40 Best Places To Visit In Uttarakhand in 2022


Are you someone who has a deep affair with the winding trails and the snowy realms of the mountains? If the yearnings in your head are painting the picture of a peaceful scenic hamlet, away from the urban areas and driving you insane to explore the unspoiled, then BINSAR is the place to be.

Around 90 km from Nainital, nestled on top of the Jhandi Dhar hills at an impressive altitude of 2420 meters, Binsar is a sleepy little hamlet, graced by quaint green valleys and a panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas. The secluded curvaceous trails, the enticing earthy smell, the fragrant breeze, the scattered tiny huts, and the simplicity of the Pahari people are bound to make your heart ecstatic.

Things to do in Binsar

Besides beholding magnificent views of the snow-clad mountains and forests, there are many things to do in Binsar that will tempt you every moment.

Walkthrough the charming villages

For all the adventurous souls, Binsar is a paradise. One can go on long treks in the clean air, amidst the misty mountain trails, soaking in the rustic charm of the villages, towering Oaks, and Rhododendrons.

Get spellbound by the vistas of Binsar wildlife sanctuary

If you are a lover of the forests and wildlife and love clicking them, Binsar will give you an adrenaline rush. Binsar is encircled by a vast wildlife sanctuary; a home to many rare species of birds and animals. The blanket of green hangs all around with foliage sprouting out of every conceivable nook and corner of the hillside.


When the tall pine trees and beautiful vistas of Binsar become mundane, one can take the road that winds to Bageshwar. Bageshwar is an ancient temple town, with stone shrines, about 40 km away from Binsar located at the confluence of Sarayu and Gomti rivers.

You can also opt to get spiritual at the popular pilgrimage of Jageshwar, an hour’s drive away from Binsar.

Rest among the bliss

How about camping in the forest at night? The bonfire, a bunch of fellow travelers, their adventurous tales with your favorite wine, surely sounds thrilling. Don’t forget to indulge in the scrumptious local cuisine of the famous Kumaoni Thali before you go to bed. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Binsar

By Air

Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport (140 KM from Binsar). On arrival at the airport, you can book a taxi to travel to Binsar.

By Rail

Traveling to Binsar by railways is a good idea. Kathgodam Railway Station, at a distance of 105 km, is the nearest railway station. You can later opt for a shared taxi or a private cab to reach Binsar.

By Road

Traveling to Binsar by road is by far the most convenient way to travel as Binsar is well-connected by motorable roads. You can take a bus from Delhi to Almora and then a taxi to reach Binsar.

Best time to visit Binsar

While planning a trip to this beautiful hill station, make sure to note that though Binsar has excellent weather conditions throughout the year, some months are not suitable for travel. Summers are great for trekking and sightseeing due to their pleasant weather, while Winters are great for snowfall. Thus, the best time to visit Binsar would be from October to March.


Jim Corbett, the British hunter, and the author mentioned the place Muktesar of Uttarakhand in his book ‘The Temple Tiger’. In his book, he discussed how he fell in love with the natural beauty of Muktesar; the name changed after 1947 to Mukteshwar. 

Situated at an elevation of 2,285m above sea level amidst the conifers forest and orchards, this pleasing destination glorifies the high ranges of the Himalayas. This small hill station in Uttarakhand is known for rock climbing, rappelling, and several adventurous sports. The foremost way to explore the place is to walk as it’ll help in deep exploration of the hill station.

Things to do in Mukteshwar

Here, we are recommending some of the fun activities you should do once in Mukteshwar:-

• Trekking and Camping is always a unique experience one should try in hilly areas. With fresh air, eye-soothing views, and chirping sounds of birds will put your soul in heaven while camping in the valleys of Mukteshwar.

• Paragliding is the most thrilling activity to try. This fun activity not only makes you happy but also invigorates your soul. 

• There are numbers of ancient temples which were made hundreds of years ago. Shiva Temple, Rajyarani Temple, and Brahmeshvara Temple are popular temples among locals and tourists coming here. 

• Besides, Nanda Devi is the second highest peak of India in Mukteshwar where one can witness the mesmerizing sunset view.

It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Mukteshwar

There are multiple routes to reach Mukteshwar that is;

• One can take an air route to reach Mukteshwar. Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport (94 km from Mukteshwar).

• Another way is by rail and Kathgodam Railway Station is the closest rail route from Mukteshwar one can try.

• Roadways are the commonly used routes by the tourists to visit. Buses are easily available to reach Haldwani, Nainital, Almora, and Mukteshwar.

Best time to visit Mukteshwar

As Mukteshwar’s weather remains pleasant and soothing throughout the year, the tourists can visit here anytime they want. The period from March-May presents the summer season where days are warm and nights are cold. And according to research, the summer period is the best time slot to visit the hill station. 

This is the only season where one can see the blooming fruit orchards and the ongoing local cultural festival celebrated by local people. While in monsoon, the tourists are advised to consult the local people before visiting the hill station as it witnesses occasional landslides. And tourists who love paragliding, trekking, and camping should visit here in October and November to enjoy the snow and wind.


Ranikhet is an idyllic Mid-Himalayan town situated in the pine-studded ridge of Kumaon Hills in the district of Almora, Uttarakhand. It stands at an elevation of 6,132ft and served as a Cantonment area for the British, who established the headquarters for the Kumaon regiment in 1869, after acquiring the land from a European, Mr. N. Troup.

Legend has it that Ranikhet, which translates to “Queen’s Field” in English, derives its name from a beautiful Katyuri Queen, Rani Padmini. She was bestowed this town by King Sudhar Deva who was enthralled by its scenic beauty and built her a palace there. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Ranikhet

Ranikhet offers a plethora of activities, encouraging travelers to explore the richness of its abundant history, spirituality, and nature.

Some of the best recreations that Ranikhet furnishes are:

1. Offering prayers at various temples, the most renowned being the Jhula Devi, Mankameshwar, and Haidakhan Temple.

2. Exploring the rich flora of Chaubatia Orchards with bounties of apples, peaches, plums, currants, and cherries as well as generous varieties of plants and flowers.

3. Golfing at the Upat Golf Course, which prides itself on being the highest 9 hole course in Asia.

4. Tranquil boating session in the Bhalu dam, relishing the panoramic view of the Himalayas.

How to reach Ranikhet

Ranikhet is easily accessible via various means of transport:

1. Air travel: Nearest Airport is Pantnagar with a connecting flight to Delhi, 109 km away (approx. 3 hours via NH09).

2. Railway: The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, 75 km away (approx 2.5 hours via NH09) 

3. Buses: Direct service available from Haldwani, Pantnagar, Nainital, and Ramnagar.

Best time to visit Ranikhet

Ranikhet experiences pleasant weather all year round with no drastic variations in temperature, which ranges between -3°C and 22°C.

For the best experience, trips should be planned in the summer, between March to June.

However, if one wishes to experience snowfall, winter months, especially December and January are more appropriate.


Located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayan range, Dhanaulti is a picturesque little hill station that offers a sense of calm and peace. This place is the best choice when trying to escape from the humdrum of a busy life and city blues.

This little hamlet, set in between vast forests of mighty Oaks and Deodars, gives an astonishing view of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains.

What is Dhanaulti and where it is exactly?

Dhanaulti is a humble community close to Mussoorie, flawlessly settled amid the elevated Himalayan pinnacles. Situated at a ridge of 2286 m and away from the city rush-clamor, Dhanaulti provides a scope of excursions, touring, and supreme unwinding. Alongside extravagant inns and present-day bistro-style restaurants, roadside dhabas are plenty which can give you the taste of delicious foods while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of nature. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do In Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti, being a sleepy little town, offers fewer places of interest compared to Mussoorie. Travelers can spend their leisure time at one of the gems the hill-station offers.

Dhanaulti Eco Park

Spread over 13 hectares covered in thick forests of Oaks and Deodars, the Eco Park is one of the top attractions of Dhanaulti. It was developed by the District Forest Officer and the local youth. The park enjoys pleasant weather all year round. It honors a tradition known as Memory Sapling Plantation where one can plant a sapling in the memory of their loved one.

The Eco Park is divided into 2 forests named AMBER & DHARA situated 200m from each other.

Surkanda Devi Temple

The temple offers to be a trekkers paradise. It is situated at a distance of 8km from Dhanaulti and leads up to a 2km trek. The climb is tedious and steep but offers an environment of serenity and a view worthy of the climb.

Deogarh Fort

A popular attraction in Dhanaulti, it is a fort built in the 16th century, made famous for its breathtaking palaces and murals.

Potato Farm

Also known as “Aloo Khet”, these farms are owned by the government and private farmers. They offer a rustic feel to the heart and a beautiful view of the Doon Valley.

Dhanaulti Adventure Park

Built specially for thrill-seekers, this park offers activities like sky bridge, valley crossing, rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding, and much more. Situated between snow-capped mountains, it is the perfect combination of adventure and nature.

How to reach Dhanaulti

Closest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, in Dehradun, is closest to Dhanaulti. It is situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from the town. Sightseers from abroad and from different parts of India can arrive at the air terminal using corresponding flights from major urban areas in India. Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is a world-class air terminal, found 290 kilometers from Dhanaulti.  

Step by step instructions to reach Dhanaulti by Rail- Dehradun is the closest railroad station that has normal trains from all around the nation. Customary transports are accessible from Dehradun to Dhanaulti. Dehradun is around 36 km away from Dhanaulti.  

Step by step instructions to reach Dhanaulti by Road- There is customary transport administration from the air terminal to different urban communities of the state. Delhi is at a distance of 290 km from Dhanaulti and it is only 8-9 hours of the ride. Mussoorie is 58.9 km away which is another wonderful slope station.

