wee hours for a boat ride to a nearby island.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

33. Shiroda beach

It is situated in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is a very famous tourist spot for its long stretch, endless shore and sunny yet gentle aura. It is famous for its delicious food and alcoholic beverages.

People go there to keep themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy the beauty of nature moreover a peacetime and the mesmerizing sunset.

Many tourists enjoy doing water activities like skiing, paragliding etc that give them a joyous bath in the ocean.

Things to do in Shiroda beach

1. There are a lot of water activities that one can perform like surfing, parasailing, kite surfing etc.

2. If you want to enjoy a peaceful stay, scrumptious meal and a commanding view of sea then the fort Terekhol is a must visit.

3. Banana surfing school for those who love to do adventurous activities.

4. For those who are fitness enthusiasts oceanic yoga is the best place. Regular workshops and classes are conducted there and one can take part in that too.

How to reach Shiroda beach

If you wish to go there then it can be done without any hustle. It is around 72 km away from Goa international airport .

You can book a cab or even rent a car/ scooter and drive/ride to the beach. Also , different buses ply to the route of the beach and you can also take them.

Best time to visit Shiroda beach

The best time to visit shiroda is between the month of oct and feb after the raining season when temp. is in between 15 to 30 degree celsius. Travellers should visit the beach in the evening so that they can also enjoy the beautiful scene of sunset.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

34. Chapora Beach

Chapora beach is located on the north Northern side of the vagator. It is one of the best beaches of Goa and is a famous spot for one who loves water sports.

At some distance from Chapora there are some traditional building ,bars, pubs and some exclusive restaurants Chapora is surrounded by Green Hills and it is very calm and soothing place best to relax and spend some time with the nature

Things to do in Chapora Beach

Chapora beach is quite loaded with fun to do activities like one can go see • Chapora fort which is one of the most visited spots where you can see the old traditional architecture of Chapora.

•Lost Paradise Goa which is the best day Cruise experience one can get in Chapora •The most famous place for food is Mukti kitchen which offers great quality food at a reasonable price.

How to reach Chapora Beach

• By air – Dobilim is the nearest airport to reach chapora beach which is approximately 43 kilometres from Chapora • By train – The nearest station is at Karmali which is approximately 11 km from Panaji.

• By road – Vagator is approximately 22 km from Panaji which is closest to Chapora .

There are also auto rickshaws, busses and private taxis on offer so commuting is very elegant and easy.

Best time to visit Chapora Beach

November to March is the best time to visit Chapora beach when you can experience the best weather the place has on offer This is the peak season when there are a lots of events and concerts held there .

The winter season is more suitable as one can experience the best cold breeze of the beach best and also as in summers it may not be the best time as the temperature is too high which may cause sunburn during day time So from November to March is the time one can get the best out of the place.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

35.Agonda  beach

Best things to do in Agonda Beach Best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 Tourzop

Miles of beautiful white sand meet the shallow, warm pristine waves of the sea in this dream -like place called Agonda Beach in the South of Goa.

Lined with many shakes and bars to cater your hunger after a swim, this beach is never too busy for someone who wants to relax and recharge.

The sunset is a sight to behold, in the afternoon, you might see cows swaying past or dolphins leap. Undaunted by the party culture of Goas tourists spots, Angoda rests quietly in it’s natural might, waiting to serenade it’s guests.

Things to do in Agonda beach

Treat your stressed muscles while you visit the many therapeutic massage centres around the Beach, indulge in activities like cooking and painting or kayak away to a wild adventure, if not, you’ll find surfboards at your disposal too. Perhaps visit an island too? The Conco island is just a mile away from Angoda!

With all these experiences ready to make way into your travel Itinerary, for some focus to keep you on track and mindfulness, drop by at Yoga centers that house near the Beach.

How to reach Agonda beach

The quickest way to get to Angoda from a taxing flight is by taking a taxi. You will reach your destination within an hour with the taxi fare up to ₹2,400 An alternative and cheaper way to reach would be to drive, which will cost you around ₹450.

Best time to visit Agonda beach

The best time to travel Angoda is mid to late October or beginning of November if you are hunting for quiet and less crowd. It is also one of those places where you can spot turtles nesting, an ideal time to witness it would be anywhere between April to November.

Accommodation options in Angoda are plenty, ranging from aesthetic local rooms to pricy tourist lodges with the commonality of welcoming staff and neighbors.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

36. Palolem Beach

The Palolem Beach in south Goa personifies nature’s bounty and oozes peace and tranquility.

The beach is an international tourist location where one travels with shells in the pocket and sand in the shoes. During the day, tourists bask in the sum watching the playful communion of the sea with the sky. At night one can sleep facing the sea while also dreaming in colors borrowed from the sea.

The beach has received blue flag certification (meeting all targets of cleanliness, protection of ecology & tourists, etc) and is ranked as one among the best beaches in Asia.

Things to do in Palolem Beach

Visiting silent disco’s, swimming in the Arabian Sea, lying lazily on the sand in the backdrop of palm and coconut trees, experiencing chilled-out- party vibes, joining beachside yoga sessions, dolphin spotting, visiting Canacona or Monkey Island, beach bumming, etc are some of the activities one can undertake during their stay at Palolem Beach.

Sea diving, banana rides, etc is a rage among tourists. Setting out on adventure trips close to the beach, visiting Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, getting Ayurvedic massages at Beach resorts or simply renting a bike to visit the markets and Butterfly beach nearby is what one can do here.

How to reach Palolem Beach

If you like a train journey, one can hop on to a train to Margao or Madgaon and later embark on a one hour journey by road to reach Palolem.

