25 Best Places To Visit In Nepal In 2022

Here you can read about 25 best places to visit in Nepal and decide your next dream destinations.

1.Pokhara Valley

The Pokhara valley in the central part of Nepal is one of the few Himalayan intermontane valleys that permits one to decipher the way the land-forms of the world’s highest mountain range evolve. The valley is attractive to tourists for the scenic majesty of its glaciated mountains, gorges, caves, and lakes, the formation of which results from a complex yet recent and dramatic evolution of the valley. 

For a long time, most of the inhabitants believed that the valley originated from the drying up of a huge lake similar to those of the Kathmandu and Kashmir valleys. Careful observations of the sediments filling the basin indicate that the Pokhara valley was affected by giant, catastrophic debris flow five centuries ago. 

It is an emblematic site, where the steepness of the still rising front of the very Himalaya is maintained by sporadic collapses of the mountain walls controlled by a combination of both glacial and seismo-tectonic dynamics. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Pokhara Valley

The top sightseeing places in Pokhara are Annapurna Circuit, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, Shanti Stupa, Pokhara, Tibetan Refugee Camp, International Mountain Museum.

Mountain Gear:

Pokhara is a great bazaar for mountaineering. Hiking is the main tourist activity in the region, so it’s not surprising that the city has lots of these stores. Although most of the items for sale are counterfeit, there are some real bargains.

World Peace Pagoda:

Come to the beautiful world peace pagoda to enjoy its architecture and landscapes. Located at the top of a hill, the pagoda offers nice views of the Annapurna range and other nearby mountains.

How to reach Pokhara Valley

By Bus:

Buses are very easily available from Kathmandu to Pokhara and the travel time is about 7 hours. They leave early morning around 6-8 AM. A variety of bus services are available, you can book them with any travel agent. Few of the bus operators even have an online reservation system.

From Railway Station:

Railways are not available in Nepal. If you are coming from India, then get to the nearest railway hub of either Jayanagar or New Jalpaiguri, cross the border, and board a bus to Kathmandu which takes about 12-14 hours from the borders.

From Airport: You can fly to Pokhara directly from Kathmandu. The travel time is about 40 minutes. Check for tickets on www.yetiailines.com. Note that flights in Nepal are uncertain due to the weather conditions.

Best time to visit Pokhara Valley

Between October and December is the best time to visit Nepal as the skies are generally clear and the views spectacular. The weather remains dry until about April.

January and February can be very cold, especially at night, but will reward you with incredible panoramas and quieter trekking trails as there are fewer visitors. Late spring is a beautiful time to travel as the rhododendrons burst into bloom.

From May, heat and humidity levels build until the monsoon rains arrive in June and the clouds obscure the glorious mountain views. Nepal celebrates festivals all year, so there is often a festival or pilgrimage taking place-ask your specialist for more year to year.


Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site located in Nepal. It is a place where Siddhartha Gauthama, who became Buddha and founded Buddhism. Lumbini is one of many magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in place pivotal to the life of the Buddha. A pillar discovered at Rupandehi in 1896 is believed to mark the spot of Ashoka’s visit to Lumbini. 

The site was not known as Lumbini before the pillar was discovered. At present, Lumbini is 4.8 km in length and 1.6km in width. The holy site of Lumbini is bordered by a large monastic zone separated into the eastern and western monastic zone, separated by a long water-filled canal.

Because some Hindus regard the Buddha as an incarnation of Vishnu, thousands of Hindus have begun to come here on pilgrimage. Lumbini was granted world heritage status by UNESCO in 1997. Nepal’s central bank has introduced a 100rs Nepali note featuring Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Lumbini

Lumbini has many older temples including the Mayadevi temple and various new temples. Many monuments, museums, monasteries, and Lumbi international research institute are also there within the holy circle. There was Puskarini where the Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip before his birth and where he had his first bath. 

Other than the above mentioned places, it also has more ethnic places like Ashokan Pillar, Myanmar golden temple, World peace pagoda, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, and China temple which are within its circle. 

It has a sister city like Bodh Gaya, it is famous as it is the place where Gauthama Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment. Because come Hindus regarded the Buddha as an incarnation of Vishnu, thousands of Hindus have begun to come here on pilgrimage. These are the things to do in Lumbini.