Best season to visit Dhanaulti

The best time to visit Dhanaulti is from June to September. The hill station has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is the perfect place to get respite from the scorching Indian summers.

The monsoon months of July-August should be avoided due to dangerous slopes and landslides in the hills.

So, pack your bags and experience firsthand the serenity and beauty of this tucked-away hamlet in the Himalayan mountains.


Auli is a hill station located in the Chamoli district of the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Auli is known as one of the best Ski destinations in India, which recently hosted the National Winter Games. Not many people know about Auli, but recently it has been growing into mainstream tourist destinations in India. 

The very beauty of Auli is heavenly and it is covered with huge coniferous and oak trees and snow-capped mountains which further adds more to the scenic beauty of Auli. It also offers an extensive view of the famous Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet Nanda Parbat, and Dunagiri. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Auli

Its amazing landscape and topography are what make it a place for hiking, skiing, and trekking. This place makes the perfect match for adventure seekers and also for the ones who just want to unwind from their busy lifestyle. Being a famous ski destination, skiing is the top activity here. Other than that, cable car rides and trekking are other breath-taking activities. 

Auli has stunning places to visit like the Nanda Devi National Park, Artificial Lake, Gurso Bugyal, Joshimath, which opens up numerous destinations for trekking, and, Chattrakund Lake, which is about four kilometers and is a sweet-water lake.

How to reach Auli

By Air- The nearest airport to Auli is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, then take cabs to Auli. By Train- Rishikesh Railway station is the nearest to Auli, then take cabs to Auli for approx. 9 hours.

By Road- Auli is well connected by roadways to nearby cities in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Best time to visit Auli

You can visit Auli fairly throughout the year. It all depends on the things you want to experience. April to July is a great time to experience pleasant weather, leisure outdoor, and trekking. Snow Skiing and other snow activities will be thrilling if visited around November to March months.


Chakrata in Uttarakhand is a scenic hill station, surrounded by the gorgeous Himalayan range. Snuggled in the Dehradun district, this quaint and charming hill retreat is best known for its serenity and spellbinding views around, well already much excited? This is nothing but a very small introduction to the spellbound beauty which the Chakrata from the Uttarakhand possesses. 

Chakrata is not a very popular holiday destination and is thus far from any touristy chaos or noise. It is a really small hill town that offers a few local attractions and some exciting activities, and this is the very reason you should grab your Chakrata holiday offers as soon as possible because where else will you get to witness a holiday spot as such? Less chaos far from city lights and just nestled in the Himalayas. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Chakrata

Coming to that, let me tell you a few of the amazing things that you can do in Chakrata that will forever remain a happy memory from the place.

1)Kanasar – camping and river

Camping in this quaint hill station is one of the exhilarating things to do. You can bring your tents and other camping equipment or else, many Chakrata camps offer luxury tents with all basic amenities

2)Deoban -bird watching

About 13 km from Chakrata is Deoban – one of the highest view-points located at an elevation of 2200 m. It is surrounded by dense deodar forests and offers captivating views of snow-clad peaks and lofty ranges and is one of the most popular Chakrata tourist attractions.

3)Tiger falls (how can anyone miss that beauty!)

It is popular among trekkers and adventure seekers as there is a 5km trekking route starting from Chakarta taxi stand to the falls through the green forest and the stunning view of the snow-clad mountains.

How to reach Chakrata

By air – The nearest airport to Chakrata is Jolly Grant, about 115 km from the place. Tourists and Backpackers can hire taxis to Chakrata from Jolly Grant domestic airport which is a 3-hour taxi ride.

By train -The nearest railhead is located in the capital city Dehradun. The distance between the railway station and Chakrata town is around 92 kilometers. It is easily accessible from Dehradun town. Taxis and buses are available from Dehradun to Chakrata. By bus -Buses are available from ISBT Kashmir Gate to Mussoorie and Chakrata. Buses from Mussoorie and Dehradun district are also available to Chakrata.

Best time to visit Chakrata

Owning beautiful weather all year round, Chakrata is a hill town with rich green woodlands, old sanctuaries, and caverns in the state of Uttarakhand. However, Summer (March – June) is the best time to visit this quaint little town that gets densely covered with blossoms which is a glorious sight to behold. Winters are rather cold with occasional snowfall.


Out of all the earthly wonders, the cold and mist wrapped places have always been the favorite of humanity. One such place is the hill station of Landour. Landour is a small cantonment town that is situated in the state of Uttarakhand, in the district of Dehradun. The Mussoorie hills, popularly known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ are located in Landour and hereby are viewed as the queen of Landour.

The serene and pristine valleys and mountain ranges of Landour are the finest possessions of its natural beauty! The monsoons of Landour are considered the perfect destination for honeymooners.

Things to do in Landour

The hill station of Landour is highly reputed for its colonial architecture and the picturesque mountain view that it provides! The place offers adventure activities for tourists such as trekking, hill-climbing, camping activities, etc. Other attractions of Landour include St. Paul’s Church and Kellogg’s church which is located deep in the wilderness! 

The sight of these historic churches resting on the lap of nature itself is a treat to the eyes! Char Dukan area located in Landour is very famous for the delicious and spicy food that they provide! It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Landour

Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport and is located in Dehradun, 60km away.

Rail: Dehradun railway station being the nearest,40kms away only.

Road: The hill station of Landour is indeed greatly connected with Dehradun.

Best time to visit Landour

Landour is blessed with comfortable weather conditions throughout the year, though the months from April to June are considered as the best time to visit. Monsoon starts at the end of July and normally lasts till the start of October which is indeed considered as the most loved months for monsoon lovers to visit Landour.

8.Pauri Garhwal

Amidst the undisturbed and untouched vistas of the beguiling Garhwal Himalayas lies the city of Pauri. This district is surrounded by the districts of Nainital, Chamoli, Bijnor, Dehradun, Haridwar, Rudraprayag, and Tehri Garhwal. This offers an awesome view of the great Himalayas from all of its towns and villages. It is covered up by the thick woodlands and the benevolent snow-clad hills. 

Pauri is the headquarters of the district Pauri Garhwal, is also one of the places that you should not miss while planning a trip. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Pauri Garhwal

Here is a list of places where travelers can spend their leisure time:

Ransi Stadium: This stadium is one of the highest points in the district where tournaments are held frequently. Kandoliya temple: A holy place in the peaceful ambiance of dense forests.

Danda Nagaraja Temple: This is visited by people to take blessings from the temple deity, Lord Krishna.

Jwalpa Devi Temple, Nag dev Temple, Kyunkaleshwar Mahadev Temple, and Sita Mata Temple are other famous temples to visit.

Chaukhamba Viewpoint: This is a heart-touching place that offers to its visitors the captivating panoramas of beautiful Garhwal valley.

Trekking: Several treks can be done from this region (The Binsar trek, the Tara Kund Trek, and the Doodhatoli trek).

How to reach Pauri Garhwal

Reaching Pauri Garhwal is not way too hectic or tough, rather quite convenient. The nearest airport is located in Dehradun and the nearest railway station is Kotdwar. From both, buses and taxis are easily available. Also, it is well connected via roads to major cities like New Delhi and Chandigarh.

Best time to visit Pauri Garhwal

This beautiful destination enjoys a pleasant temperature all around the year. You can visit in the summers as it does not get too hot. You can visit in monsoon to enjoy the rain showers and you can visit in winters as winters are freezing cold which gets extended till February too.


Tirthan is a hill station blessed with a richness of nature’s beauty, located in Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of over 1600 meters above sea level. Tirthan Valley is named after the Tirthan river. The river originates from the icy cold glacial, a snow-covered peak in the Great Himalayan National Park.

Tirthan is a destination for every traveler for instance this beautiful valley attracts people interested in trekking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching. It comes across under-explored hill villages. There is also the option of doing nothing as you ease up among the trees in the valley.

Things to do in Tirthan

Tirthan is a hill station blessed with a richness of nature’s beauty, located in Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of over 1600 meters above sea level. Tirthan Valley is named after the Tirthan river. The river originates from the icy cold glacial, a snow-covered peak in the Great Himalayan National Park. 

Tirthan is a destination for every traveler for instance this beautiful valley attracts people interested in trekking, camping, fishing, and wildlife sanctuary. It comes across under-explored hill villages. There is also the option of doing nothing as you ease up among the trees in the valley. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Tirthan

Tirthan is a hill station blessed with a richness of nature’s beauty. Located in Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of over 1600 meters above sea level. Tirthan Valley is named after the Tirthan river. The river originates from the icy cold glacial, a snow-covered peak in the Great Himalayan National Park.

Tirthan is a destination for every traveler for instance this beautiful valley attracts people interested in trekking and camping, fishing, wildlife watching, and come across under-explored hill villages. There is also the option of doing nothing as you ease up among the trees in the valley.


Bageshwar is a beautiful tourist town Located in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. This town is a must-visit for adventurers, bikers, and thrill-seekers to the passionate mountaineers. A 12-hour ride from the capital city of Delhi, lip-smacking foods of the road-side eateries are big blessings to one’s belly.

Located in India’s UK, this place has had and hosted travelers of international borders from that of the USA, Russia, and the actual UK. A town that narrates its traces from that of the Mahabharata and Ramayana in history. Its beautiful serenity, flora, and fauna, its clear rivers are its attractions. Its weather all around the year remains relatively cool. I’m so sure after reading this someone who won’t be packing his bags would repent. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Bageshwar

The town of Bageshwar has about 4 temples located within its vicinity which are visited by thousands of pilgrims and devotees-

These include-

1.Bagnath Temple

2. Chandrika Temple

3. Sriharu Temple

4. Gauri Temple

Bhageshwar located with the high ranging and mighty mountains have sightseeing too which include famous peaks and tourist places of which most preferred are-

1. Pindari Glacier

2. Kausani Tea-estate.

For young and energetic youths to spend their time and energy and to try out new ventures, there are always options and local companies that provide sports of adventure.

