40 Best Places To Visit In Ladakh 2022

Leh-Ladakh, the highest settlement in India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most desirable places on a traveler’s bucket list. Apart from the mystifying natural beauty, it is a perfect blend of hills, lakes, and deserts to capture the view at one glance.

Beauty doesn’t only satisfy our eyes but also our soul with a strong influence of Buddhism and Tibetan culture. It also has a Magnetic hill (tourist spot) which to date challenges science. With a minimum of 2 festivals each month, Leh-Ladakh aces in terms of vacay mode.In this blog we will cover the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021.

Things to do in Leh- Ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is not just about grandeur beauty but also about man-made marvels. The foremost recommendation for trekker’s delight is the Chadar Trek-walking upon the frozen waters. Who can exist without scrumptious local food right?

From eating hot butter tea ( local brew) to getting our tummies filled with Yak cheese momos, the menu has no end. Cultural authenticity is viewed at its peak in the Hemis festival and also in Harvest festival- a cultural triumph.

How to reach Leh- Ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is a treat for biker’s gang but the commute is not just limited to rail and bus. The nearest airport to Ladakh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh.

The cabs are available outside which can get you to the heart of Ladakh easily.

Best time to visit Leh- Ladakh

April makes the start of the tourist season. However, June is considered to be the best time to visit, especially for thrilling bike rides which is a trend amongst youngsters. The 30 tourist places given are voted the best places to visit in Ladakh in the post Covid era of 2021.

If you wish to see snowy mountains, cold deserts, and exotic animals, there is no better timing. During these two months, the place also becomes shoppers stop for Pashmina shawls to Kashmiri carpets.

1.Hemis National Park

Situated in the lap of immaculate valleys in Ladakh, Hemis National Stop is one of Asia’s most well-known normal environments of the Snow Panther. Named after the 400-year-old cloister, Hemis Gompa, the height of Hemis National Stop ranges between 3000-6000 meters, the most noteworthy within the nation. 

With Indus and Zaskar Rivers streaming at its bounds, Hemis National Park would be a memorable holiday destination that is surrounded by five towns specifically Shingo, Chilling, Yurutse, Rumbak, and Sku-Kaya.

Considering its untainted and extraordinary scenic experiences, one cannot stand up to the enticement of capturing it all. Hence, get ready to witness the natural beauty of this outstanding tourist destination.

Things to do in Hemis National Park

Considering it as a tourist hotspot, there are several things one could explore at this amazing destination. Exploring the Hemis Monastery: Nearly 45 kilometers from Leh, stamping its presence at the foothill of Indus Waterway, is the greatest religious community of Northern India – Hemis Religious community.

 Once inside the cloister, one may come over an endless collection of antiquities, stupas made in gold and silver, thankas, and Buddha statues, which reverberate its natural lavishness. In addition to visiting the Monastery, one could also trek to Gotsang Gumpa, go bird watching, experience the Hemis National Park Safari, and explore a lot more places nearby.

How to reach Hemis National Park

One would be able to fly Indian Carriers from Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, or Chandigarh to Leh, the base station to reach Hemis National Park. After reaching Leh, the park could be reached via road through a rented carriage or a bus which travels frequently from Leh to Hemis National Park.

Best time to visit Hemis National Park

If one wants to enjoy a charming and relaxed trip, one could arrange for a trip between May and early October. The Jeep Safaris and most trekking courses are slowed down post-November due to overwhelming snowfall. In case you’re going to Hemis between June and July, one could adjust his/her dates with the Hemis Festival and book for a creative and social event.

 Make beyond any doubt one should arrange at slightest a 4-night trip with sufficient room to settle, adapt, and de-stress.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

2.Pangong Tso Lake

“A little tranquil lake is more significant to my life than any big city in the world”

― Munia Khan

I am pretty sure we can all relate to this quote, given the busy lives that we lead today in the big cities. All of us somewhere feel that we need some peaceful time in the tranquility of nature, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Pangong Tso Lake is such a place that you can visit as a getaway from your busy schedules. Situated in Ladakh, the Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. 

The lake looks just like a piece of beauty that fell straight from heaven right into the arms of the Himalayas. This azure stretch of the lake is situated at a dizzying height of 4350 meters and stretches from eastern Ladakh up to Tibet for a distance of almost 134 km.

The lake water is so crystal clear and clean that one can see the reflections of the surrounding mountains in the lake just like a mirror. The blue clear water will take all your blues away!

Things to do in Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso can serve as a perfect getaway from the real world. With no mobile network and no internet, one can admire nature at its best without any distractions.

Apart from admiring the scenic beauty of the place, there are a few other things that could make your trip a little more exciting and enjoyable.

If you visit the lake during the winter months of December to February, the lake tends to be frozen. So, the place can serve as an ideal spot for trying out adventurous activities like ice- hockey and skating.

 One can also enjoy some hot tea, Maggi, aloo paratha at the nearby Army Cafeteria at Chang La Pass. Not to forget, the picturesque view can serve as the perfect muse for the photographer in you! Some migratory birds like the Bar-headed goose and Brahmini ducks can be spotted here during the favorable seasons.

How to reach Pangong Tso Lake

If you are planning to visit here during the summers, you can choose any traveling option suitable to you from air, rail, and road. One can take a flight to Leh airport which is well connected to other major Indian cities. If you are traveling by rail, Jammu Tawi is the closest railway station, which is about 700 km from Ladakh.

 If you are road tripping, the Manali- Leh highway will lead you to Leh Ladakh. From there it is a 4-hour long journey to Pangong Lake which is around 20 km from Leh. But during winters, air and rail are the only viable options as the Rohtang Pass is closed and the highway is all jammed.

Best time to visit Pangong Tso Lake

There is no particular best time to visit the place. It all depends on your preferences and interests. If you want to enjoy the snow and indulge in some snow sporting activities, the winter season from December to February would be the best as the lake is frozen. On the other hand, summer would be a good time if you are into camping and related activities.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

So, the next time you plan a road trip to Leh Ladakh on a bullet with your friends, don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the scenic beauty of the Pangong Tso Lake!


Leh is Located near the Indus valley In between Tibet, Kashgar, and Kashmir.

Leh is located at an elevation, So only one crop a year can be grown. The place is covered with mountain ranges and the view is quite awesome.

People in Leh follow multilingual language and is also known for carpet making. Leh has a cold desert climate that lasts nearly for six months. The city is also filled with snowfalls in winters and in summer the days are warm and nights are a bit cold.

Leh is the safest place in the world and people should once visit in their lifetime.

Things to do in Leh

This place is heaven for bikers and known for the best bike roads in the world.

The main things to do in Leh is to visit the local market and check out the local culture, visit many monasteries in which Hemis is the oldest one and the biggest too.

Camping near the Pangong lake is the must-to-do,u can have a bone-fire and the view of sunset and sunrise is quite amazing if interested in astronomy ,you can have an astronomy camp. Now, visit Pathar sahib gurdwara, Shanti stupa, magnetic hill.

Finally drive to Khardungla pass, the highest motorbike road.

How to reach Leh

By Road- To reach Leh first u need to go to Ladakh. There are two ways to reach Ladakh one via Srinagar- Ladakh by Zoji La Pass other via Manali-Ladakh by Rohtang pass. By Train- To go to Leh via train first u need to go to Jammu Tawi and then through road nearly 15hrs journey from there(708Km).

By Airways- it is dangerous to go to Leh via airways but u have Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

Best time to visit Leh

The best time to visit Leh is winter and we can enjoy snowfall and you can have camping as well as trekking which will be good in winter rather than summer and many local festivals will be celebrated in winter.

People who visit Leh will fall in love with the beauty of Leh.

4.Magnetic hill

Not known to many amid the scenic beauty of Leh lies a hill that left the very laws of science in awe since it’s discovery. This gravity-defying structure is fondly known as “the Magnetic hill”.

The main matter of attraction is the road to that hill. As per the heard incidents, many tourists have experienced the magnetic effect of the hill. Most cars have been seen being attracted to the upwards of the slope, even when the car is on neutral and ignition off!

That’s a must-visit place as per my wisdom. And that must’ve made you wonder if it’s gonna be worth your buck?

Things to do in Magnetic hill

Once you are done enjoying the hill, you can head towards enjoying the beautiful confluence of the Zanskar and the Indus river which would be just a stopover away at the highway.

Following this should be a must-visit to the “Hall of Fame” a museum built in the memory of the soldiers sacrificed in the Indo-Pak war.

If it is the peace that attracts you more, you can visit Alchi Monastery aka Buddhist Monastic Complex. When done with these, you plan for rafting and trekking activities for the next day.For the beautiful natural phenomenon,this hill is voted the best places to visit in Ladakh with the travel experts.

How to reach Magnetic hill

Reaching the Magnetic hill is not that much of a trouble. Once you reach Leh, you have to head on the Kargil-Baltic National Highway for around 40 km straight.

That’s when you should find the yellow board saying ‘Magnetic Hill’. You can opt for a vehicle as per your choice, but we would recommend a Classic Enfield to enjoy the fullest.