How to reach Lumbini

Buses have been introduced by BSTDC between Patna and Bodh Gaya via Rajgir.

Lumbini is a 10-hour drive from Kathmandu and a 30-minute drive from Bhairahawa. The closest airport is Gautam Buddha Airport at Bhairahawa, with flights to and from Kathmandu.

The India border town of Sonauli in Maharajganj district is a 1-hour drive from Lumbini and Nautanwa railway station in India is just a few kilometers away. The nearest big city is Gorakhpur, which is about 100km and is 4 hours drive from Lumbini. 

The nearest airport to Lumbini, that is, the Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhairahawa, is currently undergoing up-gradation work. This small domestic airport is soon expected to become an international airport.

Best time to visit Lumbini

Autumn is the best season to visit Lumbini and explore its landmarks and architecture. As the monsoons retreat, they leave behind weather that is just beginning to cool down after the scorching conditions, and the skies and atmosphere clear up providing ample opportunities for sunrise and sunset views. 

Temperatures range between comfortable degrees of 12ᴼC-28ᴼC. Winters rarely qualify as a good time to be in Lumbini. The city remains too cold and the temperature can sometimes get as low as 2ᴼC that restricts an enjoyable sightseeing experience. 

After autumn, the second-best time to visit Lumbini is in March and early April. While not entirely a definitive part of summer, it is the closest to what can qualify as spring season in Lumbini. The temperatures start getting warmer after the bitter winters, and the fog dissipates to reward you with a bright and vibrant atmosphere perfect for venturing out to explore.

3.Langtang national park

Langtang national park is Nepal’s first-ever Himalayan national park. It was established in the year 1976 and currently the fourth protected area of the country.

On this note, it is part of the sacred Himalayan landscape and encompasses 26 village communities of the central Himalayan region.

LNP exhibits a high diversity of 14 vegetation types in 18 ecosystem types ranging from upper tropical forests to the alpine scrub and perennial ice.

The inhabitants of the Langtang valley are taught to be descendants of Tibetans from Kerung who intermingled with Tamags from the Helambu area.

Things to do in Langtang national park

Langtang national park has got one of the best trekking experiences and if you want a relatively short itinerary with all the excitement, then you are in the right place. The diversity of trekking trails in Nepal cannot be found in any other part of the world.

Bird watching is another exciting event to do for the tourists as Nepal is the birdwatchers paradise because of the variety of bird species being found. Birdwatchers cannot miss the wonderful reserve which contains birds of all kinds. It is a place where one sees trees packed with birds posing for the photographs. 

Next comes the butterfly watching as it offers a fabulous location to see the great orange tips, the purple sapphire circles, and more. A beautiful specimen of butterflies for ages has attracted experts to the country.

The other must-visit places in LNP are Langtang valley, Kyanjin Gompa, Gosainkunda, and The Tamang heritage trail. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Langtang national park

To reach Langtang national park, you can either take a local bus or a four-wheeler private car. Some buses leave daily from the northwest side of Thamel on the Ring road. There are private and shared jeeps as well. The local buses are comparatively cheaper costing around 6 to 8 USD. The private buses and jeeps will cost more around 150 to 200 USD.

Best time to visit Langtang national park

Usually, the autumn season (September – mid-December) and the spring season (March-May) are the best time to visit LNP as it is the best time to do trekking. At this time, the climatic condition is pleasant with marvelous views though at night it seems a bit cold.

4.Hanuman Dhoka Temple

This marvelous stone structure with the grandeur Royal palace is a beauty in the bustling capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The name is derived from the stone image of the Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman at the entry gate to the palace and therefore, the name “Hanuman Dhoka”, here Dhoka means gate. 

The statue of the Monkey God is assumed to guard the palace and is adorned with a red cloth and has an umbrella. The statue has been praised to guard since the very beginning of 1672 and has been adding to the glory of the palace for tourists and pilgrims.