These include sports like river rafting, mountain climbing, among others.

The companies that provide such services are mentioned below for one’s reference-

1. Dhanu Adventure

2. Wild-drift Adventure

How to reach Bageshwar

There are multiple ways to reach Bageshwar town which are as follows-

1. Air- The nearest airport is located at Pantnagar in Uttarakhand and the rest distance can be covered by road.

2. Rail- The last serving station is that of Kathgodam station.

3. Bus- There are multiple private and state-run bus shuttles and services which include the state-run transport corporations to private operators which are available from ISBT Delhi and other bus terminus stations in other states too.

4. Car- The distance to Bhageshwar can be covered by car too in 12 hours from the capital region of New Delhi.

Best time to visit Bageshwar

Although Bhageshwar is visited throughout the year, the best time to visit Bhageshwar is from May to October.

As Bageshwar is surrounded by hills, during the winter season temperature of this place falls to 8°C. While for many who love cold weather too December-February in winters can also be used as travel months by travelers to enjoy the freezing environment.


Almora, known as the cultural heartland of the Kumaon region is located in Uttarakhand, 415 km south-east of the state capital Dehradun. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the state. The diverse culture and the breathtaking scenery of this hill station are bound to give you an experience that is nothing less than heavenly. 

Almora district has the second-highest sex ratio after Mahe (Puducherry). Travelers from India and abroad who visit this place are here for a visual treat and they get to witness the celebrated Pahadi culture, the temples, and the taste of various Uttarakhand delicacies.

Things to do in Almora

The district offers diverse opportunities to its visitors to spend a fun vacation in the lap of nature. Temples like the Nanda Devi temple and Chitai Golu Devta temple are a few of the major attractions. The local markets mainly Thana Bazaar highly reflect the rich culture through handicrafts and artifacts. 

The zero point in Binsar provides an opportunity of trekking to the adventurous souls. Apart from the alluring landscapes and sites, Almora is also known for the Ramleela which is performed every year in October. While you are in Almora, do not forget to try the famous Bal mithai. Tourists can also travel to nearby locations like Kalimath and Dwarahat village for an experience that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Almora

Almora has easy access to roadways, railways, and airways. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, 91 km away while the nearest airport is Pantnagar which is 116 km away. The efficient bus network connects it to all the neighboring areas. Dehradun Airport is also located at a distance of 330 km which further makes the travel to Almora hassle-free.

Best time to visit Almora

Almora offers travelers a chance to rejuvenate themselves and explore their inner globetrotter throughout the year, thanks to its pleasant weather but to witness the beauty of this place in full swing and to make the most of the experience, one must visit this place between September and November.

12.Mount Abbott

Mount Abbott is a dwarf hill station, at an elevation of 6,400 feet, is located in the Kali Kumaon region of Champawat district of Uttarakhand state. It is surrounded by a cluster of thirteen cottages, spread over five acres of woods. This hill station also features a church offering spiritual bliss to the visitors. 

This hill station is a noble venture of John Harold Abbott, who wanted a retreat from the tiring life of the plains, though this was established during the early part of the 20th century. It succeeded to keep its identity till now by making visitors spellbound with its beautiful trails and serene surroundings of Deodar and Pine forests.

Things to do in Mount Abbott

Abbott Mount is a place for people who prefer a slower and easy-paced location, where surroundings are filled with a variety of butterflies during summer. This place is a base camp for the Mahaseer fishing in Pancheshwar, the confluence of Saryu and Mahakali rivers. One can witness the snowy cliffs of the mighty Himalayas, lying on the eastern side of the Kumaon Hills which provides a vision of the massive peaks from the Gangotri cliff to the Dhaulagiri range. 

The beautiful surroundings of Deodar and Pine forests which are a habitat for many exotic birds make it an ideal location for young couples and honeymooners. So, all in this place provides you with a combination of many activities like spiritualism, sightseeing, camping, fishing, bird watching, photography, and other adventurous activities. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Mount Abbott

You can travel to this place by road. But you can also travel by flights or trains. The nearest airport is at a distance of 188 km, in Pantnagar, from Mount Abbott. One will have to hire a cab from the airport to reach the exact place. By trains, you can get down on either of the platforms, that is at Kathgodam, 190 km away, or Tanakpur, 91 km away, and board a taxi or cab thereafter. It is also connected well to all the major destinations in Uttarakhand if one wishes to travel by road.

Best time to visit Mount Abbott

You can visit this place anytime throughout the year, but if you are looking forward to a good sightseeing experience along with a pleasant atmosphere, you should visit this place during summers, that is between the months from March to June. In the winters, it’s freezing cold at this place and snowfalls are very common. 

You may enjoy seeing the whole place covered in snow in January and February. During Monsoon, there are risks of landslides and roadblocks. So, it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning a trip to this place in the Monsoons.


Varanasi, also called Benares is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism. It is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh located on the left bank of the Ganga River. Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It is regarded as the spiritual capital of India. 

The river Ganges in Varanasi is believed to have the power to wash away the sins of mortals where the Hindu pilgrims take bath. Hindus believe that one who is graced to die on the land of Varanasi would attain salvation and freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Varanasi

Boat ride at the Ganges: Varanasi is located at the bank of the river Ganga. The whole city begins and ends with the sacred river. The rowing boat is one of the best things to do in Varanasi. The ride usually starts from Dasawamedh Ghat, goes to the Harishchandra Ghat, and then back.

Exploring temples: Varanasi is best known for its ghats and temples. People coming there will never leave without visiting the temples. The most popular temple in Varanasi is the Kashi Vishwanath temple, also called as golden temple.

Strolling the Ghats: The city has almost a hundred Ghats, the steps of each leading the banks of the River Ganges. These are bathing Ghats, praying Ghats, and cremation sites for Hindus from all over the world. 

How to reach Varanasi

By Air:

Varanasi airport is well-linked to some of the major cities in India like Delhi and Mumbai. International tourists can board connecting flights from Delhi airport which is well-connected to all the major cities in the world.

By Train:

The Varanasi railway station is connected to major cities of India via rail. From there, tourists can hire a taxi or a cab to explore the city.

By Bus:

Varanasi is connected to major cities of Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states. Private buses are also available from nearby cities to Varanasi.

Best time to visit Varanasi

The best time to visit Varanasi is during the winter months (November to February). This is the best time when you can explore the holy city without getting tired. The average low temperature is around 5°C.

Tourists can plan a spiritual journey to Varanasi any time of the year but remember that summers in Varanasi last long (from April to October) and the temperature generally is on the higher side of 30°C going up to 45°C in peak summers.


Located in the Goundar village of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India, Madhyamaheshwar is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. It resides on a beautiful arena with the snow-capped Himalayas with absolutely gorgeous alpine meadows and dense forest covering all of it.

It is the Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit, comprising five other famous Shiva temples in the Garhwal region, including MADMAHESHWAR, KEDARNATH, TUNGNATH, KALPNATH, and RUDRANATH.

This place is a must-visit, as it is told that the “middle” or “nabhi” of Shiva is worshipped in the holy place, believed to be built by Pandavas. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Madmaheshwar


The specialty of Uttarakhand is the beautiful hill ranges and the peaceful holy vibes of it. Madhyamaheshwar, the second Kedar, is thousands of years old temple, which experiences an awesome number of pilgrims every year. The holy shrine is the best to visit during the summer months.



Perched at a distance of 16km from Madmaheshwar, is the mystic beauty of the glacial lake. The awe-striking Himalayas and enchanting scenery surround the lake.


Located at a 2km walking distance from Madmaheshwar, is the Buddha Madmaheshwar. This place is a must-visit as it offers the best view of the Chaukhamba Peaks.


Ideally located in the lofty Garhwal Himalayas stretches above sea level in Madhyameshwar – Kalpeshwar trail. It has a one-and-a-half-meter spread, which is also a prime source of the Madhyameshwar Ganga River.


Being one of the PANCH KEDAR, the gorgeous temple of MADMAHESHWAR is located 16 km from RANSI village with UKHIMATH, having the nearest town with road connectivity. Thus, it calls for a 16km long expedition to meet the glance of the holy shrine.


Since there are very few accommodations at MADHYAMAHESHWAR, trekkers and pilgrims set up tents at MADHYAMAHESHWAR and enjoy the enchanting beauty that circles the crossroads.

How to reach Madmaheshwar

1. By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is located in Dehradun is the closest airport to MADMAHESHWAR located at a distance of 110 km. It is connected to all major parts of the country with daily flights. Taxis are easily available from the airport to UKHIMATH from where you can take a further taxi till UNAINA.

2. By Rail: The nearby station to UKHIMATH is the RISHIKESH railway station situated at a distance of 182kms from UKHIMATH. Taxis and buses are certainly available from RISHIKESH to UKHIMATH. RISHIKESH is adjoined to major destinations via a railway network.

3. By Road: UKHIMATH is well connected by motor-able roads with major destinations of UTTARAKHAND state. Buses and Taxis to UKHIMATH are easily available from major destinations of UTTARAKHAND. UKHIMATH is situated on the road connecting GUPTKASHI with GOPESHWAR. You can then hire a taxi or hop on the shared ones to reach UNAINA from UKHIMATH.

Best time to visit Madmaheshwar

Uttarakhand, situated in North India experiences a pleasant summer while winters are very cold. The best time to visit would be between May and October. The main Madhyamaheshwar temple remains closed from November to April.


Bhimtal is a town and a Nagar panchayat in Nainital district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level and is about 22 kilometers from Nainital. The major attraction in Bhimtal is Bhimtal Lake, which has an island at its center. 