Best time to visit Magnetic hill

To follow the safer period and avoid obstruction due to the excessive snowfall in the region we would recommend you to visit Leh in the season consisting of months from May to September.

Because any plans beyond September could be uncertain due to the weather change in the area.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

5.Spituk Gompa

Spituk Gompa, one of the most attractive tourist places of Leh and Ladakh is also known as Spituk Monastery. It is a well known Buddhist Monastery in Leh, which was introduced to the monastic community during the 11th century by Od de Rinchen Zangpo, a translator who declared the monastery to be a religious community. Spituk Gompa then belonged to the Kadampa School and later came under Dharmaraja Takspa Bum.

 It is structured in a series of tiers and a chamber higher up in the hill that features an eye-catching statue of the goddess, overall, offering the best tourists experience.

Things to do in Spituk Gompa

Around Spituk Gompa are numerous things that bind the tourists with the monastery like the scenic beauty of the Indus River, Leh Airport, and the stunning mountains.

The amazing part is the Spituk festival, where the inspiring image of Mahakaal is unveiled and the holy idol of Amitayus. It has a museum that has a rich collection of ancient masks, antique arms, numerous Thangkas, and the largest assembly hall. 

The nearby attractions like Thikse Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Stok Palace and even climbing the exterior stairway to the three-tiered Latho (spirit shrine) and Gonkhang (protector chapel). Miniatures and the Buddha shrines are also displayed.

How to reach Spituk Gompa

Spituk Gompa located on top of the Gompa Hill, the tourists prefer roadways to have an amazing scenic view. It is located at 10kms from the main city on the Leh- Srinagar Highway just beyond the Hall of Fame attraction, while it is also located near Leh Airport.

Best time to visit Spituk Gompa

July-September during summer is the best time to visit Spituk Gompa as the road remains open, also during the Spituk festival or Gustor festival to experience different cultures at Spituk and unveiling the statue of goddess Kali. The local customs, rituals, and dance wearing masks narrate the old Spituk stories.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

6.Zoji La

Zoji La Is a route through the Himalayan Range located in Ladakh, India. It is situated in a popular tourist spot of Dras and is connected with the Kashmir, Suru, and Indus valleys too.

This place is also known as the ‘Mountain Pass of Blizzards’ because of its extreme weather conditions in the winter season.

 Due to the heavy snowfall experienced in the region, a protective Zoji La Tunnel is under construction. It commenced in 2018 and will reduce the time to pass the route to just 15 minutes as opposed to the current 3 hours.

Things to do in Zoji La

It is one of the most difficult and dangerous terrains, connecting Leh to Srinagar. The route is an adrenaline adventure for bikers and car safaris. Located just 9 km from Sonmarg district, Zoji La is also close to multiple underrated tourist destinations as well like Amarnath Temple, Baltal, Dras, Dachigam National Park, and several lakes. 

These places venture multiple outdoor thrilling sports activities like Trekking, Mountaineering, Paragliding, Skiing, River Rafting, Camel Safari, Snow-Boarding, etc. Dras is the second coldest place on earth, while the Amarnath Yatra is famous worldwide as a part of the Char Dham Yatra.

How to reach Zoji La

There are 2 places nearby to reach Zoji La Pass from – Leh and Srinagar. There are flights from all major cities directly to Srinagar, from where one can take a bus, car, bike, or hitchhike to the pass. There are bus services available from many cities to Leh directly, from which many local or rented vehicles can be accessed for Zoji La.

Best time to visit Zoji La

The weather is dangerous and the terrain becomes extremely difficult to access during the winters due to snowstorms, and hence it is closed during the season.

The best time to visit the place is between April to June when there is negligible or no snow on the route.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

7.Spituk Gompa

Spituk Gompa is situated on the hilltop.

It has been established in the 11th Century by Od-De. The word ‘Spitok’ means exemplary. Spituk Gompa belonged to the Kadampa School and over time it came under Dharmaraja Takspa Bum – Lde Lama Lhawang Lotus, who introduced the stainless order of Tsongkhapa there.

 Today it is the home of 100 monks and an awe-inspiring image of Mahakaal, the face of this image is kept covered and is unveiled at the annual festival of Spituk in January. This Monastery’s museum has a rich collection of ancient masks, antique arms, other icons, and numerous Thangkas.

Things to do in Spituk Gompa

Tourist Attractions at Spituk Monastery.

If you’re at Spituk the entire monastery sees wonderful attractions for tourists across the world. The assembly hall is the largest part of the monastery. There is a throne, few paintings, miniature chortens, sculptures, and lots of others. In the display area of the auditorium.

You’ll find ancient masks, thangka, antique arms, and more. As you climb high, there’s a Mahakal temple, which is open only during the annual festival that takes place in January or February.

The monastery has many courtyards filled with statues and paintings. There is a school inside the monastery, which is not open to tourists.

 There is an outsized statue of Goddess Kali within the monastery. The meditation hall is hospitable for the tourists to perform meditation and prayers. Trekking is an important adventure activity in the regions around the monastery.

How to reach Spituk Gompa

Spituk monastery is in Spituk village which shares a distance of 3-4 km from the airport. If you are traveling by car then you are required to head towards the war memorial/ the hall of fame for 2.8 km on NH1D and you will reach Spituk monastery. The Spituk village shares a distance of 8 km from the most city of Leh.

 There are several modes of local transport available from Leh. You can hire a personal cab. Local buses are also available from Leh. Else for the travelers who tend to go to Spituk by air can board a flight from Delhi to Leh. The Leh airport is that the nearest airport to Spituk Monastery.

Best time to visit Spituk Gompa

The highway route is closed from October to May because of heavy snowfall. Summer is the best season to visit the Monastery, June to September. The monastery is open throughout the year from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. The entry cost is 20 INR per head. It would take less than two hours to explore the entire monastery.

 Since there are no eateries in or around the monastery, it is better to carry enough water and snacks.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

8.Lamayuru Town

Lamayuru, a small village located in Leh district, Ladakh, is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This village is popular for one of the oldest monasteries, Known as the Yuru monastery. Yuru Monastery is a very holy monastery for people who follow Buddhism. Lamayuru word has a meaning which means “land of freedom”.

 This place is located at a distance of 434 km from Srinagar. People of this village believe that there was once a lake that dried up and the Yuru monastery was founded by a scholar named Naropa.

This village has only 100 houses around the monastery. Lamayuru has the oldest and largest gompas in Ladakh where more than 150 monks live.

Things to do in Lamayuru Town

Lamayuru is known for its beautiful landscapes and hiking but this place is popular for Lamayuru monastery. This place is also known for the two popular festivals, Which are celebrated on a big scale, Yuru Kab Gyat and Hemis Tse Chu. Both festivals are celebrated here according to the Tibetan lunar calendar in the 2nd and 5th month respectively. 

Hemis Tse Chu is a monastic festival which is a two-day festival celebrated annually, In which lamas dance around a holy flagpole. Yuru Kab Gyat is a two-day festival of dances and rituals which are performed by the monks.

How to reach Lamayuru Town

The nearest airport is Leh International Airport. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or can take a bike on rent. By train, The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi located at a distance of 685 km from Lamayuru and taxis can be hired from the station to Lamayuru. You can also visit via bus from Leh.

Best time to visit Lamayuru Town

The best time to visit Lamayuru is July/August during which two popular festivals are celebrated. You can also visit during September when winter just arrives. 

This time is favorable for people who are interested in trekking. Avoid visiting during November/December because heavy snowfall can spoil your fun.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

9.Tso Moriri lake

Tso Moriri is a lake in the Changthang plateau in Ladakh in north India. The surrounding area of the lake is protected as the Tso Moriri wetland conservation reserve. Its maximum depth is about 19 kilometers, its width is about 3 kilometers and the surface area varies about 13,500 acres. 

The lake has no outlet at present and the water is brackish though very perceptible to taste. The lake is fed by springs and snow-melt from the adjacent mountains. Most water enters the lake in two major stream systems, one entering the lake from the north, the other from the southwest. Both stream systems include extensive marshes where they enter the lake.

Things to do in Tso Moriri lake

Tsomoriri or Lake Moriri in the Changthang area is a High Altitude Lake (HAL) and is the largest of the High Altitude Lakes in the Trans-Himalayan biogeographic region. Tsomoriri has Ladakh in the North and Tibet in the east and Zanskar in the west.

 Tso Moriri is smaller than Pangong and fewer people come here, it is more beautiful because the area surrounding Tso Moriri is a wildlife reserve and one can spot Tibetan wild ass (Kiang), marmots, red foxes, and migratory birds.

How to reach Tso Moriri lake

One can reach Tso Moriri lake by road via Upshi by car or a rented bike. Anything can be comfortable because the roads are not risky. The higher ground clearance vehicles are preferable, and 4×4 ones would be helpful, three buses travel from Leh to Tso Moriri every 10th, 20th, and 30th day of the month.

 The Leh to Tso Moriri bus leaves at 6.30 AM on these dates from the Leh bus stand.