Things to do in Hanuman Dhoka Temple

It never fails to catch the eye of every visitor that steps on its foot. For the worshippers of the Lord Hanuman, it serves as a temple of blessings. Moving ahead, inside the palace is the Museum for sightseeing portraying all the dynasties that have ruled over Nepal through art and it even includes commemorating the various historic events that have occurred over time in Nepal. 

Apart from these, there are the three Chowks: Nasal Chowk, Mul Chowk, Mohan Chowk. These chowks are an astounding site for tourists and pilgrims. The “Hanuman Dhoka Temple” is an aesthetic yet elegant site for people to check out during holidays with their entire family. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Hanuman Dhoka Temple

From Tribhuvan International airport ( Nepal international airport ), it takes 20 minutes ( 7.5km ) to reach there, you can get there by bus or by car. From Kathmandu to Hanuman Dhoka many devotees prefer going by foot in 20 mins or by car in 3 mins ( 2.8 km).

Best time to visit Hanuman Dhoka Temple

One of the best facts about this place is that you can visit it at any time of the year and it won’t fail to mesmerize you but the spring and autumn season is the most preferred. On Monday this place is closed for visiting. Other days it has specific visiting hours for tourists.


Nagarkot, a small heaven on earth this place is situated in Nepal on the edge of Kathmandu valley, near Bhaktapur city is one of the iconic beauties of the country.

It is an internationally renowned resort famous for its iconic beauty, and you should once surely visit there if you are tired of your busy schedule in these crowded and polluted cities and want to gather some fresh air. Nagarkot is widely famous for its Himalayan views, those Himalayan peaks at the time of sunrise are a magnificent look. 

Nagarkot provides scenic beauty and divine peace far from heat, dust, smoke, and the city’s hustle-bustle.

Things to do in Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday world and to relax in a truly breathtaking area.

The lack of things to do in Nagarkot is what helps make it such a popular place.

Nagarkot is a perfect spot for trekking and hiking if you are interested in long treks go submit on to the Panoramic trail which is famous worldwide or trek up to the tower of Nagarkot.

You can also try paragliding or spot that beautiful Mount Everest from Nagarkot.

Sitting up there quietly might freeze your hands and feet so why not lighting up a bonfire and pleasantly enjoying the night. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Nagarkot

The most common route people take is going from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Undoubtedly as it’s only one and a half hours away from the city be it Air, Rail or Road, the most convenient way is to reach Kathmandu city first and then take any tourist buses from Kathmandu to Nagarkot or hire a taxi and reach those beautiful views of Nagarkot.

Best time to visit Nagarkot

You can visit any time Nagarkot but still, October to May might be favorable to some people as you can have a clear view of Mount Everest and the Himalayas. If you visit this place in the monsoon then you might enjoy the fog up there but you might not be rewarded with the view of those mountain ranges.

6.Siddha Gufa

Siddha cave or Siddha Gufa is located in Bimalnagar, Tanahun District, Nepal. At 437 m deep and 50 m high, it is the largest cave in Nepal and the second largest cave in South Asia.  Its cathedral-like interior is full of stalactites and stalagmites, not to mention hundreds of bats, which whistle overhead.  

It’s around 0.5 kilometers inside and around 2,500 people can fit inside. The trip duration is mainly two days. You will come to cross the saints living inside the cave, a sketch of an ancient saint carved on the stone, some places will be crossed using ropes only.

Things to do in Siddha Gufa

Mainly trekking at Siddha cave from Bandipur is popular, a half-day trip, including one and a half hour, hike each way. Consider hiring a guide from Bandipur’s Tourist Information Centre. Alternatively, you can hike up to the cave from Bimal Nagar on the Prithvi Highway, which takes only 45 minutes. 

People who want to spend time near nature and want to do some adventure are likely to visit this place. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Siddha Gufa

To reach Siddha Cave you have to vehicle from Kathmandu on Prithvi Highway which will take around 4 hours to Bimal Nagar, then you have to walk up hills on steps. It will take around 1.5 hours from Bimal Nagar to reach the Cave. Compulsory guides await you at the cave’s entrance, torches or flashlights are also available here.

Best time to visit Siddha Gufa

The best seasons to visit Bandipur for Siddha Gufa Caving are autumn and spring. In these seasons, the months included are March, April, May, September, October, and November. In this time, the roadway remains less slippery and less dangerous; and also the way of getting into the cave remains easier and profound.