Besides tourism, Bhimtal has also now become a mini district headquarters since most of the district administration offices have been shifted to the newly constructed Vikas Bhawan, the building complex for district administrative offices.

The climate of Bhimtal is pleasant and salubrious during summers but very cold during winters. Summer temperatures range from 15 °C to 29 °C, while winter temperatures range from 4 °C to 18 °C. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Bhimtal

Near the Bhimeshwar temple is one of the sources of river Gargi is known as Gola Nadi in the region and originates from Garg Parvat or village Gagar in Nainital District.

The hill of Karkotaka is supposed to be named after Karkotaka, a mythical cobra. The hill is famous for its Nag temple in the region and on every Rishi Panchami, thousands of people visit the temple and worship the Nag Karkotaka Maharaj. This is one of the famous Nag temples situated in the Uttarakhand region.

Sayad Baba ki Mazar is a place where people from different parts of Bhimtal and around places come for worship every Thursday. It is an example of unity in diversity.

The list of Attractions in Bhimtal:

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake Aquarium

Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple

Victoria Dam

Hidimba Parvat

Vankhandi Ashram

Nal Damyanti Tal

Sayad Baba Ki Mazar

Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya

How to reach Bhimtal

The nearest railway station to Bhimtal is Kathgodam, 21 km away. Kathgodam, being the entrance to the Kumaon region is connected via two trains that run daily between Delhi and the city. Once reached Kathgodam, buses and taxis can easily be hired to your destination.

The distance from PantNagar Airport to Bhimtal can be easily covered within two hours. 

Bhimtal is located at a distance of around 320 km from Delhi. Situated at an altitude of 4,500 feet in Nainital, the town has a rich history and is well connected to Delhi by road, bus, and train. However, the best way to reach Bhimtal from Delhi is by road and the journey takes about eight hours.

Best time to visit Bhimtal

The weather in this town is pleasant throughout the year. If you want to enjoy Bhimtal at its best, March – June and September – December are the best months to plan your trip. The weather is perfect for adventurous activities. 

The summers are a blend of cold air and warmth. Winters are cold but get frigid from December onwards – a time to witness the snow-capped mountains and the pristine lakes of Bhimtal. Monsoons, on the other hand, covers the entire place in lush greenery. However, it makes the landscape less ideal to travel.


Kanatal is a small village that lies in the land of gods, which in the native language is known as ‘Devbhoomi’ in Uttarakhand. It is located in the beautiful district of ‘Tehri’ in Garhwal Province of the state. Its elevation from mean sea level is 2590m (8500ft). The name of the village is after the dried taal (pond) which once flourished there decades ago. 

Another major attraction is the cold and soothing temperature which rises to 20 degrees even in the hottest summer, the lush green grassland, the eye magnetic white snow in the winters and above the clouds experience.

Things to do in Kanatal

The highest and the most mesmerizing point of the village is Surkanda Devi Temple. This temple is one of the rare temples worshipping Sati, the first wife of Lord Shiva. The other place worth viewing is the largest dam in Asia i.e., Tehri dam. 

Trekking, Camping, and Rock climbing are few things which you can perform to fill your veins with thrill as well as flush out every stress and boredom of your usual life. A walk through the deep jungle with a local will give you a safe and great wildlife experience. My favorite is the ‘Home Stay’ which makes you understand their lives and struggles more closely. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Kanatal

The nearest airport is Dehradun which is 76 km from the village. The nearest railway stations are Rishikesh and Dehradun. Rishikesh is 79 km from the village. From any of these two locations, you can either board a bus or hire a cab to Kanatal as per your budget.

Best time to visit Kanatal

As the place is open for visitors around the year, this question is a bit subjective. If you want to get away from the humid and hot climate of the plains and want to experience every adventure sport then summers are your time. If you want to experience snowfall and skiing then winter is the right time. Try avoiding monsoon because of the common landslides and blocking of roads as it can create a problem.


How does it feel at an elevation of 1780 m above sea level? You have seen it in movies and it appears to be a magical place with enticing verdure and an enthralling backdrop. Lansdowne is such a foreland that captivates tourists with its inherent wilderness. This place has a historical significance and offers leisure and delectation. 

Named after the then Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne, this place is a quaint cantonment town where the Indian army has its command office of Garhwal Rifles. It served as a military garrison during the British rule. Lansdowne is located in the Pauri-Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Whether you are soaking in the splendor of the sylvan hills or enjoying delicious foods in the restaurants, every moment here is precious.

Things to do in Lansdowne

If you want to relish Lansdowne to its fullest, you will not be disappointed. Popular tourist attractions include the “Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple”, “Santoshi Maa Temple”, “Durga Devi Mandir” and many more. Jungle safaris take you into the heart of the forests where you can catch a glimpse of the prolific varieties of migratory birds like “Northern pintail”,” Ruddy shelduck” and the Himalayan wildlife. 

St. John’s Church and St. Mary’s Church with their majestic interiors are important tourist destinations. The stunning scenario of the night and overnight camping will surely leave you bewitched. Tip N Top, also known as Tiffin Top, is a hilltop viewpoint where you can gaze at the panoramic Garhwal Hills. Bhulla Lake is a favorite picnic spot for the locals and the tourists. It has a serene ambiance with boating facilities. Tourists purchase quality leather items like shoes, bags, and belts from the local market. You can also pick-up handicrafts as souvenirs. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Lansdowne

The journey from Delhi to Lansdowne takes about 7-8 hours by rail. Mussoorie Express is an excellent choice from Delhi to Kotdwar, the nearest railway station. Lansdowne can be easily accessed from any major destination of India by road with NH-119. Jolly Grant Airport, the nearest airport in Dehradun is 145km away from Lansdowne.

Best time to visit Lansdowne

The ideal time to visit Lansdowne is between March to June when the maximum temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. The valley is in full bloom at this time and one can enjoy the wilderness to the fullest. This tour offers a fulfilling experience at a reasonable price.

18.Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” By Lady Bird Johnson 

Bestowed with the sparse and tropical Himalayan flora, the Valley of Flowers which is Heaven on Earth is embraced in the West Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. This beautiful nature is an Indian National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site exhibiting meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora.

Hemkund Sahib is located at an elevation of 4,329 meters above sea level on the Hemkunt Parvat, where the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Govind Singhji meditated for years. It is a star-shaped Gurudwara near the lake. It is visited by thousands of people every month.

Things to do in Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

There are lots of sightseeing like Ghangaria- the last human habitation center on the way to Hemkund Sahib, Badrinath Temple, Vasudhara Falls- a beautiful waterfall, Bheem pul- which has a history of Mahabharata, Nanda Devi National Park- Himalayan snow leopard is the major attraction of Nanda Devi National park amidst the valley of flowers and mountain ranges, trekking in Gaurikund, adventure activities like water sports, camping, etc. 

Also, near Hemkund Sahib, there is a beautiful temple of Lord Laxman. Valley of flowers is a beautiful place to spend time with family and friends and to have some adventure and fun. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

The nearest airport is Govind Ghat, 307 kilometers away from Dehradun, and the railway station in Govindghat is 270 kilometers away from Rishikesh. From Govindghat it is a 13-kilometer trek to base camp at Ghangaria. From Ghangaria, a 3km trek leads to the valley. And to reach Hemkund there is a trek of 19 km from Govindghat.

Best time to visit Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

The best time to visit the valley of flowers is between the second half of July to the first half of September because it is the time when you can see a maximum number of flowers. The flowers are in full bloom during this season and the environment is pretty good.

19.Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Patal Bhuvaneshwar is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, India. The main attraction of Patal Bhuvaneshwar is the limestone cave. This cave of stalactite and stalagmite formations not only fascinate tourists but also archeologists and explorers. It is said that Rituparna, king of the Suraya Dynasty was the first person to enter this cave and it is being said that he saw all the 33 crores gods and lord shiva himself. 

Mystical formations and the heavenly environment of this area will leave you with peace and sanctity.

Things to do in Patal Bhuvaneshwar

This is not a cave but a series of caves that are going to leave you with its aura. This narrow cave has formations of Hindu gods and goddesses. Each stone and each structure tells a story of the love and devotion of the Hindu people for their gods. This series of caves

which is almost a hundred fifty meters long is fully illuminated. If you are done with the exploring and pilgrimage then let me tell you this is also referred to as a good place for meditation. You can visit Narayan Ashram where tourists can learn the art of meditation. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Patal Bhuvaneshwar

The place is well connected by motorable roads leading to spots like Tanakpur and Pithoragarh which are connected to major cities of India. The nearest railway station is Tanakpur, 179 km from Patal Bhuvaneshwar. Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport, 224 km from Patal Bhuvaneshwar, and is well connected by taxis and busses to Patal Bhubaneshwar.

Best time to visit Patal Bhuvaneshwar

The summer season, that is April to June is the best time to visit this place as it is warm during the days but cooler during the evenings. In the winter season, it is quite cold there as Celsius drops many bits.


Gaumukh is the terminus of the Gangotri Glacier and the source of the Bhagirathi River, one of the primary headstreams of the Ganges River. The place is situated at a height of 13,200 ft (4,023 m) in Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is a holy Hindu pilgrimage site, along with Gangotri, as well as a trekking destination. For some a spiritual trip, while for others a dose of adventure, the trek to Gaumukh is the sublime one. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Gaumukh

Gangotri Temple, Gangotri Overview

Gangotri Temple, a religiously important temple in Hinduism, is located in the quaint town of Gangotri, Uttarkashi District in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Ganga and is the most important shrine.

Ganges Glacier

At 4200 m above sea level, the Bhagirathi glacier begins at Chaukhamba to merge into the Gaumukh. Owing to its mineral content and the terrain of medicinal plants through which it flows, it is believed that the Ganges water is extremely pure and therapeutic.