Best time to visit Tso Moriri lake

In general, the best time to travel to Tso Moriri lake is in the summer months when the Ladakh peak season is in full flow. From January to March, lake Tso Moriri remains mostly frozen, in extremely cold conditions with no options to stay around the lake.

 In April, the lake starts to melt and starts transforming into a beautiful palette of multi shades of blue colors. Then, May to August is the peak tourist season but as compared to Pangong Tso it gets fewer tourists.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

10.TangLang la

Riding through the beautiful valley around the region, one can finally make it to the TangLang la pass. the view around it is stunning, the view keeps changing at very short distances. Reaching TangLang la pass satisfies the thirst of every adventurist. The stunning landscape in TangLang la lies between Sarchu and Leh about a 2hr from Leh, at the height of 17480m above sea level.

 There is no sign of life and complete isolation. TangLang la pass is the highest motorable pass around the world, even a person starts to feel a little breathless.

Things to do in TangLang la

Various activities one can do in TangLang la pass even it is said that trekking in TangLang la pass is so big that it takes days to complete, people of TangLang la celebrate a lot of their local festivals including Basant Panchami.

 Sightseeing is also the popular activity one can do in TangLang la where one can see stunning mountain views, in some cases you might see wild leopards around your way. Many organizations also work there that provides various services like hiking, horseback riding, scuba riding, and many more

How to reach TangLang la

Reaching tang Lang la pass is not that difficult one has to begin the journey from Sarchu towards Leh and about 70km before the fantastic landscape of Leh, 360-degree view completely defines the beginning of Tanglang. The roads on the way are curvy as a snake with the mountain on one side and the trench on the other side.

Best time to visit TangLang la

Generally, the climate around the TangLang pass keeps changing a few after miles.

 The best time to visit tang Lang la pass is between February and June when the temperature rises to a maximum of 6 degree Celsius. When tourists come to Tang Lang la, some shops there serve delicious mouth-watering Maggi noodles which must be tried.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021


Kargil found 8,780 feet over the ocean level is the second biggest town of Ladakh after Leh, arranged on the banks of the Indus (Suru) stream. This town has a populace of around 10,657 where the greater part of them are a blend of Dard and Tibetan plunge. A significant lump of the populace is the devotee of Buddhism.

 It is a travel center with streets prompting Leh, Padum (Zanskar), and Srinagar. There had been a furnished clash among Indian and Pakistani armed forces in July 2009, which was known as the Kargil war. Various religious communities here even play host to a few yearly celebrations. Kargil is a portion of the western Ladakh union territory, northwestern India, formerly part of northwestern Jammu and Kashmir state.

Things to do in Kargil

Since the Kargil possesses a critical spot in the Indian war history, it draws in an enormous number of vacationers. Likewise, it is a safe house for adventure lovers as they can appreciate adventure sports, for example, trekking and mountaineering. During the period of may, Kargil plays host to an arrow based weaponry challenge.

 Other significant attractions of the Kargil district incorporate Sani, Rangdum, Zongkhul, and Mulbekh cloister. Worked under the support of ruler Kanishka of the Kushan tradition during the first century, Sani religious community is probably the most seasoned site in Ladakh. Ways to reach Kargil are as follows;

How to reach Kargil


Srinagar airport is the nearest airport to Kargil. The distance between the two is 234 km. This airport is very well-connected to important cities of India such as Delhi, Amritsar, Leh, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. From outside the airport, taxis and state-run buses are available for Kargil.


The nearest railway station to Kargil is the Jammu Taw

 railway station that has a good rail network in major Indian cities such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. This railway station around 739 km away from Kargil.


Kargil town is very well -connected to various important cities of Jammu and Kashmir, by road. Regular state-run (local and deluxe) bus services are available to Kargil from Leh and Srinagar. Hiring a private taxi is another option for travelers.

Best time to visit Kargil

The best time to visit Kargil is between the summer months of April to June. This is the time when the temperature during the day is warm and the sun keeps on shining brightly, and the nights remain pleasantly cool. These months are ideal for exploring the hidden wonders of Kargil.

  The months of July and September are monsoon months that should be avoided because of cloud bursts and landslides. After September, winter starts to creep in but the weather is still fine. After this, the months from October to February are avoided due to the extreme cold weather.

 The temperature drops down to as low as minus 42 degree C. Moreover, roads are also closed due to snowfall.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

12.Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley is locally known by the name of Zahar. Zanskar is a small district in Kargil, located in the eastern section of Ladakh. For the ardent traveler, Zanskar Valley is one of the most enchanting spots to visit in the Himalayan region. This valley is a semi-desert, with a known proclivity for Buddhist beliefs.

Zanskar Valley is eternally famous for its high snow-capped mountains and surrounding landscape, featuring geographical attributes that are unique to this region. Reaching this place will acquaint you with sparkling clean river waters and a pleasant atmosphere that makes it worth exploring. Located 105 km from Leh, Zanskar Valley has earned fame among adventure enthusiasts.

With a host of activities that can be tried out at the valley, it has become one of the most well-known occasion hotspots for those traveling to the Himalayas.

Things to do in Zanskar Valley

Reaching Zanskar Valley itself offers the visitors ample adventure and thrill, which is why they can come and relax amid the silent environment during their stay and relish the tranquility of these spots.

The Suru Valley is the starting point for rafting trips and mountain expeditions. In Doda River people happily flock to the riverside to enjoy various water activities.

Trekking in the Zanskar valley which means to discover the valley on foot is among the unique things to do in the Zanskar valley. Chadar trek which allows you to walk on the frozen river is one of the most popular activities in Zanskar.

Attending the monastery festivals in Zanskar is a perfect opportunity to observe this social camaraderie of the people of Zanskar. Most monasteries and chortens are popular attractions in the area where you can have lunch with the llamas in the Zanskar valley.

How to reach Zanskar Valley

•Via Air: Reach the Kushok Bakula air terminal which is the closest air terminal to Leh. Opt for a hired vehicle to get to Zanskar Valley afterward. 

•Via Train: Reach the Jammu Tawi railway station and afterward, take a taxi or hired vehicle to take you to Leh and later to Zanskar Valley. 

•Via Road: First travel to Kargil, which can be accessed via Srinagar or Leh. The distance between Leh and Zanskar Valley is 462 km, which can be covered under 11 hours if one travels via NH 1 and NH 301.

 Once you reach Leh, opt for a hired vehicle to take you to Zanskar, via Kargil. The best way to get to Leh is through Srinagar, which offers well-connected roads and a safe route for tourists to reach their travel destination.

Best time to visit Zanskar Valley

•Summer: The best time to visit Zanskar Valley is between June and September. During this time, the weather is most decent for travelers who visit the valley. Before June, the early season is characterized by bad roads, which are not in a good condition for travel purposes.

•Winter: If you plan to visit from December to January or February, the only way for you to reach the valley will be by walking over the Chadar trek since roads are not operational during this time. This season must be picked only if you are prepared to undertake that level of physical exertion.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

13.Nubra Valley

Situated about 150 km north from the capital of Ladakh lies the Nubra Valley, an extremely beautiful valley right at the pinnacle of our country. It is a part of an old silk route that was used by caravans from areas like Ladakh & Leh to Central Asia. It has been almost a decade since this valley opened its doors to visitors & tourists, and often Ladakh visitors end up paying a visit to Nubra.

 It is because of Indus’s tributary, river Shyok that meets Nubra to form this huge valley, which ultimately paints a heavenly landscape.

Things to do in Nubra Valley

Among a variety of things to do at Nubra, here are the top two:

River rafting is one of the most sought-after activities in the summer, extremely popular along the Ganges. But have you ever thought of rafting through the river at an altitude of over 3,000 meters? Zanskar River Rafting is one of its kind activity offered in Ladakh, where you get an opportunity to raft the river cutting through the valley!

The second activity on your itinerary should be taking a camel safari! There is a beautiful valley of flowers to explore, and what better way than to go about the valley than riding the local animal.

How to reach Nubra Valley

One could board a flight from New Delhi to Leh, or a train, or if you’re up for an adventure of a lifetime you could plan a bike ride for the same. Once you’ve reached Leh, bus & taxi services are available for tourists to Diskit – Nubra’s cultural & commercial hub, and back.

Best time to visit Nubra Valley

Months between May & August is regarded as the peak time for tourists to visit this picturesque location, with all facilities & accommodation services available, however, it is during September, when one would truly get to enjoy the valley without the crowd.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021


As we have heard Ladakh is the existing heaven on earth, there is a place called Lamayuru in the Ladakh region. It attracts thousands of visitors every year because of its unique geographical features. A place that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Things to do in Moonland

You can visit the Lamayuru monastery, Shanti stupa, a very popular WI-FI graveyard, and Leh market. Leh Palace has also a very unique and attractive vibe where you must pay a visit for once.

How to reach Moonland

Travelers can visit Lamayuru which is 100 km from Leh on the Leh-Srinagar highway by bus or car, bikers can also enjoy the scenic view while riding on.

Best time to visit Moonland

The best time to visit Lamayuru is from May to September and full moon time which becomes very delightful to watch.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

15.Chemrey monastery

Chemrey monastery is a 400-year old Buddhist monastery which is run by a small group of Drukpa monks belonging to Tibetan Buddhism.