7.International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum was an effort of the Nepal mountaineering association to preserve the history, documents, and the different stories of mountaineering around the world and the Himalayas particularly. Nepal has 8 out of 14 peaks in the league of some of the highest peaks in the world, which makes the museum a confidential affair for the innumerable people living on these mountains. 

Inside, you can see original gear from many of the first Himalayan ascents, it also displays the history, culture, flora, and fauna of the Himalaya. Head outside there’s a 21m climbing wall and a 9.5m-high climbable model of Mount Manaslu.

Things to do in International Mountain Museum

There is a geological section there, which focuses on the ammonite fossils found in Upper Mustang and a variety of rocks. The mountaineering section gives us an insight into the number of people. There is a small section that showcases different types of knots and their usage. 

The mountain ecology and environment section focus to highlight the fact that nature is not to be trifled and cleaning these parts is mandatory. There is a climate change section, which demonstrates the effect of climate change on Nepal’s mountains. 

A touch screen is available that allows us to interact with satellite images to view mountains, lakes. The Hall of Temporary Display has a prayer room and a library. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum sits 2 miles southeast of Lakeside Pokhara. The museum is easily accessible by bus and car. The nearest bus stops are the Niranjan chowk bus stop and Phalepatan bus stop. If you prefer walking, then it will take you 30 minutes whereas, in the car, it takes a mere 10 minutes.

Best time to visit International Mountain Museum

The best time to visit the place would be from October till April. The museum will be open from 9 am to 5 pm and entry fees range from 50 Nepali rupees for the students to 500 Nepali rupees for the foreigners. The best time to visit within a day is between 1 to 2 pm.


Biratnagar is a sub-metropolitan city of Nepal. In Nepali ‘Birat’ means huge and ‘Nagar’ means city. Staying true to its name, Biratnagar is the third largest and is famous as the industrial capital of Nepal along with being a major tourist attraction. The city in the past has had a King whose name was Birat, visitors can see the ruins of the palace that existed then. 

The culture of the city is a colorful blend of Indian and Nepalese. The graffiti walls, beautiful alleys, and street food add to the delights of the city that boasts of clean and green tea gardens making for a scenic and picturesque location. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Biratnagar

The city has a vast array of places to see for people of different inclinations. For bird and wildlife enthusiasts, there is Koshi Tappu wildlife which is 90 km from the city. Tea Gardens of Ilam are another tourist destination near the city. If you are planning to roam around the city, one cannot miss Haat Bazaar – which is a weekly market held in different areas of the city. 

For adventure seekers, there are trekking opportunities in nearby towns of Basantpur and Tumlingtar. Biratnagar Jute mill is widely popular for being the first in the country and is worth a visit. Baraha Chhetra is a beautiful Hindu pilgrimage site and is a must-visit and is situated at the confluence of river Koka & Sapta Kosh.

How to reach Biratnagar

By Rail: Train is the cheapest option. Travel from major cities in India to Jogbani (border station) and one can take a bus/taxi for Biratnagar from there which is just 8 km approx. By Road: It is well connected to major cities and you can take a road trip with or without halts- favorable cities are Delhi, Kolkata to make a halt. Flights: Biratnagar airport is one of the busiest in Nepal with a lot of flights to and from Kathmandu.

Best time to visit Biratnagar

Because of the rich culture of Biratnagar- Krishna Janma Ashtami / birth of Lord Krishna is the best time to visit the city. It is actively celebrated by both the Indian and Nepalese communities. You can experience everything from the Rath Yatra (Chariot pulling) to Jaagran (staying awake at night). 

There are other festivals like Dashain and Tihar festivals around which you can plan your travel. All in all, visit Biratnagar not only for its beauty, heritage, and adventure but also for its environment, world-class accommodation, and lovely people.

9.Durbar Square

Durbar Square; part of the UNESCO world heritage site, is a royal square that showcases numerous precise architecture and artwork which is a symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tantrism.

There are three Durbar squares located in the beautiful valley of Kathmandu, Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar square, and Bhaktapur Durbar square.

This place consists of several temples of Hindu god and goddess.