Else one can fly to Goa Dabolim Airport and reach Palolem through a one and a half-hour ride on road.

Best time to visit Palolem Beach

Between November and February, it is an ideal time to visit Goa and relish in the glory of sunbaked beaches.

Else, if you like rain, one can visit Palolem during the monsoons. To best experience the silence of the sea, it’s best to plan a trip in the not-holiday season.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

37. Patnem Beach

A small state in India famous for its enormous beaches and peace and calm over there is goa.

Patnem is also one of beaches in South Goa which is vast and always packed with the crowd and the beauty of nature adds flavour to its charm and this whole has a titillating effect in mind.

The shining seashells during the sunset spread the glitter in the surrounding and delicious seafood makes full mood of vacation. The cool sand during the night is fun to play with or in and the sea breeze calms the whole mind.

Things to do in Patnem Beach

The variety of activities can be performed the best is creativity with wet sand which each of us loved to play in childhood aane is still fun to do.

One of the risky but adventurous things to do is surfing , playing with the waves and swimming is also fun ,inside the chilling water relaxing the body.

Many beach games can also be played like volleyball, Frisbee, etc. Food shops are filled with a variety of sea food and the other shops can also be visited to purchase the beautiful seashell and trinkets. The bamboo rest house in beaches make us feel more close to nature.“

How to reach Patnem Beach

The beach is located near more famous Palolem beach. It is about 42 km from colva and 40 km from Margao which is the cultural capital of goa.

Auto rickshaw at cheap rate can drop you at Kadamba bus stand from Madgaon railway station and from here one can go directly to beach

Best time to visit Patnem Beach

You must be thinking that you are going to a beach more than you go during summer but it’s not so, the perfect time is during the winter from October to March in chilling cold due to cold water and freezing breeze .

In summer it’s good but it becomes very hot and quite difficult to do fun things on the beach.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

38.Arambol Beach

The Arambol Beach located at about 50 kilometres from Panaji, sometimes also known as Harmal, was discovered in the 1960’s by some hippies looking for an escape.

Since then, this place attracted many tourists around the world searching for peace, solitude and untouched terrain. Arambol beach is both rocky as well as sandy as jungles on one end and the sea on the other.

Arambol beach is one of the beautiful and eye catching beaches of North Goa. Arambol is cheaper than most North Goa beaches. Shacks and restaurants only open in peak season while at other times, Arambol has a deserted look.

Things to do in Arambol Beach

There are numerous activities to do at Arambol Beach. Beach shacks with umbrellas where ordering of food and drinks is simple.

Get a massage. Play beach football or volleyball. Beach side flea market can be enjoyed every evening in the peak season.

Musical instruments, jewellery and many exotic things can be found there. Fire shows and fireworks are there. Bonfire, jimba music and dancing too can be enjoyed. Sunset drum circles of Arambol are very famous.

For paragliding, Arambol Beach is one of the best beaches. Surfing clubs that offer surfing classes as well as hire equipment. Arambol mountains is a great place to see sunsets.

How to reach Arambol Beach

There are 3 ways to reach Arambol Beach i.e. by road, rail and air. Goa’s capital is 35.5 kilometres from Arambol which can be covered by road.

The closest railway station to Arambol is Pernem , which is 16.8 kilometres away and the Dabolim airport is 59.2 kilometres from Arambol.

Best time to visit Arambol Beach

The best time to visit Arambol is the winter season between November and February. It is the pleasant time of the year.

The summer can be too harsh and monsoon has a chance of sudden rains and high winds, so that is too risky for paragliding. Besides, everything shuts down almost completely at other times of the year.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

39.Mobor Beach

A beautiful stretch of sand next to the Cavelossim beach is the Mobor Beach situated in South Goa. It is located 16 Km to the south of the Colva Beach in the famous Salsette coastline.

Surrounded by the clear water of Arabian Sea and Sal River on one side and the palm covered shoreline on the other, this place attracts tourists from all over the world. Besides its eye catching views Mobor Beach is also known for its isolated coves best suited for those looking for some seclusion.

In Spite of the tourists crowding the beach, the beach is a world outside the urban cacophony.

Things to do in Mobor Beach

The Mobor Beach is famous for its resorts providing the guests with an experience of a lifetime with their comfortable rooms, spa facilities, discotheque and restaurants.

The Mobor Beach is known for its adventure sports. One can enjoy the water sports like surfing, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing and banana boating. One can also enjoy the sand bike riding. Not to worry even if one is not too fond of adventures.

The beach provides solitary resting places with beach chairs and umbrellas. Take a dip in the sea, and spend the time eating at the beach shacks or shopping at the souvenir shops.

One can also enjoy the bird and dolphin watching tours.

How to reach Mobor Beach

While travelling on a train from Panaji one can easily reach the Vasco da Gama railway station or Margao railway station and then take a cab to reach the beach.

Panaji and Mobor Beach are also connected through roadways and it takes around 1 hour to reach the destination.

One can also reach the Mobor Beach from the Goa international airport. It will take around 1 hour on a cab. One can also hire a bike.

Best time to visit Mobor Beach

The beach can be visited at any time of the year. But the summer is humid accompanied by the scorching heat from March to May followed by the heavy downpour of monsoon.

The best time to visit is thus the pleasant winter months from November to February.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

40.Arambol Beach

Arambol beach is a tranquil escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Located in Northern Goa, it is the ultimate location for those who want to reconnect with nature.

Stowed away from the crowds, this beach is easily one of the greenest and cleanest beaches in Goa. A short walk from the main beach will lead you to a beautiful freshwater lake that is perfect for a rejuvenating swim.

If you’re looking for some peace and soul-searching, this is the right beach for you!