So much so that it is believed that even when it is kept for years, the water doesn’t become contaminated. You can also trek up the glacier to reach Nandanvan, Tapovan, Gaumukh and



located at an altitude of 4425m above sea level, the Kedartal lake is known for its cool waters and beautiful trek.


Harsil is 2km away from Darali, it is famous for its apple orchards spread in the whole village.


Dodital is home to famous Himalayan trouts. This sparkling lake at 3204m has little log cabins across the lake for camping.

 Auden’s col

 This is a high-altitude mountain pass connecting Rudugaira valley and Bhilangna valley. It is a dream trek for every experienced trekker and professional mountaineer. This trail passes through a thick forest of alpine trees, different species of flowers, gushing streams. It cuts through numerous villages.

 Dayara Bugyal

It is a beautiful alpine meadow. Lush green lands with fresh air, cows grazing on the hillside, and a gentle breeze blowing through is a heavenly scenario that can be found here.

How to reach Gaumukh

Nearest Airport:

Jolly Grant Airport, 255 km from Gangotri, is the closest airport. Else, you can avail chopper service from Dehradun to reach Gangotri.

Nearest Railway Station:

Haridwar Railway Station, 289 km from Gangotri, is the nearest railway station.

By Roadways:

Gangotri is well connected with all the neighboring towns like Rishikesh (257 km), Delhi (487 km), Uttarkashi (99 km), Haridwar (288 km), Devprayag (251 km), Rudraprayag (268 km), Badrinath (421 km), Barkot (180 km) and Joshimath (381 km).

Best time to visit Gaumukh

The best Time to Visit Gangotri Gaumukh Trek is May, June, September, and October

Summer (May, June): Weather remains salubrious, mild, and pleasing during the day time while the nights are relatively chilly in comparison.

Autumn (September, October): Perhaps the best time to go for trekking as this is when there is an onset of snowfall and landscapes start looking picturesque. If planning to visit during the autumn season, one should do the booking in advance as there are very few accommodation options.


Chopta is a small region of forest area which is a part of the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary situated in Uttrakhand. It is also known as the “Mini Switzerland” or Switzerland of India. It is getting popular year after year, located at an altitude of 2700 meters, mostly popular for its dense forest, lush green meadows, and majestic view of the snow-clad Himalayan range. It is surrounded by plenty of flora and fauna.

Things to do in Chopta

Chopta has a lot of things to do, it’s extremely satisfying to watch the scene with wide grassland meadows and snow all around. Chopta has an abundance of birds which makes this place a heaven for the bird watchers. There are a lot of other activities that one can do.

1. Camping and Trekking

2. Snow Trekking

3. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

4. Nature Photography

5. Sunrise and Sunset View.

It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Chopta

You can take a bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi to Rishikesh, which takes around 5 hours to reach. From Rishikesh, you can book a taxi for Chopta, as there is no direct connectivity to Chopta from Delhi.

Best time to visit Chopta

The best time to visit Chopta is in the summer season between March to May. The temperature this time is the most suitable as the meadows are at their best to view, whereas if you like the place full of snow the best time to visit is near November when the mountains are fully covered with snow.

22.Nainital and Ranikhet

Situated at a height of 1,938 m above ocean level, Nainital gets its name from Naini Lake, an unmistakable place of interest of Nainital. Nainital is situated in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and is famously known as the Lake District of India. Nainital is a well-known vacationer goal of India, drawing in several both local and outside voyagers consistently. It sparkles as a sparkling gem in the Himalayan Mountains and is encompassed with lakes and nature’s abundance. 

The significant places in the locale of Nainital are Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar, Bhowali, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Sattal, and Naukuchiatal. Nainital is well known for the Naini Lake where it is accepted that Lord Shiva played out his Tandava. The Naini top or the China top is the most elevated part in Nainital with a height of 2611m. Many visitors travel around the Mall, presently known as the Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. You can discover eateries, workplaces, and inns all situated in the Mall. 

Nainital Zoo is a significant place of interest where you can discover uncommon types of snow panther, steppe hawk, and the Himalayan mountain bear. Nainital’s most recent fascination is the Eco Cave Garden where your kids can find out about the ecosphere. Nainital is likewise popular for its different schools and research offices. 

The Observatory or the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) is found 9kms from Nainital on Manora Peak and is the institution for cosmic examinations and an astronomical observatory. It likewise gladly houses numerous prestigious schools, some from the British time frame. 

Nainital has a calm atmosphere with the most extreme arriving at 27 degree C and the base at 10 degree C. Nainital is around 22 km from Soulitude in the Himalayas. It takes around 35-40 min to reach there. The instructions to reach there are given underneath in the guide. 

The enchanting slope station of Ranikhet is situated in the Almora locale of Uttarakhand at a height of 1,829 m above ocean level. Ranikhet has everything to placate the nerves of an ardent city tenant. The slope station Ranikhet truly means – QueensLand, is an all-season place of interest for admirers. Ranikhet is a spot that mirrors the best of the incomparable Himalayas. 

Ranikhet is a slope station and cantonment town in Almora locale in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. It is the home for the Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment (KRC), and Naga Regiment and is kept up by the Indian Army. Ranikhet is at an elevation of 1,869 meters (6,132 ft) above ocean level. It has the sight of the western pinnacles of the Himalayas. 

Ranikhet is a Class IV town with a community status of a Cantonment board. Ranikhet turns out to be freezing in the winters and stays moderate in summers, and is best delighted from March to October. Ranikhet gets snowfall in the winter season, for the most part in the long stretches of December, January, and February. Be that as it may, in the remainder of the months the climate of Ranikhet stays wonderful. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Nainital and Ranikhet

Naini Lake – Enjoy Boating

Tiffin Top – View the Sunrise

Tibetan Market – Shop for Local Souvenirs

Hanuman Garhi – A Beautiful Temple

Nainital Ropeway – For the Bird’s Eye View

Mall Road – A Fine Stretch of Shops

Naina Devi – A Temple by The Lake

Pangot And Kilbury Bird Sanctuary – For Awesome Fauna

Raj Bhawan – A Royal Palace

Corbett National Park – Nature at its best

Cheena Peak – For Splendid Views

Nainital Zoo – A Wide Range of Animals

Rock Climbing – For an Adventure Time

Chandni Chowk – An Old Restaurant

Cave Garden – Explore the Hidden Gem

Enjoy a spiritual experience at Jhula Devi Temple

Have some family fun at the jungle- Ashiyana Park

Go for a refreshing walk through the orchards at Chaubatia Gardens

Soak in the tranquility at Bhalu Dam

Seek divine blessings at Haidakhan Babaji Temple

Play a game at the stunning Upat Golf Course

How to reach Nainital and Ranikhet

Distance between Nainital to Ranikhet is 58 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 29 km. There are no direct flights or trains or buses between Nainital to Ranikhet. The convenient, fastest, and cheapest way to reach from Nainital to Ranikhet is to take a taxi from Nainital to Ranikhet.

Best time to visit Nainital and Ranikhet

Summer in Ranikhet -April to June

Monsoon in Ranikhet – October to March

Winter in Ranikhet – July to September

Nainital in Summer (March – June) Nainital in Winter (October – February) Nainital in Monsoon (July – September)

23.Tehri Garhwal

A place whose name reflects the cleansing of your thought, deed, and word and the place where the journey of holy Ganga begins is Tehri Garhwal. As a hilly district of Uttarakhand, Tehri Garhwal offers one of the holiest experiences in the region including the landmark place of Devprayag, where people witness the origin of the mighty Ganga. 

Situated at an altitude of 1,750 m above sea level this place offers countless breath-taking views and at the same time caters to the need of young people by providing them with exhilarating sports.

Things to do in Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal offers a trip of a lifetime. Visiting Devprayag is the top priority of most tourists, which offers the site of merging of river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda to form the holy Ganga. Considered amongst the highest dams in the entire world, Tehri Dam offers a mesmerizing sight. Moreover, if you are looking for peace and solitude Kanatal is a must-visit place for you. 

If you think it is a place for old age people, you are so wrong. Tehri Garhwal offers the opportunity of trekking to witness breath-taking views. It also sets your adrenaline going by providing you with river rafting. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Tehri Garhwal

Although with no direct flight or railway connection, fortunately, Tehri Garhwal is very well connected through buses, both governmental as well as private, which run to and fro the region frequently. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, 82 km away from Tehri Garhwal while the nearest railway station is at Rishikesh, about 118 km away from Tehri Garhwal.

Best time to visit Tehri Garhwal

This place can be visited round the year. During summers, the day time is warm with cool evenings. During winters, the snow-capped mountains provide a mesmerizing view. Although, having your winter wear is a must irrespective of the season of visit as the place is relatively cooler than other parts of our country.


Dehradun is 34 kilometers away from Mussoorie. Tourists often visit both these places in a single visit. Dehradun is the capital, and Mussoorie is famous for the hills it beholds. The breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain ranges and the relaxing sounds of waterfalls are the centers of attraction. 

Dehradun runs between Ganga and Yamuna and shares closeness with Haridwar and Rishikesh. Mussoorie, otherwise known as “Queen of Hills”, is holding scenic beauty of valleys and wonders of Camel Back Road. These two are the most anticipated choices for travelers coming from every corner of the world. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Dehradun

Besides sightseeing, there are more to Dehradun and Mussoorie tour. The Myriad adventurous activities and entertainments are sure to win the hearts of every visiting tourist. While visiting Dehradun, you can enjoy:

Nightlife and campings,

Trekking and paragliding,

Bird watching at Assan Barrage,

Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park,

Taking a precise Photo Walk,

Places to visit while in Dehradun: Robber’s Cave, Ellora’s Tiger Falls, Malsi Deer Park, Tapovan Temple, and more,

In Mussoorie:

There are a bunch of activities like Trekking, hiking, and paragliding. There are Rafting and boating.