This place lies between the wonderful beauty of fountains, courtyards, ancient statues, and small ponds.

A very beautiful place to visit which showcases the culture and history of the country and their culture.

Things to do in Durbar Square

Kathmandu, a place full of beautiful architecture, culture. It is a place with lots of things to explore. Visiting here exposes the visitors to beautiful living, visitors may be blessed to visit Pashupatinath temple, can explore the streets of Kathmandu and can capture ancient beauty. They can make their journey lifelong remembered by learning some beautiful art, visitors not only experience physically relaxed but can also get mentally relaxed by visiting villages of Kathmandu valley and experiencing the so-called heaven. 

The best part of visiting somewhere is it’s traditional and authentic cuisine and for a food-loving person, it’s not less than heaven, enjoying their traditional food in the street corners makes the journey more delightful and unforgettable, even this place is full of adventure sports such as rafting, trekking, etc, Adventure loving visitors can not miss this chance. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Durbar Square

From the airport, taxis and buses are easily available in the center of Kathmandu. The durbar square is not much far from there while opting for taxi service one can just tell the destination and directly can reach the destination. If a person likes to explore the place and street must opt for bus service as they drop you at the center of Kathmandu and Durbar Square is not more than a 2 km walk from there.

Best time to visit Durbar Square

If visiting Kathmandu for exploring and experience the monuments and festival, September to November is considered to be the ideal time as this time sky is clear and visitors may enjoy warm temperature, but due to festival season this could be hard for pocket i.e costly, whereas if your main purpose is trekking then there could be no ideal time except March and April as this time weather begins warm and visitor may enjoy the joy of spring while performing various adventure sports.

10.Mahendra Gufa

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. These two lines describe so much when it comes to life. Life is all about color-changing hues, and happiness is all that we want to pursue. So, here is an interesting place that is more than just a tourist place or a place where people worship Lord Shiva. 

It’s a place full of mysterious findings and great adventures. Situated in the north Pokhara valley, there is a limestone cave. Yes! It is Mahendra Gufa or Mahendra cave. Mahendra cave got its name from the former king of Nepal, Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Mahendra meaning “great Indra” is an auspicious place of religious beliefs. 

Discovered in the 1950s, by a group of young shepherds, this cave is the first largest cave to be discovered in Pokhara valley. It attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Things to do in Mahendra Gufa

The place where Mahendra cave lies is full of greenery. The grazing horses can be frequently observed in this area. The subtle wind penetrates your skin. So, if you are a nature lover then Mahendra cave is one such place to visit. There is a belief that if you make a house from the stones present in the cave your house will be full of joys and happiness. 

There is a lot of adventure engrossed with your visit to this dark yet lovely place. The corridors of the cave are completely dark with continuous dripping water overhead, which makes the ground muddy and slippery. So! get your perfect adventure boots on. As the cave is formed of limestone it generates electric sparks when contacted with dripping water. 

Adding many adventurous, historical and pilgrimaging things to your to-do list will enhance your experience. To name a few Chamare Gufa or the bat cave which is a 10kms trekking from Mahendra cave, the Gurkha Memorial Museum which is a fine tribute to the bravest of the brave soldiers. 

The Bindhya Basini temple, Tangting village best for camping, Gaden Dhargayling Monastery, Devasi falls for river rafting and how can one forget the focal point The Phewa Lake for boating. These places will not just amaze you but also add a beautiful scenic and learning experience to your memories. The cherry on the cake is us who will not only ensure your safe visit but also a perfect visit. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Mahendra Gufa

Get enrolled with us and ensure your flight bookings to Pokhara airport. Our team will be present at the Pokhara airport to collect you. You will be taken to the campsite first via taxi. From our campsite, we will access a taxi that will leave us at Mahendra cave within thirty minutes, the point of inception. We will make sure that we reach the Gufa during the operating time when there is light.

Best time to visit Mahendra Gufa

Though the cave is 1110 m above sea level still it is not advisable to visit this cave during monsoons, as the water drips continuously. It will be best if the visit is done during September, October, and November that is the autumn months. As the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness Autumn is a season for its harvest times, cooling temperature, and darkening nights. 