Things to do in Arambol Beach

A microcosm of hippy culture, there is a lot to do in Arambol beach apart from swimming.

You get to experience music from the infamous drum circles that happen during sunset. Yoga and meditation are the most popular activities here and you’ll definitely find a class if you’re looking for some guidance.

Shopping at Arambol is a must! The flea markets and stores have a variety of quirky products that you won’t find anywhere else. It is also the perfect location to let loose with the ecstatic dance parties that happen.

The legendary trance parties that are a defining part of the Goan experience take place quite close to Arambol. Definitely worth the trip!

How to reach Arambol Beach

Arambol is about 1.5 hours away from Dabolim airport by car. You can hire a taxi to reach the beach. The nearest bus stand is around 2km away from the beach by foot. You can catch a bus from Pernem or Mapusa to reach Arambol.

Best time to visit Arambol Beach

The best time to visit Arambol beach is between October and February. The weather is pleasant and temperatures generally range between 20-25 degrees celsius.

The beach is usually active from 6am to 6pm but it is never a bad idea to catch the sunrise or attend a nighttime party!

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

41.Cavelossim Beach

We all have one or two dream places to commute.We all know about the main benefits of travelling like how it changes us physically and psychologically.

But unfortunately we are facing this lockdown due to the deadly virus covid-19.Due to this growing pandemic we are not able to travel but we can get knowledge about the famous visitor’s spots.

So,here I’ll going to tell you about one of them i.e Cavelossim beach.This is a beach with white sand and black lava rocks.It attracts the tourists.Actually,Cavelossim beach is situated between Arabian Sea on one hand and the Sal river on the other.

The beach provide us with the lovely and mesmerizing view with paddy fields.The black rocks adds beauty to the beach as icing is to cake.The nightlife of Cavelossim beach is more astonishing that it’s scenic beauty of the day.

The nightlife at this beach can amplify all our stress and soothes our mind with peaceful thoughts.It is a quiet secluded beach for our peaceful time.

Things to do in Cavelossim Beach

We can enjoy our peaceful time at Cavelossim Beach by indulging into various hilarious activities.As we all know that India is one of the country that attracts travelers through all the corners of the world.

We can enjoy the exciting journey of ayurveda following by the various ayurveda massage.There are many water sports which adds adventure to our ride.Grand island situated there is perfect for scuba diving.

If we want top quality jewellery and best prices so this is the place to go for.This beach is many times complimented as the world of gems.

We can enjoy our night with a comfortable place for small get together and fun.There are clubs which have schemes of unlimited drinks and food.We can also watch the sunrise if we get there early enough.

Here,we can enjoy with the one more playful activity i.e building sandcastles.So,collectively we will enjoy our vacations here with full of tranquil ride.

How to reach Cavelossim Beach

There are various ways through which we can reach Cavelossim Beach.Some of them are:-

* By Roadways:-

If we are habitual of car traveling then we can easily travel by roadways or we can even get buses that can help us in reaching this beach.

*By railways:-

There are various railheads which include Karmali,Margo and Balli.The nearest railhead is Margao.

*By air:-

The Dabolim airport is the nearest one,which is only 26km away from Cavelossim.

Best time to visit Cavelossim Beach

The best time to travel is between september to feb.This time is very suitable to commute.As at this time we can enjoy all water sports,surfing,boating,fishing,scuba diving and more.

The another best time to visit Goa is between november and march .

As Goa weather is beautifully clear with a cool sea breeze blowing through.The another best time is to go to the beach in the morning,so that we can stay slathered in lotion and wear a hat even when we are on the beach.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

42.Vainguinim Beach

Vainguinim beach is one of the stunning visiting place for nature lovers and for travellers.This place is best for planning vacation for newly married couple and also best trip for friends to visit and the people who likes to explore the beauty of the nature, it is one of the marvellous place.

The environment and the surroundings of the beach gives pleasant mind for the visitors and there are many hotels available near the beach to stay for a few days.

The beach is surrounded by tall trees which are greenery and the beach water seems like crystal clear water.

Things to do in Vainguinim Beach

Once the people visit this place they will enjoy by doing many things like swimming and by sitting edge of the beach chit chatting with their partners feel them happy and eating sea foods enjoying the beach environment in night time lighting.The adventurous people like this place most, because in this beach there are many water sporting facilities like water scooter,wind surfing and many.

The people mainly attract to the view of the beach and if the people like the pleasant environment, they will simply enjoy the view and if they are adventurous they will try all the water sports available.

How to reach Vainguinim Beach

Vainguinim beach is located in North Goa,from panjim kadamba bus stand it is around 12 kms to reach the beach and around 29 kms from Vasco da Gama railway Station.

They can choose any one travelling facilities based on availability. These days the app makes trips accessible for accommodation and for planning.

Best time to visit Vainguinim Beach

Best time to visit the beach is October to March and mainly winter and summer seasons are perfect time to visit and to enjoy the marvellous nature of the beach.If the people are planning to go for vacation these months are the best time to visit and they will enjoy more.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

43.Candolim Beach

Candolim lies approximately 15 kilometres from Panjim, the capital of Goa. Candolim is a part of northern Goa. It begins at Fort Aguada and unites with Calangute Beach towards the end, it is one of the most protracted beaches in the state of Goa.

Candolim Beach is one of the most frequently visited and famous beaches of Northern Goa. Fort Aguada was made by the Portuguese in 1612. This sandy stretch skims its way into Calangute Beach which is a busy and commercialized center.

The Candolim Beach is long and straight, backed by scrub-covered mounds, which is admired by package tourists. This beach is quite pleasant and tranquil when compared to other beaches of Goa as it is a faded village with no real center.