Wildlife safari and Fishing are also quite in fashion.

Winemaking and all kinds of adventure sports and more.

How to reach Dehradun

The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant (29km). Dehradun railway station can also be another way out. Bus services are also available from Delhi. From Dehradun to Mussoorie there are bus services and it takes about an hour and a half. Dehradun Mussoorie bus stand is adjacent to the railway station.

Best time to visit Dehradun

March-June is the most pleasant time for tourists to visit Dehradun and Mussoorie. Around this time, nature is at its best and the temperature also stays favorable. From the time of July-September, the monsoon comes and upholds the most beautiful phase of Dehradun. For wintery chills, people also can visit in October-February.


Very popular amongst Hindus, Devprayag is a holy place situated close to nature in Uttarakhand. In the district of Tehri Garhwal, it is this place where the holy rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet and form the name ‘Ganga’. 

It is known as Lord Rama and King Dasharatha used to perform self-mortification here, it also has a temple after Lord Rama named ‘Raghunath Temple’. A place to soothe the soul, it is commonly known as the “Gem of Uttarakhand”. With the other four prayags, The Vishnu Prayag, the RudraPrayag, the Nand Prayag, and the Karn Prayag, it is called the Panch Prayag in the country.

Things to do in Devprayag

Sitting near the Himalayan ranges, its rivers are its main attractions. The religious significance of this place is what calls the people to come and acknowledge this place. The bathing ghat is one of the places which is recommended to be visited. The Raghunath Temple has a 15-foot-tall statue of Sri Ram along with the sculptures of Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshman. 

The view of the water with green color which can be seen by the suspension bridge is a must sight. There are temples like the Chandrabadni Temple and the Dashrathshila Temple which are very famous. People come to seek blessings here. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Devprayag

One can travel easily to Devprayag by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, with regular new Delhi flights. It is well connected by trains to cities and also one can go by road as it is 95km from the Haridwar Railway station.

Best time to visit Devprayag

Summer is the most suitable time to visit this place but it is overall an adaptable climate all through the year in this place. The winter starts in October and lasts until March. Though in winters the temperature may fall below 0 degree.


Deriving its name from “Kurmanchal” meaning “the land of the Kurmavat”, Kumaon is an awe-inspiring hilly region extending from the Northern ends of Uttarakhand up to Tibet, separated from Nepal in the eastern region by River Kali. The people of Kumaon are addressed as “Kumaonis” and speak the “Kumaoni language”. 

Blessed with abundant natural beauty, biodiversity, crystal clear shimmering lakes, snow-capped mountains, numerous magnificent tourist places, Kumaon draws thousands of tourists annually, making them astounding.

Things to do in Kurmanchal

The hilly bedrocks of Ranikhet, Champawat, Kausani, Lohaghat, Pithoragarh, Didihat, and Chaukori, breathtaking lush-greenery of Nainital, Almora, Mukteshwara, Kausani are the perfect destination to satiate your trekking pangs. This region also serves as the perfect palette for ravishing activities like rock climbing, sightseeing, camping, paragliding, river rafting, and mountaineering. 

The routes in these valleys are tough nuts to crack but not devoid of riveting riverbeds and rhododendron forests for a refreshing and adventurous perspective. Boating in Bhimtal, Sattal, wildlife-sighting in Jim Corbett National Park forms a major tourist attraction. But amidst all these activities, don’t forget to satiate your hunger pangs with lip-smacking dishes like Baadi, Kafuli, Phaanu, Dubuk and Gulgula, and Arsa for your sweet tooth. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Kurmanchal

Keep your eyes open for the nearest airport which is Pant Nagar along with the availability of frequent flights in Pithoragarh during all weather-strips. The nearest railhead is in Ramnagar and for Nainital and Almora is Kathgodam. The train is also available from New Delhi and reaches Kumaon in just 4 hours. Apart from that, Kumaon is connected to a lot of major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, and Dehradun via road.

Best time to visit Kurmanchal

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and experience the best frosty winters and tranquil summers from October to December and March to May; and the slushy, nail-biting snow falls during January and February. Avoid the showering season from June to August since that time Kumaon receives lots of blustery loo and increasingly tempestuous rains.


Settled in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Chamoli is a town with scenic beauty and intriguing peace. It is encrusted on the holy banks of river Alaknanda and offers an astounding and imperishable view of nature’s beauty and unmatchable calmness. The city has a rich culture and history and is invariably reputed for its shrines and temples. 

Vouchsafed with pristine beauty and accord, Chamoli is an enchanting abode of the Gods, which was earlier called the Kedar-Khand. The district is well regarded to have been spectacularly embellished with snow-capped mountain ranges and divine valleys. When visiting Chamoli one can expect himself to be astonished by the warm hospitality rendered by the natives.

Things to do in Chamoli

Chamoli is the perfect place for nature lovers and extends ample opportunities for recreation and attainment of serenity. One can visit the surreal and exquisite historic places such as the Badrinath Temple, Hemkund Sahib, Joshimath, Tungnath temple, and Gopinath Temple. 

Nature walks amidst the incredible beauty that envelops the purlieu of Chamoli is an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience. Apart from this one can also pay a visit to the two of the famous National Parks of Chamoli District, which flourished with the varieties of flora and fauna. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Chamoli

Chamoli district is situated around 475 km away from the capital city Delhi and around 271 km from Dehradun. The heavenly district is around 247 km from the Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun and 230 km from the nearest considered railway station at Rishikesh. Despite being deprived of any airport or railway station of its own, the town has excellent road connectivity. Local transport like buses and taxis can easily be availed for commuting.

Best time to visit Chamoli

Though the place is worth a visit throughout the year, April to June and October to March are considered to be the best time to visit. Since Chamoli district receives heavy rainfall, visiting the place from July to September is precarious.

28.Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, established in 1936, is the oldest, first-ever national park in India with the highest number of tigers as it is the home to the jeopardized species of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Earlier it was known as Hailey National Park. It was the first place where Project Tiger was launched in 1973. 

Nestled in Uttarakhand and along the banks of the Ramganga River, it is home to more than 480 species of flora and fauna. The Park is divided into 5 zones: Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, Domunda, and Sonanadi and all of them have different gates. Jim Corbett is a beautiful vacation place with lush green environs and a peaceful setting away from the bustling city life. If one likes to be amidst nature, then this is a great spot to head to on a long weekend.

Things to do in Jim Corbett National Park

In the park, you can catch sight of animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Indian Hog Deer, Sambar Deer, Otter, Asiatic Black Bear, Sloth Bear, and more on different types of safari. There are also many other fun activities to look out for such as camping, trekking, rock climbing, birdwatching, rappelling, river crossing, and rafting too! 

There’s also a Corbett waterfall on the premises which would be a delight for your eyes. You can also seek blessings at the sacred Garjia temple. Mountain biking will also help you explore the place more. There’s also a Corbett Museum which is one of the most fascinating places in the whole National Park as you can learn more about the museum. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett is well-connected via Ramnagar by buses. There are buses from Delhi, Haridwar, and Nainital to Ramnagar. The nearest railhead from Jim Corbett is Ramnagar, connected to major destinations such as Delhi. Haridwar, Lucknow, and Varanasi. So, bus or rail can be considered a good option if you are on a budget. By car, it would take 6 to 7 hours to drive from Delhi, so better to keep this in mind. 

Through air would not be an ideal mode of transport to reach Corbett. However, if you are coming from a different part of the country, Pantnagar airport is the nearest domestic airport, approximately 78 kilometers away from the town. So, that would be convenient.

Best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park

Winters are the best time to visit the park as the weather is quite pleasant from November till February. One can also easily spot animals in the jungle during this period. Also, one of the best times to visit Jim Corbett National Park is monsoons too as you can have a budget holiday during this time.


When the soul tires from the pursuits of our daily lives and the body yearn for a break from the rigor of an urban environment, we often seek an escape to mountains. A name that often comes to mind for such an escape would be Nainital, with its picturesque lake and lovely landscapes. However, if you yearn to truly break away from the crowds, even this quaint town may not be the best choice. Especially when located just 22km away from Nainital, at a height of 1370m above sea level, is the sleepy town of Bhimtal. 

Named after the legendary Bhima, from the Mahabharata, this may prove to be the ultimate weekend getaway spot for you. Nestled in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand, it’s a small town that is just starting to gain popularity amongst regular tourists.

Our country is blessed with innumerable such places, tranquil and virginal hamlets that soothe our senses and calm our minds. The town is known for the serene Bhimtal lake, one of the biggest lakes in the district of Nainital. One can take a ride to the center of the lake, where there is an island with an aquarium. The panoramic view from the island of the entire landscape is quite breathtaking.

Things to do in Bhimtal

All around the place are lush forests in which one can take walks along small hill paths, enjoying the flora and fauna of the Kumaon hills. This place is especially popular with bird and nature enthusiasts. Also located in Bhimtal is an ancient Mahadev Temple dedicated to the deity Bhimeswar and a popular Naga temple named Karkotak Temple. 

A Butterfly Research Centre and Folk Culture Museum may attract those that are looking to learn more about the wildlife and culture of the area. Sattal, literally meaning Seven Lakes, is located 7km away from the town and offers boating and fishing activities for the more adventurous tourists. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Bhimtal

Access to Bhimtal town is quite convenient. The nearest railhead Kathgodam is about 22 km away and well connected to Delhi. Road connectivity is also good through the towns of Nainital or Kathgodam. The nearest airport is Pantnagar, 56km away, but a more feasible option may be road or rail travel.

Best time to visit Bhimtal

The climate remains mild throughout the year, with cold winter months from November through to February. The best times to visit are the spring months of March to May. If one is looking to enjoy a chilly temperature, the months of October to December are also good options.