It is located around 40 km away in the east of Leh Ladakh region, Jammu and Kashmir. This monastery was founded in 1664 AD by Lama Tagsang Raschen and it is dedicated to King Sengge Namgyal who played an important role in the spread of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh. 

About 20 monks reside in the monastery and It serves as an important center of Buddhist learning. Apart from this, the monastery complex consists of several shrines, Dukhang (assembly hall), and the Lhakhang (Lama temple). It is one of those stunning destinations to visit if you are planning a Ladakh trip.

Things to do in Chemrey monastery

The picturesque and beautiful location of this monastery attracts many visitors to it.

This exceptionally beautiful monastery gives an awesome view of the valley below where during summers one can see bright yellow mustard fields.

One of the major attractions of this monastery includes the one-story high idol of Padmasambhava who was instrumental in the spread of Buddhism in Tibet and also the monastery is home to some of the rare and precious collections of Buddhist scriptures having silver pages and gold text.

The most popular annual festival of this monastery named “Chemrey Angchok” is another biggest tourist attraction and this festival is celebrated on the 28th and 29th day of the ninth month of the Tibetan calendar. The Angchok festival is a sacred dance festival that marks ritualistic dance performances dedicated to Tibetan Buddhist deities.

How to reach Chemrey monastery

The monastery is located about 40 km away from Leh, Ladakh region on the Kharu – Chang la highway which also connects to Tagste, Pangong Tso, and Hanle.

The nearest airport is Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport which is almost 5 km away from Leh. The closest railway station is Jammu Tawi which is 708 km from Leh from where you need to travel by taxi/bus for almost 15 hours to reach Leh.

 By road, there are two highways among which one is Srinagar-Leh highway which is mostly open between July and November and covers a distance of 434km and another is Manali-Leh highway which is mostly open from June to October and covers almost 473km.

From Leh, it is better to have your transport otherwise there are options of local bus services to reach Chemrey monastery as well but in that case, be prepared for some uphill walking.

Best time to visit Chemrey monastery

The best time to visit Chemrey monastery is between June and October because during the rest of the months roads remain closed because of heavy snowfalls.

Also, summers are the best time to visit the monastery as the popular festival of Chemrey Angchok is celebrated during this time which is worth experiencing.

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16.Royal Leh Palace, Ladakh

The 17th-century royal palace located in the beautiful city of Leh, the capital of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir holds its mark in the list of popular tourist attractions. The visual treat for history lovers is the museum inside, which shields a great collection of artifacts shedding light on the cultural history of the region. 

The 450-year-old paintings, crowns, and jewelry are the attractions. The palace with its 9 stories, stands tall overlooking the Namgyal hill lying atop the old Leh city, with different purposes to serve back in the days of glory. The palace retains its splendor, having faced decades of unrest and war.

Things to do in Royal Leh Palace, Ladakh

Nestled in the lap of beautiful landscapes, the Royal Palace, which was once the royal family’s residence, has turned out to be one of the best tourist destinations in the capital. Buddhist sites and nearby trekking areas, camping, camel safaris, and games of polo are the best things to do in Leh. Sight Seeing is one of the best options in the palace.

Get mesmerized: The important hub of Buddhist culture and religion still stands in pride and provides spectacular views. A statue of Lord Buddha graces the monastery of the palace. Old pictures and paintings are displayed in the exhibition halls of the palace, which include Tibetan thangka and other artistic paintings.

Wonder the ancient artistry: Paintings that are over 450 years old are guarded here. These fine specimens were envisioned and developed using colors derived from powdered stones and gems. 

The rich and vivid appearance is the same after every dusk and dawn. The Leh palace treasures a rich collection of crowns, ceremonial dresses, and jewelry for visitor’s attraction.

The palace looks even more ravishing on a full moon night raising the mystic charm, especially on special occasions like the Galdan Namchot festival, when people gather around and celebrate the festival.

How to reach Royal Leh Palace, Ladakh

By Air – There are many taxis and buses available at the airport which provide easy to access services. You can hire cabs outside the airport round the clock. Leh airport is approximately 5 kilometers far from the bus stand and it just takes 10 minutes to reach the bus station by road.

By Rail – This route is not much preferred among travelers as the nearest railway stations from the Leh Palace, Kalka, Chandigarh, and Pathankot, from where one has to take a three-day bus journey or board a cab to reach the final destination.

By Road – One of the best roads to Ladakh is the Manali-Leh road. One can plan a bike trip or use the available cars and jeeps for Leh-Srinagar and Leh-Manali route. Ordinary and deluxe buses are also operated by HRTC, J & K State Road Transport Corporation (J&K SRTC), and the Himachal Pradesh Tourism.

By Bike – One can explore the beauty of Leh by getting on the bike trip on the best route from Manali to Leh.

Best time to visit Royal Leh Palace, Ladakh

The Leh Palace that at present serves as an office of the Archaeological Conservation Organization of the government of India remains open for visitors between 7 AM and 4 PM, with an entry fee for an Indian citizen is 15 INR and for foreigners 100 INR.

Since the place is in the lap of the mountains, the best visit can be during the summer season in June when the weather remains pleasant and the sun shines on the palace ensuring the best panoramic views, makes it appealing. September-October(Post-monsoon season) can also be the best as the cool mountain breeze and occasional snowfall leads the palace to a dreamy glow, making the trip a memorable one.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

17.Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Ladakh

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, which translates to Namgyal’s Victory Monastery, is a significant and peaceful Buddhist shrine located in Leh, Ladakh. It lies just beneath the historically important Tsemo Castle, which in turn is sited a walking distance away from the Leh Palace.

One of the highest points in Ladakh, it provides you with a fantastic opportunity to take your tour to new breath-taking heights (pun intended!). The monastery was established in 1430 AD by King Tashi Namgyal to please their guardian deity and to shield the valley from the evil spirits they believed could threaten them.

Things to do in Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Ladakh

The highlight of this monastery is no doubt the statue of Maitreya Buddha (or future Buddha), carved in gold and standing as tall as a three-story building.

Two smaller, albeit impressive idols of the Bodhisattvas, Avalokitesvara and Manjushri have also been built inside the shrine. There are numerous stunning frescoes painted in a temple within the monastery, as well as gorgeous statues of Buddha placed all over.

Besides this, travelers often hike up the Namgyal hill to see the spectacular panoramic views, including that of the small town below, the valleys surrounding it, the Indus river, and the snow-clad peaks of the Zanskar range.

How to reach Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Ladakh

Although the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa does not have good train connectivity, it can be reached by bus or flight. Leh is the nearest major bus station, located merely 2 km away, whereas Srinagar is the nearest major international airport 423 km away.

From the Leh Palace bus stand, it’s a short hike up the Namgyal hill to the shrine.

Best time to visit Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Ladakh

The ideal time to visit the monastery is June-September, considering that the pathway leading up to the shrine remains closed during the winter months. The monastery remains open from 7 AM – 9 AM and 5 PM – 8 PM every day of the week for tourists.

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18.Diskit Monastery

A monastery so well rooted in history, Diskit Gompa has been around since the 14th century. It is now home to over 100 monks and attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

The central attraction is the giant Buddha statue that stands at a height of 32 meters and looks towards Pakistan. The statue, guaranteed to leave you awestruck, was inaugurated in 2010 by the Dalai Lama. 

Being a shrine of such spiritual importance with deities housed inside the temple, a visit to this monastery with its intricate wall paintings that tell centuries’ worth of stories cannot simply be put off.

Situated in the Nubra Valley, the scenic views offered by this temple are unparalleled in beauty.

 Legend has it that an anti-Buddhist devil that resurrected itself multiple times was slaughtered inside this monastery and to this day, the head and arm of this devil are preserved in the hands of a protector deity to prevent it from ever resurrecting again.

Things to do in Diskit Monastery

Sightseeing does not even have to be included in the list of things to do here as it is an inevitable pleasure. Each glance in any direction at any time will give you beautiful panoramic views.

Every day, there are prayers inside the temple, and standing witness to one of these is assured to soothe your soul and is an experience for a lifetime. The serene and calm nature of the place put together with these astounding views make for an experience like no other. 

Down at the town of Diskit, there are numerous cafes and lanes through which a nice evening stroll can offer a peek into the lifestyle and culture of the people. Just 8km from Diskit is the town of Hundur which is famous for its double-humped camels and silver dunes.

How to reach Diskit Monastery

From Leh, a personal/rented vehicle is the best option as you are bound to witness beautiful sceneries en route to Diskit. Other options are taxis, cabs, and buses that ply on these routes.

Passing through the Khardung-La pass, Diskit is at a distance of 114km from Leh. The journey will be among the most beautiful moments in your life.

Best time to visit Diskit Monastery

The best time to visit Diskit is from May to September. At this time, the weather is at its best for traveling. The journey will be quite comfortable and safe. From October to May, the weather turns quite harsh and at times, it becomes merciless.