Things to do in Candolim Beach

Most recommended things to do at Candolim Beach are to enjoy the sunrise and sunset while tanning on the silky sand. You could also grab a beer and enjoy the shades of the sky. The most attractive things about Goan beaches are the craft stalls and the beach shacks.

What would a beach tour be without seafood? All you’ll need is your favourite calamari with fresh seasoning. You could also flaunt your visit to the Candolim by picking up a beautiful souvenir from one of those lovely craft stalls.

Are we missing roadside beverages after the hot calamari? Of course, the day would be complete after having the most delicious coconut or cane juice on the streets of Candolim. You can never run out of things to do at the Candolim, Goa is meant for its posh and lavish resorts too. You can never forget to visit the gorgeous Fort Aguada.

The country’s most famous sunburn festival happens on the beach. That could be an amazing experience if you visit at the right time.

How to reach Candolim Beach

The nearest airport to the Candolim beach is the Dabolim which is at a distance of 46 kilometres from your destination. Of course, a taxi or a car can be hired to reach the beach.

Thivim Railway Station is the nearest station to the Candolim if the plan is to take the rail. It is approximately 21 kilometres away from Candolim and takes around 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Other ways to reach are by landing at Karmali, Vasco da Gama and Margao which are less than 40 kilometres from Candolim.

The Panaji Bus Station is only 12 kilometres away from Candolim. You can also take a bus from Mapsua to reach Candolim in hardly 15 minutes.

Best time to visit Candolim Beach

Anytime is the best time for a holiday. November to April is the highly recommended time to visit the Candolim beach.

The beach would be open for visitors at all times but 6am to 6pm is mostly apt because you would not want to miss the sunrise and sunset. This place is frequently visited by couples and families. This could also be an amazing place to spend your honeymoon.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

44.Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim beach is located in Bardez, North Goa. The beach view is just so mesmerising to your eyes and the sand seems like gold .It is peaceful and less crowded with spectacular hydro stretch.

The water feels refreshing when you take a swim with your family and friends. This beach is perfect for water enthusiasts as it has a variety of water sport adventures to boost your adrenaline .Tourists from all over the world flock to the beach.

Yet it remains less exploited by overcrowding .It also has many beach shacks where you can experience appetizers, a huge variety of sea-food and cocktails.

Things to do in Sinquerim Beach

• The beach is famous for its water sports activities where you can relish windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, scuba diving, parasailing and other such water adventures.

• You can see jumping dolphins from the water with sun rays striking the ocean which is an astounding view during ferry rides.

• You can experience energy filled nightlife with mouth-watering seafood.

• You can visit Aguada fort which is adjacent to the beach. It is a seventeenth century Portuguese fort with an eloquent lighthouse.

• The beach is near to other beaches such as Baga, Calangute and Candolim beach. These beaches also offer various water rides.

How to reach Sinquerim Beach

From Mumbai:

Distance of 569.9 km can be covered by flight from Mumbai to Goa international airport which is 36 kms away from the beach.

Another option is by train till Thivim Railway Station which is 23 kms away from the beach. You can easily reach the beach by local transports.

Best time to visit Sinquerim Beach

The best time to visit the beach is between November to March as the weather is pleasant with gentle sea breeze. The average temperature during this time is 230 C -290 C .

You can also dance on the beats of Christmas and new-year parties and music festivals during this period.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

45.Galgibaga Beach

Amongst the tragedy of chaos and peace you wonder where to start your travel with; come and visit Galgibaga Beach.

Galgibaga Beach is known for its clean water and surroundings, one of the most cleanest beach in India with clusters of coconut and pine trees around.

You can find the nesting of the famous olive ridley turtles, and enjoy the fresh breeze, it’s a place of complete paradise, where you can refresh yourself, Spend couple of days without stress, Spend some time in peace, away from the crowd make yourself a bit ease.

Things to do in Galgibaga Beach

The snacks with a modest menu in different dishes and drinks can be found near the Galgibaga Beach. Foods here are not so expensive and will fit your pocket and the tastebuds too.

There are few good resorts near Galgibaga Beach, therefore it’s advisable to pre book your stay. Galgibaga Beach is a complete clean and peaceful place with the least number of crowds.

The northern part of this beach is completely under the supervision of the forest department who are working under the turtles saving programme.

How to reach Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach is located in the southern part of Goa, and is a bit far from the nearest airport or railway station, you need to hire a car /taxi or can even take a bus, and then a ferry to the final destination.

This place is surely worth the journey, and will give you peaceful, calm and beautiful memories

Best time to visit Galgibaga Beach

Winters are the best suited season to visit nature’s this beautiful part. If you are in Galgibaga in January or February you will be lucky enough to see the turtles nesting, visitors are only requested not to disturb them.

Turtles love this place and you too will.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

46.Ashwem Beach

Imagine the cool North Goa beach, chilling on the chair and doing nothing but relaxing. Heaven right? Ashwem Beach is heaven. Ashwem Beach is located to the north of capital city Panaji, in the coastal village of Mandrem, Pernem district. It is also between Morjim Beach and Mandrem beach.

It is a very popular beach due to its extensive stretches of white sand and a variety of palm trees that grow along the fringes of the beach. The beach is also maintained very well and is very clean despite many people visiting it.

Things to do in Ashwem Beach

So when you actually visit the beach you can do many things such as surfing as the waves in the beach are very gentle and the currents are very suitable. Many coaches come and train the surfers.

You can also go for a boat ride which is very romantic and peaceful. Another exciting thing you can do is paragliding as it gives you a magnificent view of the place.