30.Khatling Glacier

Khatling Glacier is a lateral glacier situated at the source of river Bhilangna, famous for its high, calm, and beautiful hills. Around the glacier, there is a thick snow-capped of Himalayan peak.

Khatling Glacier is located in the Teri district.

Khatling Glacier is encircled by peaks like Meru, Barte Kauter, Sphetic Pristwar, and the peaks of the Jogin group. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Khatling Glacier

There are many things which we can do in Khatling Glacier 1. Trekking- The trek to Khatling glacier begins from Ghuttu and can be easily reached through places like Dehradun, Rishikesh, etc.

The trek takes travelers through the remote of villages covered with verdant woods and immense lush grassy meadows.

2.Photography- This trek passes through small villages, hills, Garhwal, and thick Kharsao forest. These are some places where people can take wonderful pictures.

The glacier is a peaceful scene where everyone is enjoying the natural endowments such as a mountain, hills, etc.

Himalaya mountain surrounds this glacier.

3.Camping- After a picturesque trek people reach the campsite on the khatling Glacier.

They cross a couple of landslide-prone areas on their way to the campsite.

However, once they reach there, they are greeted by the grandeur of Thalay Sagar.

They finally set out to experience the magnification of the glacier in the most unfiltered way.

How to reach Khatling Glacier

The travelers need to reach Ghuttu from where the trek of khatling Glacier starts.

One can easily reach Ghuttu by a motorable journey from Dehradun, Tehri, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh. On reaching Ghuttu, one has to trek about 45KM and pass through tiny hamlets surrounded by thick Kharsao forests and lush green meadows. The Bhilangana valley offers pristine spots for camping.

Best time to visit Khatling Glacier

The Khatling Glacier is perched at an elevation of 4,600 km in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. This flank glacier is encircled by snow-clad peaks of the Jogin group, Sphetic Pristwar, Kirti Stambh, and Meru.

The moraines on the side of glaciers look like the standing walls of gravel mud.

The best time to visit this glacier is between the summer months of April to May and September to October.


Munsiyari is the subdivision and Tehsil in the easternmost and hill district, Pithoragarh in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

It is also known as “Little Kashmir” and it is a pretty hill station that is elevated at an elevation of about 2298m lies at the base of the great Himalayan mountain range.

Munsiyari is the base for the trekkers to Milam and Ralam Glaciers and Nanda Devi peak.

It is situated on the banks of the Gori Ganga river and a fast-growing destination for tourism purposes. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Munsiyari

Munsiyari is a paradise for nature lovers and tourists. Around it there are many things to do with full enjoyment. Some of these are TREKKING, BIRTHI FALLS, SKIING, MILAM GLACIERS, NARAYAN ASHRAM, MADKOT, DHARCHULA, CHAUKORI, etc. 

MILAM GLACIERS- It is 53.5 km from Munsiyari and the only way to reach the Milam glacier is by trekking along the Gori Ganga River. En route, Bugdiyar to Rilkot is a thickly forested area from where the land opens to the Gori Ganga Valley.

NARAYAN ASHRAM- Established in the year 1936 by Narayan Swami which is situated at the height of 2,734 m, Narayan Ashram is a renowned spiritual and socio-economic center in the region. Narayan Ashram is about 41 km from Munsiyari.

How to reach Munsiyari

Munsiyari is well connected to the neighboring places which are Pithoragarh, Lohaghat, Champawat, Tanakpur, Almora via roads.

The road connectivity is good to connect Pithoragarh and other neighboring places.

The nearest railhead is Tanakpur which is 286 km from Munsiyari. Pithoragarh has an airport, Naini Saini, which will be operational in some time.

Best time to visit Munsiyari

The summer season is the best time to visit Munsiyari, during this period a picture-perfect clear view of peaks and plenty of trekking options.

The winters (November-mid March) are the time when the whole place is covered with a sheet of snow, making it an ideal place for couples and honeymooners. Skiing and other snow sports can be enjoyed during the season.

Avoid traveling during the monsoon season due to landslides and heavy rainfall.


If ‘Serene, picturesque yet adventurous!’, is this your idea of a holiday, pack your bags. Here is your dream destination: ‘the lake of nine corners’, Naukuchiatal. Get ready for a journey to rejuvenate your body and mind. Naukuchiatal is a lake village in the famous hill station Nainital, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. 

Mythology says that the lake was the Lord Brahma’s penance, one of the three pillars of the Hindu faith. The locals believe, if they manage to see all the nine corners of the lake in a look, you shall attain Nirvana, the Sanskrit for Salvation. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Naukuchiatal

Apart from the famous lake and Bhimtal Lake (the largest lake in the district,4 km away), your first morning at the destination, make it a point to go for a run across the hills, feel the air in your face. In the village, near the KMVN Guest House, visit the Brahma Temple (based upon the mythological relevance). Next stop: Try out the Hanuman Temple-famous for its Vaishno Devi design in the artifact caves. 

For the adventure lover in you, try Sattal (seven lakes), get a camping and tent experience. Done with these, up for a 33km drive to the famous Nainital?

How to reach Naukuchiatal

For those coming from well-connected Indian cities and towns, the fastest way to get here would be the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Else, fly down to the Indian capital New Delhi. Go on a filmesque 5-hour road trip to the destination. Only 35kms from Naukuchiatal is the closest railway station- Kathgodam.

Best time to visit Naukuchiatal

‘Beat the summer heat’ with pleasant weather here. The sun shines brilliantly into the lake. The weather suits adventure sports. Moreover, a mild cold season starts to set in by September. Those who wish to celebrate love and their loved ones, mark your calendars and book your tickets.

33.Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi is the second-highest mountain in India after Kangchenjunga and the highest located entirely within the country. It is the 23rd highest peak in the world. It was considered the highest mountain in the world before computation in 1808 proved Dhaulagiri to be the highest. 

It was also the highest mountain in India until 1975 when Sikkim, the State in which Kanchenjunga is located. It is a part of Garhwal Himalaya and is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The peak, whose name means ” Bliss-Giving Goddess” is regarded as the patron goddess of the Himalayas the peak has religious significance for people to worship it.

Things to do in Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in India. With nearly 300 species of flowers and over 100 species of animals present which is a paradise for nature lovers. The best thing to do in Nanda Devi is the ropeway from Joshimath to Auli located at a massive 3000 Mt from sea level, the second highest in Asia. 

Trekking in and around the national park is the premiere activity, the reason why thousands of people visit. Explore Joshimath and Garson Bughyal is also the major reason to visit Nanda Devi these are the best trekking places. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Nanda Devi

The park is well connected by road, air, and rail. To reach Nanda Devi trek is necessary from Joshimath. Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun is the closest domestic airport some 295 km away. Rishikesh railway station is the closest railway station situated nearly 276 km away. The best way to visit is by road. It is well connected to the Joshimath which serves the base point of the trek which is 19 km away.

Best time to visit Nanda Devi

The best time to visit the national park is in summer as the park is closed for 6 months in Winter. In summer the warm weather and clear sky are the ideal climates. The track in the jungle is enjoyable at that time. Most of the rare species tend to come out of hiding after winter. Nearly 80 animal species and over 300 species of plants are offered for lucky visitors.

34.Naina Devi Temple

The temple is created from marble and looks simply magnificent. The doors are overlaid by silver on which beautiful figures of deities have been carved out. The door of the main temple is also overlaid by silver and has pictures of Lord Sun and other Gods on it. The main temple has three stone statues.


It is established by a company from Kolkata and also known as “Rajju Marg”. One can take cable cars from this place to reach Bhavan. There are approximately 20 cable cars here with an approximate fare of Rs. 35 for one side.

Things to do in Naina Devi Temple


It gives a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges including Nanda Devi (7,816m), mountains on the Tibetan border, and a bird’s eye view of the entire Nainital. A very good trekking spot. A walk to the peak might be tiring, Otherwise, if you are an avid trekker then this trek is your challenge. Once at the peak, a different world will welcome you here. A bird’s eye view of the town below, the lake, the hills surrounding it, all looks like one big picture to your eyes. 

Now the other view, from here you see the snow-laden peaks of Bandarpunch to the entire range till Api and Nari peaks in Nepal. It is a panoramic view; the feeling is that of capturing the sight in your eyes forever. On a clear day, a wide range of the snow-clad Himalaya is visible and one can have a bird’s-eye view of Nainital. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Naina Devi Temple


Kathgodam Railway Station is the closest railhead to reach Naina Devi Temple (35 km). Trains from Delhi and other metro cities are easily available to reach the railhead. Tourists can get taxis and buses from the railway station to reach the temple. It is a very enjoyable moment for 10 minutes before reaching Naina temple.

Best time to visit Naina Devi Temple

The best time to visit Naina Devi Temple is during the Navratri from September to October, Shravani Mela from July to August, and Chaitra Mela from March to April.

A four-day tirtha yatra is celebrated in April when people from different parts of the world attend the yatra. Also, on Shravan Ashtami, a big fair is held annually at this temple.


Gupta Kashi or Guptkashi is a fairly large town located at an elevation of 1,319 meters (4,327 ft) in the Kedar-khanda, in Garhwal Himalayas of Rudraprayag district in Uttrakhand, India. It is known for its ancient Vishwanath Temple dedicated to the god Shiva, which is similar to the one in Varanasi (Kashi). 

The name Guptakashi has legendary significance linked to the Pandavas, the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Its religious importance is considered next to that of Varanasi, believed to be the most pious of all Hindu pilgrimage places. The temple town is located on the way to the Kedarnath, one of the Chota Char Dhams and Panch Kedars. It has the scenic backdrop of the snow-covered peaks of Chaukhamba and enjoys salubrious weather throughout the year.