Traveling at this time is very risky as temperatures are freezing and the weather is very unpredictable. The roads will also be closed. Somehow if you are ever in the vicinity of Diskit during February, consider yourself blessed. 

Now, the roads will be closed and there’s primarily no way to get here during this time but the famed festival of Desmochhey or Dosmoche, also known as ‘Festival of the Scapegoat’ is celebrated.

Due to the limited access to the town during this time, this festival is only attended by people from nearby towns. Thus, you will get to see what few other outsiders have seen.

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19.Dah Hanu

Dah and Hanu are two beautiful villages situated in the Dahanu valley in Ladakh. The villages of Dha and Hanu are among the only few villages that are home to the Drogpa tribe of Leh. The tribe of these people is very hospitable.

They are culturally, racially, and linguistically different from the rest of the people and are also said to be the only descendants of the Indo Arya family. 

The Drogpa tribes are known for their district ornaments and headgears due to which people who are interested in cultural diversity should pay a visit to this amazing village meeting ecstatic people.

Things to do in Dah Hanu

Dah and Hanu are two villages that are now separated and defy utmost beauty. One of the major attractions in this place is to have a sight into the life of the Drokpa community.

The people residing in this village are completely different from that of Ladakh and any other state. 

Nubra valley can also be visited and have a look at. It is located at a higher altitude. Lastly, Leh is the place to have a look at.

How to reach Dha Hanu

Dah and Hanu can be traveled by air, rail, or road. The facilities are available for people traveling from anywhere by these means of transport. Restaurants and hotels are also available for accommodation and a trip of a day or two would be sufficient to explore the place.

Best time to visit Dah Hanu

The climate in this place varies as it does in any other part of the city. During summer, the temperature in the village rises to 40 degree C. The best time to visit ranges from June to October.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

20.Likir Monastery

Likir monastery is a Buddhist sacred place and a major tourist attraction located among mesmerizing views of Likir Tehsil, Ladakh, 52 km west of Leh. The term Likir means the Naga encircled which represents Nanda, Takasko, and Naga-raja spirits.

It was established in 1065 by Lama Duwang Chosje, and rebuilt in the 18th century belonging to the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

 The monastery has two assembly halls called Dukhang having larger statues of Bodhisattva, Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Maitreya, and Tsong Khapa. Having a 75 feet seating statue of Maitreya Buddha on the top, and another statue of Avalokitesvara with 1000 arms and 11 heads, Likir Monastery is a repository of Buddhist culture.

Things to do in Likir Monastery

While on your trip to Likir Monastery, make sure to see the Likir museum at the top ( entry fee Rs 20) and feel the paintings, books, and heritage of Buddhist culture. You are advised to visit nearby Gonkhang Temple, pick Pashmina Shawls and handmade woolen clothes from locals, have some apricots, and see monks doing rituals with drum beats. 

The scenic beauty of other nearby small villages appeals to numerous travelers and are wonderful places to capture your happy times. One can find maximum tourist lodges at a distance of 2-3 km from the monastery.

How to reach Likir Monastery

By Road- There are two routes, Manali-Leh Highway (473km) which remains open only for July- September. Another is Srinagar-Leh Highway (434km) which remains open from June- October.

 To reach Likir from Leh, there are JKSRTC (public transport) buses running between 5:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or one can hire a car which takes 1.5 hours.

Best time to visit Likir Monastery

‘Dos-Mo-Che” is the annual festival of the monastery held between the 27th – 29th of the 12th month of the Tibetan Calendar which involves classical dances, music, sports, food, and pretty gift stalls. 

The best time to visit this place is between June-November since the routes are closed after November because of heavy rainfall.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

21.Shanti Stupa

Located on the hilltop in Leh district, Ladakh lies marvelous white-domed stupa, which is made by the fusion of both Japanese and Ladakh culture popularly known as Shanti Stupa.

Shanti Stupa was constructed in 1991 by Japanese Buddhists as a part of the Peace Pagoda mission. Enshrined by the 14th Dalai Lama, Shanti Stupa holds relics of the Buddha at its base and is built as a two-level Japanese architecture. 

The stupa has become a tourist attraction not only to maintain a religious significance but also due to its strategic location, which also provides scenic and surreal views of its surrounding.

Things to do in Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa is not only known for its surreal beauty, but this place also holds a surprise for people with different niches, be it adventure seekers, shopaholics, or connoisseurs.

For shopaholic’s areas like Leh main market is a place for avid shoppers where you can buy hand-made kinds of stuff. For adventurous people, this place is truly heaven, be it biking at Khardung La pass or trekking at Chadar trek you can enjoy your life to the fullest here. 

For trekkers and animal lovers, one can enjoy camping at Pangong Tso or Yak Safari in Leh. With savory dishes at the local restaurants, food lovers are taken proper care of.

How to reach Shanti Stupa

Being located at the height of 11,841 feet, you can reach here through all means of transportation like rail, road, and by air.

 The parking area is available 100 meters before the stupa, and one needs to walk by road and climb the 500 steep steps to reach the stupa. Experts say that the most convenient way to reach Shanti Stupa is by road.

Best time to visit Shanti Stupa

The best time to visit the Shanti Stupa is during the summers when the temperature range as low as 15 degrees Celsius and as high as 30 degrees Celsius. This is the most cordial season with a warm sun and clear blue skies that adds stunning beauty to the Shanti Stupa.

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Nyoma is an Eden. It is a beautiful small village in the Leh district of Ladakh (India). It is situated on the bank of the Indus river. This Buddhist village is located at a height of 4,180 meters above sea level.

It is situated at a distance of 147km from Leh. Nyoma experiences crisp weather throughout the year. It encounters heavy rainfall during the monsoons.

 This wonderland is a headquarter of eponymous Subdivision and the Indian Air Force has set up its Advanced Landing Ground here. 

Various monasteries present here impart religious and spiritual feelings for the visitors. This quaint unexplored village gives you infinite enjoyable moments and irresistible scenic beauty.

Things to do in Nyoma

Nyoma is situated at high altitudes so it experiences crisp weather. So, if you are a chionophile, Nyoma is a perfect tourist spot for you. Apart from the irresistible scenic beauty, many other things would help you to make beautiful memories here. 

For example, you can visit nearby places like Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Pangong Lake, Hemis high altitude wildlife sanctuary, Chang La, Chemrey monastery, Hemis monastery etcetera. Besides the scenic beauty, the local foods like Thukpa, noodle soup, Skyu can tickle your taste buds. This beautiful village is a real heaven for tourists.

How to reach Nyoma

One can reach Nyoma either by air, rail, or road. You can reach Nyoma by taking a direct flight for Leh from Mumbai/Delhi. There are also private taxis available from Jammu. The nearest airport to Nyoma is Leh which is about 160km away. Kathua is the nearest railway station to Nyoma which is about 350 km away.

Best time to visit Nyoma

The best time to reach Nyoma would be when it has crisp weather which is worth experiencing. The period from September to May is perfect for visiting this beautiful place as it is entirely covered with snow. This small unexplored village is a great place that one should visit.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

23.Phyang Gompa

Phyang Monastery, Phyang (or Phiyang) Gompa is a Buddhist monastery situated in the village of Fiang, just 15 or 16 km west of Leh in Ladakh, Northern India. The white and ochre colored monastery stands on top of a hill and appears to overlook the surrounding village.

 The site where the Gompa finds its footing today was a small part of various monastic properties that were given by Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial as a gift by Chosje Damma Kunga. Phyang Hills was Tasi Chozong Gompa’s location, which was built far back in 1515.

Things to do in Phyang Gompa

If your plan to visit the Phyang monastery is ready then there are some notable places that you must not ignore. At Phyang monastery there is a museum that contains 900 years old scriptures, idols, Tibetan and Mongolian firearms, and weapons.

The wonderful museum exhibits rich collections of thangkas, ancient wall paintings, and holy deities. 

Every year on the 17th to 19th day of the first month followed by the Tibetan calendar Gang-Sngon festival is celebrated. Else a sacred dance is also performed every year on the 2nd and 3rd of the sixth month served by the Phyang monastery.

Phyang monastery festival is one of the popular ceremonies in Ladakh. Numerous tourists come here to experience the unique taste of festivals. 

Festivals at Phyang involves, music, dance, mask dance, Cham dance by monks are definitely worth watching. Phyang monastery was considered as the primary and one of the most influential institutes in Ladakh

How to reach Phyang Gompa

Phyang Gompa is 6 km away from the Srinagar-Leh highway and 17 km from Leh itself. If you intend to enter the Phyang monastery by car then you need to drive along the NH1D towards the War Memorial. Ride about 10 km after that and then you can reach the monastery at Phyang. You can hire private cabs from Leh, like the Maruti bus, which can accommodate 8 passengers. 

Otherwise, if you want to board local busses, there are mini buses available between the monastery of Phyang and Leh. The first bus to Phyang village starts from Leh at 7:30 am and reaching the destination takes approximately 45 minutes. Don’t get late, as the buses are very timely.