Windsurfing or kitesurfing is the most unique and exciting activity of all. The pleasant skies and great currents makes it more exciting. And if you’re ever looking for an adventure sport then it’s definitely Jet Ski. Many services are available there to give you an amazing experience.

How to reach Ashwem Beach

You can reach Ashwem Beach either from Panji or from Goa international Airport. From Panji the beach is just 30km and it is 50km from the international Airport.

Now if you ever plan to travel by train then it is just 18km from Thivim Railway station. But don’t worry there are excellent taxi services who would take you to these points in comfort.

Best time to visit Ashwem Beach

The best and most beautiful time to visit Ashwem Beach is between November and February. This is the time of winter and the place is cool and pleasant. The sun is even warm and ideal. The temperature during summers go up to 50 degree Celsius therefore winter is a better option.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

47.Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach is one of the most amazing and beautiful beaches in south goa. It is a very quiet and peaceful beach because it is less crowded. If you are very much disturb to your scully routine and want Relax, and so spend some holidays on that beach.

You feel Relax after spending Holidays on Utorda Beach. The beach has long straight patches of unspoiled soft sands from where you sit on this sand, play with this sand, and This sand will remember your childhood days. when you play with sand, and now your mother reacts to this.

Things to do in Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach has some good beach snacks and restaurants. Good accommodation is readily available in the form of luxury and budget hotels and guest houses. you should go there with your family and spend this time with your family and spend this time with your headache or problem.

You spend more time with your family, maje the family happy, If you are the father of your family you should ask your family to sit at one place together and you (children) can share your talk with family, your (children) bad incident in life.

You entertain or the whole family can listen to the song of neha kakkar Goa whale Beach for entertainment and the whole family will do whatever they want to do. Which He/She did not do when they are busy in daily life.

How to reach Utorda Beach

The fastest way to get to Utorda Beach from Panaji is to rent a taxi or to drive a car.

Though renting a taxi could be more expensive than driving your own car, both would take around 30 minute to reach.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from the Panjim KTC bus stand to Utorda. The journey takes around a couple of hours but is the cheapest option.

From Goa international Airport.

The fastest and the most convenient way to reach Utorda beach from the airport is to drive a car or take a taxi.

If you have budget, it is wiser to take a bus to Margao and then one more to Utorda. For solo travellers, bike taxis are available the outside the airport itself.

Best time to visit Utorda Beach

The best time to visit Utorda beach is during the peak season that is from November to March.

The weather is cooler during these months and the entire area is dotted with vibrancy unlike North Goa, a majority of tourist businesses in south Goa are shut down during the offseason.

The peak season is more ideal from my point of view.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

48.Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a small beach – side village in Goa. Is position in a small bay with all sides a mile of curving sand beach.

It is an ideal beach for the recovery of travel stress and to recharge your own batteries. This is a white Sandy beach clean and well kept. Generally we will find most of the Goan beaches crowded and many find it truly difficult to find some silence from the rush.

This is one of the beaches where you can find some solitude. If you are seeking to enjoy plenty of sunshine, Serene ocean Tides, Clean surroundings coupled with some silence and calmness around you, this place will make you happy.

There are some eateries and plenty of pocket-friendly accommodation available nearby which will suit most Travellers.

Things to do in Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach is bordered by many resorts, bars, nightclubs, and shacks that offer scrumptious Indian and international cuisine.

As dusk sets in, Bogmalo Beach transforms into a party hub as the pubs and nightclubs set an electrifying mood in the air with DJ music, live bands, dance floors and finest choices of liquor.

While at Bogmalo Beach, do not miss savoring delicious Goan food which is dominated by steamed rice, fish and shellfish.

Furthermore, Swimming: The shallow and slowly deepening water of the Bogmalo Beach is perfect for swimming .Scuba Diving,

Snorkeling: At about a 10-minute ride from Bogmalo Beach is the Grande Island that is a popular snorkeling spot to observe the mesmerizing underwater marine life, Windsurfing: Persons who are physically strong can enjoy windsurfing in sailboards at Bogmalo Beach, parasailing and jet skiing

How to reach Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach is just 5.7 km away from Goa International Airport and one can book a cab/taxi at the airport to reach the beach. It takes about 12 minutes to cover the distance.

Best time to visit Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach is just 5.7 km away from Goa International Airport and one can book a cab/taxi at the airport to reach the beach. It takes about 12 minutes to cover the distance.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

49.Benaulim Beach

India is an incredible country with a myriad of landscapes, great heritage and culture. India is a country of contrasts from architectural and cultural perspective.

Indian state, Goa lying on the west coast, is known for its beautiful beaches, delightful food and historically illustrious Portuguese heritage. Goa has numerous beaches that attract millions of visitors.

Benaulim beach, situated 2 kilometres south of colva is one of the major attractions of the state. It’s a long stretch of treacherously empty sand with tufty clouds of wizard-white drifting past the mesmerizing sky like a curtain of silk.

Benaulim beach is a placid, serene place with harmonious waves, the rippling blanket of brochure-blue sweeping the shore which has that ancient alchemy of purr- and- pound.

Is there anything quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? The sea is a cerulean-blue gown and the beach seems dipped in earthshine-gold.

Things to do in Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is a paradise and a wonderful heaven for relaxation and rest and it also provides plenty of things to do in and around the area. Its vast area covered with soft white sand and the sunshine is a cherishable experience for beach goers, but if one is up in search of adventure and more fun, this is the right place.

Benaulim beach is the best beach for water sports and if one is a trill seeker, it has all the activities like snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing and many more to excite one with memorable experiences. Apart from its beauty, this beach is a better option for people wishing to go Dolphin spotting.