So, this time is most preferred as the Tibetian cultural fest is also seen during this time. Lastly, I would like to say that These nights with us you will live on forever. In the laughter of your friend, in the force of my wheels hauling across the country road, in the nature surrounding us. And if we tire, the wind will sing us to sleep.


Chitlang Organic Village Resort is an organic village because it possesses the way of living life in an organic style. It is located at Makawanpur district Chitlang VDC. Chitlang is about 22 KM from Kathmandu in the southwest direction. Before the Opening of Tribhuvan Rajpath, Chitlang was the only “On foot Highway” to get to India and the Southern part of Nepal.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that there was a civilized society in ancient centuries. Many temples with amazing wood and stone carving, artistic rest houses, stone taps, available inscriptions.

Chitlang offers visitors an opportunity of a village homestay where you can interact and get an insight into the rural life in Nepal. 

Things to do in Chitlang

Everest Base Camp Trek is the adventure of a lifetime, a journey for those whose dreams soar higher than even the clouds. Everest is the world’s tallest (8,848m) peak.

Everest Namche bazaar trek is one of the best trekking routes which can view Mount Everest in short walking. The Syangboche hill, at an altitude of 3800m above sea level.

We bring you one of the best short-day hiking trips for nature enthusiasts, the Godavari to Phulchowki Day Hike in Kathmandu. You will hike around the rim of Kathmandu valley, enjoying the beautiful natural vistas and creatures around you. Phulchowki is a stunning region located 14 km southeast of Kathmandu valley. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Chitlang

Local transport in Chitlang:

People in Chitlang are mostly on foot, but for trading purposes, cycles and motorbikes are commonly in use. The village is not that popular with 4 wheelers, as it is a destination loved by hikers.

By Air:

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is the only International airport in the region. By Train:

There are regular passenger and cargo trains that connect Sirsiya (Southern Nepal) and Raxaul (India). There is no visa requirement and this option is only open to Indians and Nepalese.

Best time to visit Chitlang

Chitlang is an ideal place to visit during any month be it winter, summers, or spring. One can camp in the lush greens of Chitlang during summers, while during winters one can stay in the private homestays. In March and April, that is spring, the flowers bloom, presenting visitors a serene experience.

Since Chitlang is a popular getaway destination for the local tourists, weekends are more crowded than usual. The locals come to camp and to the travelers who want a break from the city life, weekdays are a much preferable time to visit Chitlang.

12.Phewa lake

Nepal is famous for its special place called Pokhara. Pokhara is the largest metropolitan city in Nepal. Pokhara is considered the tourism capital of Nepal. One of the most visited places in Nepal. We are talking about Pokhara’s most visited place Phewa lake which is situated in the Kaski district. 

Kaski is also called Kaskikot. Phewa lake is the second largest lake in Nepal. It is the major attraction of people. There is another thing that makes it more attractive that is the Tal Barahi temple situated at the central part of the lake. The average depth of this lake is 28ft. The maximum length of the lake is 4km. This is the most peaceful place with the beauty of water, air, and natural flora. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Phewa lake

Phewa lake is the most beautiful place. View of sunset steals your heart that’s why it is the center of attraction for global tourists. You can experience hour-long boating, lakeside walking, cycling, positive energy, and vibes that will be a lifetime experience. 

In the early morning, you can see the picture of a fishtail mountain on the lake which is a breathtaking sight. Boat riding gives you a completely different experience, especially during sunset time. You feel connected to nature. 

The second thing is you must experience paragliding from where you can fly over the Fewa lake. The lakeside part contains lots of hotels, lodges, bookshops. It is known as Baidam. The shadow of the nearby mountain can be seen on the surface of the lake. 

You can swim and fish on Phewa lake; it gave you a different experience. You must visit Tal Barahi Temple which is situated at the center of the lake. This temple is the most religious monument of Pokhara. Best place for nature-loving photographers for capturing stunning views.

How to reach Phewa lake

Phewa lake is the place of Kaskikot which is the district of Pokhara. You can reach Phewa lake from Pokhara. There are regular bus services in 15min. Intervals from Pokhara bus stand take any bus to the lakeside. If you are a person from another country then there are many travailing companies and websites. There you can book their trip at an affordable price like Makemytrip.com; Google also works as a trip planner.