Best time to visit Phyang Gompa

The monastery of Phyang remains open from May through October. The best time to visit this location is those six months. The roads remain closed for the rest of the months due to heavy snowfall. It would be easier to visit the monastery at Phyang during the time of local festivals.

 So make sure you will be able to attend the festivals before confirming your tickets. Go for advanced booking otherwise due to enormous demand there are chances of not having the right reservation.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021


Alchi is a low land village situated on the banks of the Indus River. It is located at the Likir tehsil, 70 km downstream from Leh on the banks of the Indus River. The village is visited for one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh and is also a national heritage.

Alchi Monastery, known primarily for its beautiful and well-preserved wall paintings from the 11th or 12th century in Indo-Himalayan decor. The village is very green with apricot and plum plants all around the roads.

This area has Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism influence as it lay on the way to China’s Turkestan, however, its isolation allowed the village and gompas to protect their cultural practices from outside pressures.

Things to do in Alchi

One should visit the Alchi Monastery which is more of a monastic unit. It is peculiar in that the monastery is founded on a level plain, unlike many Ladakh monasteries established on top of hills. The monastic complex of Alchi village has four different buildings, of which Alchi monastery is the most prominent and also the oldest. 

The monastic complex includes Assembly Hall (Du Khang where walls are decorated with mandalas and sacred forms which demonstrate the Buddhist cosmology framework), Sumtseg (which is a two-storied building from the outside represents Tibetan culture, Kashmiri handcrafted intricate woodworks, clay works, facades, and all the paintings inside), Manjushri temple or Jampe Lhakhang, Translator’s Temple named Lotsawa Lhakhang and a new temple named Lhakhang Soma. The administration of the gompa is under Likir Monastery.

How to reach Alchi

By road, Alchi is linked by frequent buses to Leh. Taxis for entering Alchi are also accessible on request. The Alchi-Manali road is one of the two major road networks linking this area with the rest of India.

 By air, Leh is the closest airport and can either be accessed by bus or taxi. There are frequent flights available connecting Leh to cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar, etc.

Best time to visit Alchi

Alchi’s climate is harsh, with cold winters and mild summers. The average temperature in summer will climb to 25 ° C and fall to a minimum of about 12 ° C. The average temperature in winter will remain around 15 ° C, and the minimum temperature will drop to -30 ° C. The best season to visit this site is May through September.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

25.Leh Palace

Today, along with the Tsemo hill, the views of Stok Kangri, the town markets, and the mountain ranges which are simply breathtaking, the Leh Palace comes under the most popular attractions and visited place in the Leh city. Being a centuries-old place, it is also one of the tallest buildings of its time. 

The founder of the Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh, Tsewang Namgyal started the building of the Leh Palace on the Tsemo Hill in 1653 and the construction was completed by the seventeenth century.

To add to its significant beauty, it is one of the finest examples of medieval Tibetan architecture. Though slightly in ruins, the small compartments, carved entrances, capacious rooms, and expansive corridors haven’t lost their charm.

 The bigger corridors and rooms have now been turned into exhibition halls.

Things to do in Leh Palace

Overlooking the Namgyal hill and the Leh town, the grand Leh Palace is an important center of the Buddhist religion as well as its culture. The palace also comprises a monastery that features a statue of Lord Buddha.

In the exhibition halls of the palace, the old paintings and pictures are worth a look as the paintings here are as old as 450 years and were created using colors that were made from powdered gems and stones. 

So, they look as fresh as new to the onlooker. In the Leh Palace, you can also spot a wonderful collection of royal jewelry, ceremonial dresses, and crowns. Also, don’t miss the stunning murals on the walls of the palace, depicting the magnificence of its original times.

How to reach Leh Palace

Tourists can arrive here either by air, train or by road. As the Leh Palace is located in the old Leh city, on the Tsemo hill, at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Leh Air Force Base Airport, to arrive here, you will have to walk through the old town. 

From the main bazaar in the city, the palace can be reached easily either via Jama Masjid or via the Zangsti Road.

Best time to visit Leh Palace

The Leh city has a cold desert climate with long, cold winters from late November to early March, with minimum temperatures well below freezing for most of the winter.

The city gets occasional snowfall during winter. Hence, Mid-September to mid-October is an amazing time to visit Leh and Ladakh as the place is permeated in flamboyance through the Srinagar-Leh as well as Manali-Leh roads.

However, keeping in mind the school vacation period, one can also visit Ladakh in Summer (April – June) when the climate is pleasant here – the snow from winter had thawed.

During the rest of the year, the Manali-Leh highway is not functional and the only operational way is the Srinagar-Leh highway which also gets affected by occasional landslides.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

26.Zanskar valley

Zanskar Valley is one of the most enchanting places to visit in the Himalayan region. Zanskar is a sub-district of Kargil located interior of the Ladakh region with Padum as its administrative center. Zanskar is the most isolated part of the Trans Himalaya region.

Once it was part of the Guge kingdom in Tibet, Zanskar is now an integral part of India. Zanskar is located 105 km from Leh and is popular with adventure junkies. Zanskar is a hotspot for trekking, paragliding, and water rafting. Some famous treks are Lamayuru to Darcha.

Zanskar Valley is eternally famous for its high snow-capped mountains and surrounding landscape, featuring geographical attributes that are unique to this region.

Things to do in Zanskar valley

2.Things to do in ZANSKAR VALLEY:

a.Trekking: Organized trekking and tours to Zanskar valley in Ladakh are some of the most popular tourist attractions. Chadar Trek, Zanskar frozen river trek is winter treks in Zanskar valley.

b.Discover the simplicity of the local life in Zanskar:

In a valley whose settlements are more than 900 years old, the best thing to do in Zanskar valley is to discover and bask in the very warm hospitality of the locals. People from all over the globe come here to spend time with the locals here.

The real essence of the land can be experienced by choosing a homestay. The accommodation here provides for great local ambiance, traditional home-cooked meals along mesmerizing views from the rooms.

c.Attend the monastery festivals:

How to reach Zanskar valley

3.How to reach ZANSKAR VALLEY:

a.By Roadways:

Zanskar valley is 250 kilometers from Kargil. To reach here, one needs to first reach Kargil, which is 213 kilometers from Leh.

b.By Rail:

The nearest railway station to Zanskar is Jammu Tawi.

c.By Airways:

The closest airport to Zanskar Valley is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh.

Best time to visit Zanskar valley

4.Best time to visit ZANSKAR VALLEY:


Summer starting from May is the best to experience the rustic beauty of Zanskar Valley. Also, this is when one gets to enjoy the famous monastery festival of Zanskar.


During the winter October to March it gets way too cold. The snow falls, the river freezes and the place becomes just the perfect playground for the trekkers. Many of the treks in Zanskar are counted amongst the best winter treks in India.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

27.Royal Leh Palace

About Royal Leh Palace-

Leh Palace is a former royal palace overlooking the town of Leh, Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas. Constructed in the 17th century, the foundation of this palace was laid down by the founder of the Namgyal dynasty, Tsewang Namgyal, Bhut it was Sengge Namgyal who completed its construction.

The palace was abandoned when Dogra forces took control of Ladakh in the mid-19th century and forced the royal family to move to Stok Palace.

It is nine stories high; the upper floors accommodated the royal family, while the lower floors held stables and storerooms. The palace is being restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. The palace holds a matchless aura within it that is enough to please the visitors.

Things to do in Royal Leh Palace

Things to do in Royal Leh Palace-

The Palace Museum holds a rich collection of jewelry, ornaments, ceremonial dresses, and crowns. A statue of Lord Buddha is seated inside the monastery of the palace. Much of the palace is in a deteriorated condition, and little survives of its interior decorations.

 Chinese thangka or paintings, which are more than 450 years old, with intricate designs, still retain the bright colors derived from crushed and powdered gems and stones. The palace is open to the public and the roof provides panoramic views of Leh and the surrounding areas.

How to reach Royal Leh Palace

How to reach Royal Leh Palace-

Leh Palace is located 2.2 km from the Leh City Centre. It lies 4.5 km from Leh Airport and can easily be reached by road. You can hire a taxi to reach Leh Palace from the airport.

Best time to visit Royal Leh Palace

Best time to visit Royal Leh Palace-

The best time to visit Leh Palace is during the summer season. The months of May and June offer the views of a vivid landscape under the clear sky and sun rays glitter up the mountain ranges.

Besides, the post-monsoon months of September and October are also considered a good time to visit this grand palace.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

28.Chang La

Ladakh is famous for its high altitude mountain passes as some of the highest motorable roads are located in the Ladakh region. The third highest motorable mountain pass in the world, Chang La Pass, situated at an altitude of 5,360 meters above sea level, is named after the Sadhu Changla Baba.

 The Pass temple was built after him only. The place is famous for its scenic and serene natural beauty which attracts tourists from all around the world. The nearest settlement to this place is the little hamlet of Tagste.

It is the main gateway for the Changthang Plateau situated in the Himalayas. Not many people know that Changla Pass is also a part of the silk route.

Things to do in Chang La

There is a tea point at the Chang La Pass where the Indian army serves hot tea to the tourists and public convenience is also available unlike many other passes in Ladakh.