The beach is well known for fishing as it is the basic occupation of people living here and so one can enjoy the aroma and taste of the seafood offered at the restaurants in the place. Along the coastline lies a number of beach shacks, most of which stay open at night where one enjoys food under the stars which is quite an aberration.

There are a lot of great places to stay near the beach that offer impeccable stay experiences. Bullfighting with Konkani music, beach Bonanza fairs held every Sunday from April are some of the popular events in this area.

Being a calm place away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, one can enjoy the divine architecture of temples and churches, shopping in Goa souvenir shops and ayurvedic health treatment to keep your mind serene.

How to reach Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is situated 2 km south of colva beach. The quickest way to reach here is by taxi. The distance between benaulim and madgaon is 10km.

The nearest airport to benaulim is located at Dabolim which is 23.2 kms away by the Diabolism – Cavelossim road and NH566. There are quiet bus services from the airport to benaulim.

Nearest railway station to Benaulim is at Karmali. Panaji, the state capital is at a distance of 37 km from the beach.

Best time to visit Benaulim Beach

The best time to visit benaulim is from October to May. The daytime temperature at goa ranges from 33 to 36 degrees Celsius. The evenings at the beach are quite flabbergasting and enjoyable. Monsoon in Goa begins when south west monsoon hits the Arabian sea coast.

It is advisable to not visit the place during the months of june to September. During winter at benaulim, it is astonishing and refreshing with clear sky and no much heat even during noon.

Benaulim beach is a marvellous and alluring vacation spot and very felicitous to have all the fun.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

50.Rajbagh Beach

Rajbagh beach is commonly known as Raj Baga beach. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and clean beaches of Goa. It is not a private beach but considered to be an isolated beach with very few visitors.

It is situated 4km south from Palolem beach, Canacona region , South Goa and is spread over the length of 1km. Local shops provide delicious food and refreshing drinks which can cheer up the mood of anybody. Watching sunsets give a beautiful view.

Accomodation is also not a problem as it is surrounded by many great hotels and resorts including The Lalit Resort.

Things to do in Rajbagh Beach

Rajbagh beach offers many activities to do and make your trip more exciting. You can watch turtles nestling on the shores. It also provides many water sports like water scooty, banana boating, kayaking, canoeing, etc.

If you want peace and get away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life then sitting there and meditating is just perfect for you. There are many other activities which you will find within 2km of the beach.

You can go for parasailing at affordable prices or pay a visit to interesting local markets and shop there. Infact cycling, bird-watching and trekking are also great ideas.

How to reach Rajbagh Beach

Rajbagh beach lies at a distance of 66km from the Goa International Airport, 70 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand and 36 km from Margao Railway Station.

One can hire a cab or a taxi to reach the beautiful beach. You can also use your private vehicle as per your comfort.

Best time to visit Rajbagh Beach

March is the best month for visiting Rajbagh beach. During this time of the year, the weather, the atmosphere and the scenic beauty, everything is in its best mode.

If you want a peaceful weekend or just need a small escape from your daily routine then visiting this beautiful beach of South Goa is all you require.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

51.Agonda Beach

Agonda is a large village located in south Goa district where this beach is located. Agonda beach is very simple and natural.

But when the tourist police or local government appear any beach shade, sunbeds etc which are outside the confines of the shacks disappear.

It is a fairly safe place. During the month of September, the beach serves as a nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtles.It’s good to spend a day at the beach for relaxing your mind.

Things to do in Agonda Beach

Agonda is a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, with relatively few tourists.

Local fishermen take you on dolphin rides- bargain hard and a boat can take up to 8 people costing 800, hike on the hillocks, ride through the countryside on the way to cabo de rama, in evening there are dance performances and satsangs for spiritually interested people.

It is generally cheaper, quieter, hassle-free and has much ‘ ‘tourist” feels.It basically has one long road parallel to the beach line, most rooms and bungalows are located either between them or on the opposite side of the road.

How to reach Agonda Beach

Dabolim airport is about 90- mins away. Agonda by road is 15 minutes from the famous beach Palolem. Regular buses depart from the Canacona bus station for Agonda.

Taxis and auto rickshaws can be taken as a more comfortable and quicker alternative to the public bus. Ask any rickshaw or driver they will drop you to the beech.

Best time to visit Agonda Beach

The best time to come to the beach is from December to February. and the low seasons are from November to December and February to March.It is better that you visit the beach during the daytime and return back by the evening after a musical evening.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

52.Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a diminutive beach located in Goa, India situated between the bays and extending within miles of curvy sand. The beach is situated about 4 km from Dabolim Airport in Goa and around 9 km from the famous port town of Vasco Da Gama.

Encircled by coconut trees and also in the grimy coast covered with palm trees, the beach provides to us the eventual view of satisfaction and serenity.

It is one of the cleanest and most secluded of all beaches situated in Goa. It is best suited for those who want to have a snug and private time.

Things to do in Bogmalo Beach

There is a lot to do things on this beach ranging from carousing to having cuisine.

Best suitable for those who want to enjoy underneath the sun with a less crowded place, people can play many games like Frisbee and also an exciting match of beach volleyball. It is safe to swim in the waters of the Arabian Sea being on the beach.

You can also go for activities like jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, most importantly scuba diving.

You also got your sight at a vast variety of marine aquatic life by diving into the Bogmalo beach. It gives you blissful experience and also the availability of various restaurants nearby just make your day.

How to reach Bogmalo Beach

The distance from Panjim to Bogmalo is 27.7 km via NH 66 and is considered to be safest, easiest, and fastest talking about 45 minutes through a taxi. Also, you can go via Goa international airport which is 5.7 km through a taxi at the airport taking about 12 minutes to reach the destination.