Best time to visit Phewa lake

The best time to visit Phewa lake is September to November. Because the weather is pleasant and the sky tends to be clear and suitable for adventure activities. That’s why it is also called peak tourist season. The second favorable season is the monsoon between June and August. You can enjoy rain in this season. The time of April -May is too warm and that’s why it is not suitable for visiting Phewa lake.

13.Khawalung monastery

Khawalung monastery was founded by Vajra master Jigme Dorje Rinpondez, a Vajrayana Buddhist who was a spiritual heir of Choying Wangpo Rinpondez. The monastery was blessed in 2005. The monastery dreams and works to preserve, uphold, and disseminate the general Buddhist edifications, in categorically the tradition of Nyingmapa, one of the four major sects of Vajrayana Buddhism and especially the treasure edifications of H.H.dilgo Khyentse.

Things to do in Khawalung monastery

Apart from scenic resplendency and extravagant architecture, there are many things to do in Khawalung monastery and the places nearby like sightseeing the monastery and nearby places, rumination and gulping up some glimpses of Buddhism, and interaction, learning the art of inner placidity of monks. 

Take a Nargarkot sunrise day tour to Nagarkot, book a flight sightseeing to the Himalayas, get to Kathmandu bazaars and visually examine and relish the prevailing mist there and purchase something for dear ones as per your wish and head up to find salvation and inner placidity of soul through cogitation and calamity while taking a break from the shouts and chores of city life. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Khawalung monastery

The Kathmandu Valley can be very enchanting and adventurous for visitors as to reach your destination of placidity it takes 11 mins via Kathmandu through taxi. You can also opt for walking and head to Boudhanath stupa and then head up to Khawalung monastery.

Best time to visit Khawalung monastery

The best time to visit is from April to Oct when winters are not too harsh and the temperatures are mild. The notable places near Khawalung monastery are K a-nying king monastery, Kopan monastery, a Buddhist stupa, Chabahil, Pashupatinath palace, and many more. 

It is a very exotic place filled with resplendency, placidity, and essence of mountains of the Himalayas giving a feel of a break from the chaos and would bring a smile to your face.

14.Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams was located in Kathmandu, Nepal, built-in 1920. It is a neo-classical garden in Kaiser Mahal. It consists of more than 6500 sq.m of gardens with pavilions, an amphitheater, ponds, pergolas, and urns. From the mid-1960s, upon the death of its patron, Kaiser Sumsher Rana, this site has been in neglect for decades but in 2000-2007 renovation of the garden took place.

Within the Garden, walls are pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture, and European-inspired features such as verandas, pergolas, balustrades, urns, and birdhouses. Each of the six pavilions, which provide the Garden’s architectural framework, is dedicated to one of the six seasons in Nepal. 

After the death of Kaiser Sumsher, the garden was handed over to the government of Nepal, but it was not properly managed for decades. Today, only half of the original garden remains. This Garden is also called the Garden of Six Seasons. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Garden of Dreams

We can do major activities there, which are good for the adventure tourists, peaceful destinations, cultural programs, and fests.

Things To Do

The garden is the best place for book lovers, there is a collection of books on gardening, architecture, literature, in Kaiser Shumsher’s library. Go there, take a tea or meal, feel and relax.

Not only this but Hiking, Trekking, Canyoning, Rafting and Kayaking, Mountain biking, etc, at places Makala Barun, Annapurna & Mustang, Kanchenjunga, etc. are some special attractions.

How to reach Garden of Dreams

Many modes of transportation were available for tourists from various parts of India’s length and breadth. It was located in Trivedi Marg, Reaching the garden is very simple and easy.

Trivedi Marg was located on the Kanthi Path, beside the SAARC Secretariat Office and the Nepal Election Commission.

Various travel agencies made the travel full-pledged guided tour.

Best time to visit Garden of Dreams

This place can be visited throughout the year because of its geographical area. But, Spring and early summer seasons make a somewhat better feel. Between October and December is the best time to visit Nepal as the skies are generally clear and the views spectacular. The weather remains dry until about April.