Defense Research and Development Organisation, the world’s highest station, is functional in Chang La.

Travelers should visit the temple close to the Chang La pass to tie the Tibetan flag for a happy journey ahead.

Also, there is a village named Tagste. There’s not much to see, but it certainly is a sight to behold, so do not forget your camera.

Re-established in 1672 by a Ladakhi king Sengge Namgyal, Hemis Gompa is a Tibetan monastery of Drukpa Lineage. This is the venue for the annual Hemis festival that honors Padmasambhava.

How to reach Chang La

You should reach the pass via the Pangong Tso Lake. The pass is approached from Leh via Kharu and Sekti village by an asphalt road.

Driving through Changla is no cakewalk, one needs brilliant driving skills to cross the road that is flooded with thousands of small streams, especially when the snow on the upper mountains begins to melt.

Best time to visit Chang La

The best season to drive on Changla Pass is summer. The pass remains open for tourists from mid-May to October, but the most pleasant months are May and June. 

The melting snow that forms small streams makes it a bit difficult for your thrilling bike expeditions. Also, altitude sickness is a common phenomenon here, so you are suggested not to stay there for more than 20 minutes.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

29.Phugtal Monastery

Phugtal Monastery or Phugtal Gompa is a Buddhist monastery located in the remote Lungnak Valley in south-eastern Zanskar, in the autonomous Himalayan region of Ladakh, in Northern India.

The Phugtal Monastery is built around a natural cave, which is believed to have been visited by numerous sages, scholars, translators, and monks around 2,550 years ago. The remote location of the monastery was ideal for monks looking for peace and solitude to meditate. 

The monastery today houses the main temple, prayer rooms, a library with rare sacred texts, apartments and living quarters, teaching facilities, a kitchen, and of course, the original cave and the sacred spring, which is protected. It is home to about 70 monks. 

According to legend, the spiritually gifted Zangpo caused a spring to appear and run from the cave, a tree to grow on top of the cave, and for the cave itself to grow larger.

Then, under his guidance, the present structure of the monastery was built around the cave. It is built on the cliffside, like a honeycomb. The cliff is part of a lateral gorge of a major tributary of the Lungnak River.

Things to do in Phugtal Monastery

The main attraction of the Phugtal Monastery is trekking. A trek to Phugtal takes about 3days leisurely, while it may take only 2days if rushed. But that may be quite challenging for many people. Trekking should be enjoyed and not rushed else it may cause health problems, which no one wants.

 Phugtal Monastery is an amazing place and is highly recommended. It can be called the hidden gem of Zanskar Valley. One doesn’t need to have any prior trekking experience for this. Complete beginners can attempt this trek.

How to reach Phugtal Monastery

First, one needs to reach the small town of Padum, which is also the administrative center of Zanskar. From Padum, then, the person needs to drive for about 30 kilometers to the village of Ichar, also called Lchar.

The road will end at Ichar and from here on, the trek starts. One will be trekking for a few miles for about 2-3 days. The trek at some places will also get very narrow and a bit tough to handle. 

There are two ways that one can approach the monastery- one is via Chah village and the other through Purne village.

Best time to visit Phugtal Monastery

June to September is the best time to visit the Phugtal monastery. In summers, the road from Kargil to Padum opens when snow is cleared from Pensi La Pass in the May-June period. Srinagar Leh Highway also opens in May. 

Hence, one can make a road trip to Zanskar Valley only in the summer months of June to September.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

30.Shey Monastery

In between the profusion of natural beauty and magnanimous mountains, In the sixteenth century, Shey monastery and palace located on the main Leh – Manali road is about 15 km from Leh.

Shey Monastery was built by Deldan Namgyal. One of the most notable and key features of the Shey Monastery is the Shakyamuni Buddha. 

It is estimated to be the second-largest Buddha statue in all of Ladakh. Multiple murals of Buddha, various rock carvings decorate the monastery all around the Shey Palace which offers a grand view of the dignified Indus Valley, along with the view of other scenic places like Leh town, Stakna Monastery, and Thiksey Monastery.

Things to do in Shey Monastery

Two major celebrations take place at Shey Monastery Shey Doo Lhoo and Shey Suey Rupla. Shey Doo Lhoo takes place on the 26th and 27th day of the first Tibetan month (July or August).

Shey has breathtaking views and a couple of magnificent structures you can see. The visit to Shey Palace and the Shey monastery on your trip is a must. 

The Sindhu darshan festival dedicated to the river Sindhu is worth attending. Witnessing the gold-copper gilded statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and stupa. One should also see the carvings on the rock-face of five Buddha in meditation.

How to reach Shey Monastery

“By road – The easiest way to reach Leh by road is hitting the Manali – Leh Highway via Manali or Srinagar Highway. By air – The nearest airport is Leh Airport.

By train – The nearest major railway station from Leh is Jammu Tawi.”

Best time to visit Shey Monastery

The months of May to October, in general, is a perfect time to visit Shey Monastery because the weather is most favorable for traveling. 

The roads to reach Ladakh are closed from November to April-May, because of heavy snow. Therefore traveling via air is the only option to reach Leh.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

31.Khardung La pass

Khardung La passes also known as the “Pass of lower castle” is situated in Leh district at an altitude of 18,379 ft. above sea level.

It provides a gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valley and helps in providing supplies to the Siachen glacier. It consists of steep and twisted roads and valleys which provide breathtaking views. 

It is considered a paradise by travel connoisseurs as the view and atmosphere lays out inspiration for motorbikers and automobile drivers. The pleasing and peaceful panoramic view and fresh air make this place a must-visit during a trip to Ladakh.

Things to do in Khardung La pass

During the visit, one can engage in numerous activities. Due to the serpentiform roads and valleys, it is preferred a lot for road trips. The ripped mountains provide a good grip for mountaineers and superb for trekking. The Pashmina wool is extensively yielded in Ladakh which makes it a hub for warm winter wear. 

There are a lot of monasteries that provide a soothing atmosphere and attract people from all over the world. Further, the place has a rich flora and fauna with the main attraction being yaks and yak safaris.

How to reach Khardung La pass

Reaching Khardung La pass isn’t an easy task due to its high altitude. The total distance from Leh is 39 km out of which the initial 24 km is made of concrete and the next 15 consists of dirt and loose rocks making it difficult but adventurous. 

After this, there are well-constructed roads which will make travel easy.

Best time to visit Khardung La pass

The best time to visit Khardung La pass to evidence its beauty is between September and mid-October because the weather is pleasant and not too cold.

 However, the perfect time to visit this place to engage in adventurous activities and road trips is March.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

32.Drang Drung Glacier

Drang Drung Glacier also called Durung Drung Glacier is a 22 km long mountain located near the Pensi La mountain pass at the Kargil-Zanskar road in the Kargil district of Ladakh in India.

Other than the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram range, the Drang Drung Glacier is likely to be the largest, with a height of 15,680 ft / 4780 meters and 22/23 km of length.

 It is a long river of ice and snow, a source of the Stod river which is a tributary of the Zanskar river, and the Zanskar river is the tributary of the Indus river.

Things to do in Drang Drung Glacier

• Pensi La, which is only 8.4km from Drang Drung Glacier is a natural adventure spot.

• Rangdum, which is only 19.9 km away from Drang Drung Glacier is a popular halt for the tourists.

• Kishtwar National Park, which is only 20.7 km away from Drang Drung Glacier and 250 km from Jammu is spread over an area of 400 sq meters. • Dzongkhul Monastery which is only 25.2 km from Drang Drung Glacier is a small dark monastery located in the Stod Valley of Zanskar.

• Suru Valley, which is only 26.6 km from Drang Drung Glacier is a lush green valley in Ladakh that you can’t miss.

How to reach Drang Drung Glacier

Drang Drung Glacier is only accessible only via the NH 1D, a national highway that connects Srinagar and Leh.

If traveling from Kargil, the glacier lies on the right side of Kargil-Zanskar road, which cuts and runs through several gorge valleys of Suru River. Once at the Pensi La mountain, trek for a day to reach the destination.

Best time to visit Drang Drung Glacier

Months from May to September lets you witness this as a kind of unimaginable place to witness Drang Drung Glacier.

 For the rest of the year, the road that gets you to the glacier Zojila and Pensi La pass remains closed for the tourists because of the heavy snowfall.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

33.Thiksey Gompa

If you are planning a trip which will give you a memory for a lifetime then we will strongly recommend you to plan a trip for “Thiksey Gompa”. Glorious Thiksey Gompa is one of the largest and most recognizable monasteries in Ladakh.

It is located at an altitude of 3600 m in Thiksey village which is approximately 19 km east of Leh in Ladakh. It is very famous for its similarity with “Potala Place of Lhasa”.

 This monastery consists of 12th story houses and much Buddhist art such as swords, stupas, and statues, etc.


Jangsem Sherab Zangpo(15th-century Tibetan Buddhist monk ) had come with his 6 disciples. Palden Sherab ( one of the disciples) was offering prayer with a ritual cake at a spot that was located about 3 km from the monastery where it stands today.