Things to do in Guptkashi

One of the most popular temples of Guptkashi is Vishwanath Temple. The presided deity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Vishwanath meaning ‘Lord of the Universe’. Manikarnik Kund located within the complex of Vishwanath temple is a place where Shiva Linga presides. Situated on the left side of Vishwanath Temple, Ardhanarishwar Temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. The presiding idol in the temple is half man and half women presenting Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Guptkashi

Guptakashi is well connected by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant International Airport located in Dehradun. There are numerous airport taxis available that will take you to the required destination in Guptkashi. The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh with connections to major Indian cities.

Best time to visit Guptakashi

The ideal time to visit this place is during the summers. The weather remains pleasant during these months. If you want to enjoy chilly winters then November and December are the months to come here as the temperature goes down to 0 degrees Celsius.

36.Sariyatal lake

Sariyatal lake is situated at 5kms from Nainital. Its mesmerizing beauty had made it rank in the top 6 lakes of Nainital.

One can say it is a portrayal of paradise with a chilled water stream and a botanical garden. The garden covers an area of 30 hectares, consisting of a variety of flora, including endangered species. Herbarium, Alba orchids, waterfalls add stars to its magnetism. The heart-shaped lake; Sariyatal is a perfect place to be visited by every naturalist. ☆Entry fees for the Botanical gardens – Rs. 20 per person and timings: 10 AM to 5 PM. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Sariyatal lake

The passion drives a person to laud the beauty of the lake in unique ways – Photographers can polish their skills by enrolling in photography sessions and capture the lake through its lens.

Thinkers- boat riding and the sound of waves compliment the deep thoughts.

Gardeners- botanical gardens are equivalent to paradise for the researcher, plant lovers, and scientists. It gives a deep insight into the flora and environment of the place.

A voracious reader- the soothing setup of a library in a garden leaves a therapeutic effect on readers. There is also a fernery and auditorium. Aquaphiles- paid water rides facility is available.

How to reach Sariyatal lake

Help guide to reach destination considering various transport options- AIR- one has to travel 67 km from Pantnagar airport to reach Sariyatal.

TRAIN- It takes a journey of 33km from Kathgodam railway station to the lake.

BUS- Tallital bus stand, Nainital, is distanced 8 km from the destination.

☆ Taxi cabs and auto-rickshaws are available.

Best time to visit Sariyatal lake

The evergreen magnificence of Sariyatal lake can be sighted in its different forms during each season.

☆February- April; the fascinating weather makes it a tourist-friendly period.

☆July to September; the greenery is at its best with a soothing view.

☆October- January; the frosty winter with snowfall is a treat to eyes.

37.Mahalakshmi Temple

Mahalakshmi temple is located in Rishikesh in the downhills of the Himalayas. Goddess Mahalakshmi is the goddess of wealth as we all know pilgrims from all over India approach to visit the place. Rishikesh is a holy place situated in Devbhoomi of Uttarakhand state in North India is the most visited tourist place of attraction after Haridwar. 

Shree Mahalakshmi Temple is situated on the bank of the Holy Ganga near Veerbhadra Ghat. Shree means Happiness and wealth. When there is Shree there is wealth. Every morning and evening this Temple is crowded by pilgrims of almost every state of India. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi fulfills manokamna so it is a Must place to visit in Rishikesh.

Things to do in Mahalakshmi Temple

Adjoining the main Lakshmi Temple there is a small temple named Santala Devi temple. Shree Mahalaxmi is the “family deity” or “KulDevta” of many people and given the importance of the place, there is a rush here at almost all times and more so in the festive season. People of nearby places at least once every year and pay a visit to the temple. The temple carved out of a single stone is a wonderful piece of architecture.

Devotees have experienced the “Kripa” of Goddess Mahalaxmi in our personal lives, hence as gratitude we visit the temple every year. We get a lot of positive vibes and immense peace of mind inside the Temple surroundings. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

How to reach Mahalakshmi Temple

It is easy to reach Rishikesh by buses, cabs. It is situated at 409 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan Range and surrounded by the Shivalik range. Rishikesh is 35 km far from Haridwar, 90 Kms from Mussoorie, 25 Kms away from Jollygrant airport Dehradun, and 240 km far from New Delhi.

Best time to visit Mahalakshmi Temple

The best time to reach here are the months of October and November. According to the Hindu calendar Kartik Mass is the time of the year when Lord Vishnu and Devi Mahalakshmi reside in Rishikesh Bhoomi to shower their blessings over the devotees. Otherwise, it is God’s place and is bestowed as religious heaven by him.


Situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand it is also known as Jyotirmath.

It is one of the most sacred places in the country. This is the prominent place where Adi Shankaracharya established one of the four maths. 

It is in Joshimath where pilgrims get to see the sacred Kalpavriksha (the mulberry tree is about 1200 years old). It is also known for sacred Hindu temples like Narasimha and Narsingh temple making it an idol destination for Hindu pilgrims and admirers of scenic beauty.

Also, the city of Auli, which is a popular destination for skiing, is very close to Joshimath, and several travelers treat this as their relaxing spot. This is also an ideal destination for those who live for their pump of adrenalin or adrenaline rush as the people residing in this area are dependent on adventure sports for their living. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Joshimath

Lovely things to tastefully do in Joshimath:

1: Adventure sports: If you love adventure sports such as skiing, trekking Joshimath correctly is the place to visit. Auli provides one of the world’s best skiing experiences and is often compared to some of the world’s famous ski resorts. 

The magnificent mountains of Joshimath have a lot to offer to the trekkers. Their high mountain peaks at Hemkunt sahib and the valley of flowers are famous attractions.

2: Camping: If you are tired of your daily routine or your job, then you probably need to earnestly try out the camps in Joshimath. The famous camps here include the Gorson Bugyal camp and the Char Dham camp.

3: Cable Car: Joshimath’s mountains have more to offer than just adventure sports. If you want to Genuinely, admire the scenic beauty and the picturesque villages here then just hiring a cable car and sitting back and enjoying the beauty is the right option.

How to reach Joshimath

Reaching Joshimath: 

There are mainly three ways to reach Joshimath also popularly known as the home of Shri Badrinath

By Air: Joshimath itself does not have an airport, but you can take a flight to  Jolly Grant airport which is precisely 270 km from there.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Rishikesh, so it is advised that if you are coming from outside Uttrakhand you reach Uttarakhand first. Rishikesh is connected with good motorable roads to Joshimath.

By Road: Joshimath is connected by good motorable roads to all the cities in Uttrakhand.

So, if you are a resident of Uttarakhand, the most convenient way to reach Joshimath is by road.

39.Rishikesh And Haridwar

Sacred urban areas have large amounts of India and arriving in a nearby second to Benares are the urban communities of Haridwar and Rishikesh in the Garhwal locale of Uttarakhand. Haridwar signifies ‘the home of Master Vishnu’ and a large number of individuals run here consistently to participate in a yearly journey. 

Rishikesh is another ideal end of the week escape supplied with common excellence. Haridwar and Rishikesh are meat and liquor free urban areas due to their sacred nature. Haridwar and Rishikesh are considered the “twin national legacy urban communities”. 

Since both the urban areas are well-known vacationer goals, they give a wide scope of gastronomic choices that are delectable and obliges individuals on different spending plans and with various tastes. The supernatural and otherworldly conditions of Haridwar and Rishikesh are the motivation behind why they are viewed as lasting occasion goals for individuals all around the globe. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand by Tourzop.

Things to do in Rishikesh And Haridwar

Blessed with the title of “Yoga Capital of the World”, Rishikesh has a lot to offer in terms of Spirituality and adventure. The city is quite popular for its Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula and is dotted with plenty of ashrams that allow you a chance to meditate and unwind from the mundane hassle of daily life. The birthplace of Ayurveda, life in Rishikesh draws inspiration from the Age-old practice.

• Adventure Trails

• Yoga Retreat

• Temples

• Triveni Ghat

• Shopping

• Aarti at Parmarth Ghat

Gateway to the Char Dham, Haridwar is the welcome junction of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. Masses of people frequent Haridwar every year to pay their respects to the holy river Ganga. The bustling lanes of Haridwar will have you roaming for a long time because there’s a unique sight to see at every corner of the town. However, beware of rhesus monkeys who are notoriously famous for harassing people along the ghats. 

Along with the holy cities of Prayagraj, Ujjain, and Nashik, Haridwar also happens to be a destination where the mammoth Kumbh Mela is organized. Busiest during the religious pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela, Haridwar became a photographer’s paradise because of the unique and lively sights seen during this event. 

• Har ki Pauri Ghat

• Temple Hopping

• Ashrams

• Adventure Tours

• Food Trail

How to reach Rishikesh And Haridwar

Since the distance between these two places is less you can reach either of the two places.

Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport, situated at a distance of nearly 20 km, is the nearest domestic airport to Haridwar, while Delhi airport, at a distance of nearly 200 km, is the nearest international airport to this city.

Distance between Haridwar to Rishikesh is 23 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 21 km. There are no direct flights or trains or buses between Haridwar to Rishikesh. The convenient, fastest, and cheapest way to reach from Haridwar to Rishikesh is to take a taxi from Haridwar to Rishikesh.

Best time to visit Rishikesh And Haridwar

The best time to visit Rishikesh for River Rafting is from late September – October to mid-November, and then the best time to visit Rishikesh is from early March – April to the first week of May. In July there is a festival in Rishikesh called Savan where thousands of people flock.

The list of best places to visit in Uttarakhand in the year 2021 has been updated keeping in mind the choice of the travelers post covid19. Tourzop suggests these 25 best places to visit in Uttarakhand curated with the help of top travel experts and bloggers. We are open to suggestions from you and the winner for the best suggestion will get a free trek from Tourzop, please contribute your choices for the best places to visit in Uttarakhand.

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