Best time to visit Bogmalo Beach

The best time for the sight of Bogmalo beach is during winters i.e. from December to February making the climate decent for water sports. During the day the temp is around 30 degrees Celsius and during nights it goes around 20 degrees Celsius.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

53.Talpona Beach

About Talpona beach.

Talpona beach is located in Canacona region which is situated in the southern part of Goa. It is a beautiful beach primed with golden sand and gives way a serene subtle vibe.

The beach has a handsome river flowing not far away from it as well as a fishing village which makes this place vulnerable to village life. Fishing troops often come and resolve their business at this place.

The coastline is wide about a kilometer and is framed with rare palm trees which are tall enough to complement the beachfront. The shrubs are studded with seashells which are varying in sizes but the sizes do not compliment the beauty of these shells.

The water is clear and calm as it is very obvious for this beach to be less vulnerable to tourists. There is no bar and no such business which would portray capitalist country tourism. The beach is closed with wooden fences and headlands and consists of its own small rescue tower.“

Things to do in Talpona Beach

Things to do in Talpona beach

Apart from gazing at the beauty there is nothing much to do on this beach. It is a least crowded, secluded beach in Goa.

Anyone who wants to have a alone time with well guaranteed privacy would love to go to this beach. The tranquility and innocence of the village life should be the foremost attraction to the visitors.

Instead of being consumed by the riches of any other over crowded beach in Goa, this is the only beach which will give you the feeling of levitation and will provide the enlightenment of being free away from the noise and fast country life.

For anyone, who is done with their corporate jobs in true sense and is seeking for peace orientation and salvation would love this place. Reading books while enjoying the view which constitute the heavenly clear water and enchanting palm tress is something which can be done

How to reach Talpona Beach

How to reach Talpona beach Distance (From Panjim (Goa)): 76 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Hour

Place Location: North Of Galgibaga Beach

Transportation Options: Cab / Auto / Rental Bike

Travel Tips: 1. This place is usually visited from Palolem Beach (10 kms).

2. Galgibaga Beach (2.4 kms) can also be visited from this place.

3. Patnem Beach (8 kms) can also be visited from this place.

4. Cotigao Sanctuary (9.2 kms) can also be visited from this place.

5. Rajbagh Beach (6.8 kms ) can also be visited from this place.

6. St. Anthony’s Church (2 kms) can also be visited from this place.

At a distance of 76 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 71 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 9 km from Canacona Railway Station, Talpona Beach is located in South Goa.

Best time to visit Talpona Beach

Best time to visit Talpona beach

Best time to visit Talpona beach or any beach in Goa is between november to march as the sea is sunny and warm.

Indian people are much prone to vacations in winters as the tropical climate does actually leave no energy to travel to different places in the rampaging humidity of India.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

54.Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim Beach is located in South Goa near Colva , and in between Vasco de Gama and Margo. It is a quiet location to relax , enjoy and spend good time with your family and friends. Unlike other Beaches of Goa it is less crowded and full of natural beauty.

This Beach is serene and has a vast coastline of one kilometer. With the Stretches of Golden Sand and the Pine Trees along the Shoreline which makes it more attractive to visit.

This Beach has no rocky outcrops and the Dolphins can also be seen near the Coast. The shimmering water of Arabian Sea makes Evenings more beautiful with a nice sight for Sunset.

Things to do in Betalbatim Beach

You can enjoy a Spa and Massage at the Beach under the Sun. There are various Spa parlours which provide relaxing massages.

Sunsets at the Beach is another beautiful thing to capture. You can go for dolphins watching there are some fishermen who offer tours to sea. In a nearby Grande Island you can go for snorkeling and fishing.

Also you can enjoy a variety of food at different restaurants some of them are – Martin’s Corner, one of the famous restaurants in Goa, Jimson’s Restaurants ,Greenlands, Fishka Bar and Restaurant where you can enjoy Indian ,Asian, International SeaFood, Vegan and Vegetarian Food.

There are bioluminescent planktons just off the Betalbatim Beach so the sea will glow in the dark which is an amazing and beautiful sight to see.

There the Sea is safe for swimming so you can also go for swimming as there are also no jellyfish around the beach coast.

How to reach Betalbatim Beach

You can reach there by Airways , Railways and Car or Taxi. The nearest Airport is Dabolim which is 17.8 km so you can grab a cab/ taxi to the Beach. This airport has direct flights like Indigo, Air India , Qatar Airways ,etc from different places .

You can also go via Railways and the nearest railway station is Seralium 7.1 km so you can go to Beach by an Auto or Taxi. The nearest Cities are Vasco De Gama and Margo.

Best time to visit Betalbatim Beach

The Best season to visit Betalbatim is between October to February which is the winter season. During this time the weather is pleasant and humidity is also very low. It doesn’t rain much this time of year.

All the restaurants, resorts and tourist infrastructure are open during this time.

There are three seasons in Goa – Summer , Winter and Monsoon. So in the monsoon season it rains the whole day and sometimes there are thunderstorms.

Whereas in summer the temperature is sometimes above 36 degrees and the direct exposure to sun is also harmful.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

55.Galgibaga Beach

There is nothing much needed when you love the beaches, the sound of waves, the sparkling water, smell of the sand, and the cool breeze for it is impossible not to be happy on the beach! One such beach which is perhaps a hidden treasure is the Galgibaga beach, which is located in the deep south of Goa. With its graceful scenery and unspoiled natural charm this beach makes you fall in love with it. Nicknamed as Turtle beach, this beach forms the nesting grounds of the Olive Ridley turtles, which is a protected species. Known for its pristine stretch of silver sand, dotted with coconut palm trees this secluded beach has a quiet ambiance.