After some time a crow grabbed the cake and flew away with it. After searching for some time, they found the cake placed at the top of the hill in the same condition as before.

 The Buddhists believed that this is a sign of God and decided to build the “Thiksey monastery”. Thiksey means “perfect order” which is derived from the order in which cake is placed.

Things to do in Thiksey Gompa

Gompa will leave you with wonderful memories and many adventurous activities. Apart from sightseeing and photography, it is a great place for learning.

It has a large and precious collection of Buddhist books, journals, swords. You can enjoy amazing views of the Indus valley. Thiksey monastery is famous for its peace. 

There are many must visit places in which one of the most attractive places is ” Maitreya Buddha”, it is a large statue which is two floor tall” it is the largest statue in Ladakh. The second one is the Assembly hall:- the hall entrance has a wall that has murals of the Tibetan calendar.

 It has an amazing prayer room, pictures, statues, etc. Tara temple is another major attraction for the visitors.

The monastery offers a clear view of the Indus Valley and some monasteries like Shey, Stok, and Matho can also be seen from here. You can go bike riding, mountaineering, and explore a lot of things over here. 

There are two ways to reach the entrance of the gompa. One way is by using steps and the second way is direct to the entrance by bike. You can capture some great shots from this place.

How to reach Thiksey Gompa

Thiksey gompa is located in the thiksey village of Leh district in Ladakh. Once you have reached Leh by rail, bus, airways or by your car, Thiksey is located in the east of Leh about 20 km. Cabs or buses are always available to reach your destination. You can also choose a bike for your amazing destination. 

The entry fee is Rs 20 for both locals and foreigners. There is no additional fee for carrying a camera.

Best time to visit Thiksey Gompa

You can visit Thiksey gompa from 7 am to 7 pm every day. The best months for visiting are October and November. After November the place will remain closed and reopen only in May.

 If you want to attend morning prayers you should visit early morning. Hope It will leave you with wonderful memories.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

34.Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is one of the most adventurous places to visit in India, for adventure enthusiasts and for those who want to make the best out of a trekking experience, this is a place worth visiting.

As the Zanskar river freezes in winters, it looks like a sheet of ice, hence the splendorous place is named Chadar trek.

 Surrounded by Great Himalayan Mountains, frozen waterfalls, and awe-inspiring natural beauty, the Chadar trek is a once in a lifetime experience for many and the most astounding one. Being isolated for many years, this place has emerged as an out of this world place for tourists and adventure-seekers.

Things to do in Chadar Trek

Chadar trek itself is a complete package filled with trekking. challenging situations faced on mountains and off-course the enchanting beauty of nature, one of the most-crucial elements among the experiences in the visit to this majestic place.

 The gorge being encapsulated by Himalayan mountains has incredibly low temperatures and during the winters the Zanskar river freezes along with its waterfalls which is the best sight-seeing experience for anyone.

 The trekking itself is very challenging, one has to walk 16 km a day on average to complete their 105 km long trek in groups of 15 to 18 members, making it a complete tour with everything required.

How to reach Chadar Trek

The journey starts by reaching Leh in Ladakh from where the trekking begins, after five hours of trekking via Chilling to Zaribago, then four hours walk to Deepyokma again to Nyrakpulu, from here to Linghshed after a one-hour trek, it is from Linghsheed, the chadar trek begins through icy surroundings and along frozen river Zanskar.

Best time to visit Chadar Trek

The best time to visit this heavenly place is when the winters are full-fledged and the river freezes into sheets of ice, making its name chadar meaningful. 

The trek should be taken in January and February, to have a breath-taking view of the beauty of ice.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

35.Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso – It is one of the most charming places in Ladakh. The pristine water sings of its beauty. Cradling in the lap of barren mountains of Ladakh, it is the most beautiful lake here shared between two countries but it is a spectacular view for the world. Pangong Tso is spread for almost 134 km between India and China.

 About one-third of the lake lies in India, 5 km in width making it one of the largest brackish water lakes in the world. This picturesque lake has attracted many B-town biggies to shoot movies like “3 Idiots”, “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” and the list goes on. 

This stunning lake equally attracts many migratory birds like the bar-headed goose and Brahminy duck. Tantalizing rays when striking the surface of the lake blooms in different shades, making the view not affordable to be skipped.

Things to do in Pangong Tso

While cherishing the serene view, spending a night in a camp is an unforgettable treat. Preparing food and relishing it under moonlight makes it your advanced visit to heaven. 

Dip in the bone-chilling and salty water of the lake is another surprise waiting. Now when you have experienced the calmness of waters, don’t miss out on picturesque dwellings near Pangong, Chang Chenmo mountain range overlooking the lake. In winter, you can play ice hockey on the frozen lake.

How to reach Pangong Tso

14270ft above sea level Pangong Tso can be reached after a 5hours drive from Leh. From Leh pass through the Chang La Pass followed by Tagste. Trains and regular bus services run by state road transport corporations are always at your service. But motorbikes and jeeps give a different taste. 

Alas! If you are planning the trip in winter, air and rail is the only option due to the closure of Rohtang pass and choked up Leh-Manali highway.

Best time to visit Pangong Tso

June-September or December-February are the appropriate times to visit the lake, the ball is in your court. From June to September the roads lead you to a serene view, the sun shines brighter and the weather is all in your favor. Pangong Tse is the travelers choice of the best places to visit in Ladakh through the years.

 And If you are looking at something extreme Leh is challenging you to visit in winter from December to February, when the lake is frozen despite the saltwater lake that’s now your playground for ice hockey.

36.Baralacha Pass

The literal meaning of Baralacha Pass is a place where several roads meet. Baralacha pass connect two prominent mountains range of INDIA: Pir Panjal and Zanskar Valley. Baralacha Pass also known as “BaraLacha La”, the pass also acts as a watershed between the BHAGA river and YUNAM river.

It is a high mountain of approximately 16,040 ft that connects Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh(Eleven Mountain State)to Leh-Manali Highway. 

One of the highest passes in Ladakh, It is around 73 km away from KEYLONG in Manali, just a few km away from the Baralacha Pass towards Manali is the Bhaga river, a tributary of the Chandrabhaga river which originates from the SURYA Taal lake. 

It is the point of commencement of several treks which include the famous Suraj Taal and Chandra Taal.

Things to do in Baralacha Pass

Baralacha Pass is one of the highest mountain ranges with two rivers and these specialties of Baralacha Pass make this place very attractive and adventurous. This place includes adventures Trekking, Snowboarding, Canyoning, Bamboo Fire, Biking, Camping.

 If you are planning a trip then the Baralacha Pass is the best place where anyone can enjoy much more than their expectation, due to its high hills and forest.

It is the best place for trekking and paragliding which is a recreational adventure and the fast flow of the river makes this place suitable for rafting. And the roads of Baralacha Pass are too adventurous which is very exciting so biking with friends is one of the craziest things that anyone wants.

How to reach Baralacha Pass

As it is the place above the Manali so up to Manali you can choose your way according to your choice but the roadways are more exciting than others and from Delhi it is around 732 km.

 First travel from Delhi to Manali approx 537 km then from Manali you can take a bike or hire a taxi. From Manali, only special licensed taxis are allowed.

Best time to visit Baralacha Pass

The best time to visit and enjoy the ride through the Baralacha La is from April to October. In these months, the snow melts, and the Baralacha La is considered safe for tourists who can travel and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

37.Stakna Monastery

The Stakna Monastery or Stakna Gompa is a sacred Buddhist temple situated on the bank of the Indus river Stakna, Leh district, Ladakh.

It was founded by the Bhutanese scholar and saint Choshe Jamyang Palkar in the late sixteenth century. Stakna means ‘the nose of the tiger’ which denotes the shape of the hill on which it is situated.

As the beauty of Leh Ladakh isn’t hidden anymore, the Stakna Monastery is another divine center of attraction for tourists around the globe.

 The first touch of the sunlight after a freezing night, the breathtaking views, the joy of traveling, getting absorbed in devotion, and hundreds of other astounding facts will make you set your foot outside!

Things to do in Stakna Monastery

There are lots and lots of places to visit around the Stakna Monastery to visit, once you are done watching those never-ending mountains or taking the feel of the weather. There are other monasteries like the Takthok Monastery and Shey Monastery. 

You can also visit the library nearby with a great collection of colorful paintings and gilded sculptures of previous Rimpoche.

On your way from the Stakna to Shey Monastery, you can see Druk white lotus school ( Rancho school) which was featured in the 3 idiots movie.

Here is personal advice for all the travelers you just don’t want to miss the festival, the monks celebrate there, get ready to get absorbed in the jolly devotion!

How to reach Stakna Monastery

The Stakna Monastery is only 25 km from the city of Leh, one can take a private cab, a local bus, or rent bikes from the city.

You can take a flight or a train to Leh from any part of the country.

Best time to visit Stakna Monastery

The best time to visit the Stakna Monastery is from May to October, for the rest of the year you cannot visit because of the heavy snowfall and also the highways being closed.

It is in this period (may-October), you can feel the joy of the festivals.This is voted as one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in 2021

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