Things to do in Galgibaga Beach

This lesser-known beach has the perfect beauty for those who want to indulge in the original essence of Goa. It is serene and one of those beaches of Goa which is clean and peaceful (away from the crazy festive madness) as it is away from the hustle-bustle and the party noise. Planning at least a night stay amidst the sheets of glimmering sands allows you to see turtles come out to lay eggs at night during the peak season (January and February). Having a walk along the 1.7 km serpentine-shaped coastline flanked by dense pine vegetation on one side one can find solitude. Swimming here could be a little risky as the sea is quite rough here.

How to reach Galgibaga Beach

The beach is far from the airport (80km) and Canacona railway station (11km). It can be easily reached from Canacona via the NH-17 by taking the exit for the beach and traveling for 5km. Also, one can take a bus route from Canacona Bus station to Mashem and later choose a ferry in order to reach the beach.

Best time to visit Galgibaga Beach

Even though the best time to visit Goa might be during the winter months, i.e. October to March but one can visit the Galgibaga beach during the summer months as well.

The weather is unpredictable but the beach has only a few tourists during the rainy season as it has strong undercurrents.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

56.Ashwem beach

Ashwem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located at the heart of Goa, Panjim. It is the most preferred tourist beach for all aspects of people. A less swarmed beach having sandy shorelines.

The beach has very strong positive vibes with the essence of exotic palm trees which makes a day super worth spending there. People get attracted to this beach for its mouthwatering fish and myriad eateries.

People tend to spend 3-4 hours at Ashwem beach chilling in the uneven layers of water and sandy shores with their partners. Additionally, it is a decent spot for a picnic.

Things to do in Ashwem beach

Things not to miss in Ashwem beach :

•Paragliding: If a sightseer wants to enjoy the tremendous view of the sky and sandy shores with water waves by spreading arms, then one needs to visit the spot.

•Boat Ride: An incredible water ride in uneven water waves giving tremendous water ride experience. A romantic and peaceful coast for all beach lovers.

• Jet ski: Jet skiing is an audacious sport providing the ultimate experience to the people who love performing different activities and should visit Ashwem beach.

•Windsurfing: Also known as kite surfing, is the perfect sport accomplished in the clear blue sky with fresh and cool air provides a perfect picnic.

How to reach Ashwem beach

How to reach:

Ashwem beach is about 30km from Panjim. It lies in Pernem taluka of North Goa. It takes 1 hour to reach from the capital, Panjim by road.There are several bikes and cabs available for rent to reach beaches.

Arambol and Morjim are the nearest beaches of Ashwem beach.

Best time to visit Ashwem beach

Best time to visit:

The tourism season for Goa is between October to March. The peak time to visit Ashwem beach is between December to February, at this time the visitor enjoys the clear atmosphere and activities creating the best season for holidays to the beaches.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

57.Sinquerim Beach

Planning to go Goa! As you know out of many reasons one of the reasons for which Goa is famous for its beaches! And my favourite is sinquerim beach. It is strikingly beautiful with its horizon.

It is well known among visitors rushing to this sea shore from everywhere throughout the world. You can find some of the amazing clubs there to chill out. Near to Sinquerim you can see the famous Aguada Fort of historical importance.

Truly, the view from the fort is breathtaking. Have you watched the Golmaal series? Yes it was shot there.

Things to do in Sinquerim Beach

It has some amazing night clubs for the party people, just Sinquerim and chill! And for the people who love water sports it’s heaven for you guys, windsurfing, fishing, scuba diving, skiing, parasailing are available there.

How to reach Sinquerim BEACH

From Goa International Airport, you take cab or rental vehicles available easily to the Sinquerim in an hour via NH 66. From Panaji it’s just 13 km taking just 35 minutes to reach with bus services and private rental vehicles available.

Best time to visit SINQUERIM BEACH

Best time to visit Sinquerim is from November till February. December holds the amazing Sunburn Festival. Don’t forget to see the magnificent beach sunrise.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

58.Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach, located 7 km from Panaji offers it all, pristine beach, nature’s bounty and a mythical romantic past. As the legend goes, Dona Paula de Menezes, the daughter of the Viceroy jumped off the cliff after facing objections from her family over the love affair with the son of a local fisherman.

It is also rumored that she can be seen emerging from the moonlit waves donning nothing but her pearl necklace. Dona Paula is also one of the favorite locations for the shooting of Bollywood movies like Rohit Shetty’s Singham and yesteryears Ek Duje ke Liye.

Things to do in Dona Paula Beach

You can enjoy a breath-taking view from above the hillocks and relax on the benches, basking in the evening sea breeze and sunsets. For the adventurer you take pleasure in wind sailing, water-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and many such water sports.

Indulge yourself in the local knick-knacks in the beach side stalls, try feni, handkerchiefs, port wines. Don on local straw hats as you enjoy local seafood at the restaurants nearby after a day of adventure in the silver sands and calm water.

How to reach Dona Paula Beach

You can reach Dona Paula beach road. The nearest bus station is in Panaji, 6 km from Dona Paula. Regular bus services are provided by the Goa State government from Panaji or travel by a Tuk-Tuk to reach the beach. The nearest railway station to Dona Paula is Karmali Railway Station which is 14 km away from it. You may also travel via Vasco Da Gama and Margao.

Best time to visit Dona Paula Beach

The best time for you to visit this epitome of eternal romance accompanied by blissful nature is during November to May. You may also visit Dona Paula during Janmashtami, as the festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.

It is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa in 2021 by our Tourzop experts.

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