Bhaktapur, “the city of devotees”, also known locally as Khwopa, is culturally magnificent in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, about 8 miles away from the capital. Khwopa was the largest of the three Newa kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley and was the capital of Nepal during the great ‘Malla Kingdom’ until the second half of the 15th century. 

It is the home of conventional art and architecture, historical monuments and craftwork, magnificent windows, pottery and weaving industries, excellent temples, abounding local customs, ethnicity, festivals, and melodious mystic.

Things to do in Bhaktapur

The city stands with all its historical and architectural glory, attracting tourists from all around the globe. There are plenty of things to do during the visit. The magnificent Golden Gate is a visual highlight of Durbar Square, boasting some of Nepal’s finest repoussé metalwork. 

‘Nyatapola Temple’, ‘Garuda Bar’, ‘National Art Gallery’ are among the top sites to visit in the city. The amusing hiking trip at Nagarkot and Changu Narayan is a must, the place exhibits incredible sunrises and sunsets for travelers. Other astounding places to visit are the Dattatreya Temple, 55 Window Palace, Pottery Square, etc. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Bhaktapur

Tourists can reach Bhaktapur via various means from Kolkata. The cheapest mode of travel is by bus or train, cost ranging from Rs. 1,100-1,200. The quickest way to reach the place is by air or drive. Flight fares range from Rs. 19,000-28,000 and take 1 hr 30 mins, whereas the drive may charge from Rs. 6,500-10,000 and takes 13 hrs 8 mins.

Best time to visit Bhaktapur

The best time to visit Bhaktapur is during the spring (March to April) and Autumn (October to November). During these seasons, the weather here is pleasant as the sky is clear and the Himalayas are visible. The other months especially June, July, and August are either too hot or humid for travel and temperatures can range anywhere between 28 to 37 Degrees Celsius.

16.Davis Falls

Get up, pack up & be ready because here’s a place that will fulfill your wanderlust. A place showcasing nature’s beauty- ‘The Davis Falls’ and in the Nepali language, it’s Patale Chhango, meaning underworld waterfall. It is said that the name was proposed by the man whose daughter accidentally drowned in the tunnel because of the overflow. 

It’s located at Pokhara in the Kaski district of Nepal. You may think that it would be the same as other waterfalls but the underground tunnel it creates as it reaches its bottom, into the Gupteshwar caves is extremely unique & mesmerizing.

Things to do in Davis Falls

The Gupteshwar Mahadev caves near the waterfall become a must-visit place if one explores Davis Falls, where you can also hear the roaring waterfall. Another place to visit can be the International Mountain Museum where you can enjoy climbing peaks which are about 3 Km away. 

If you have some more hours left for the tour then you should also witness Tangting village in the lap of Annapurna Mountain ranges where the atmosphere is heavenly bringing peace and calmness to the soul. Here, you can also taste the mouthwatering local cuisines like Dhindo, Ghundruk, and many more. It’s approx. 10 Km.away from the waterfall. 

A meet to nature’s beauty near Davis Falls should also not be missed i.e. to relax on the rocks nearby and feel the sparkles and showers of the magnificent waterfall. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Davis Falls

Once you reach Nepal you can either hire a taxi or opt. for a bus. Flights are also available which is the quickest way but expensive. However, the cheapest way will be to go by car. In the case of a bus, there is a direct bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. So, there are numerous options to reach the waterfall.

Best time to visit Davis Falls

Avoid visiting in the dry season because during this time no waterfall exists there. You can only see a stream of water flowing through it too if you are lucky. The best time would be during the rainy season i.e. from July to mid-September. Also try to complete the tour before evening as the place becomes dark and slippery also, after the sunset.

So, after reading about Davis Falls you would believe that it’s a natural wonder in the truest sense.

17.Rupa Lake

Rupa lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal located in the Pokhara metropolitan of the city. It is the third biggest lake in the Pokhara valley of Nepal and at an altitude of 600 m covering an area of about 1.35 km square with an average water depth of 3m and a maximum depth of 6 m. 

The lake is elongated north to south and is fed by perennial streams. Its watershed area is 30 km square, where the main inflow of water is from Talebesi stream, whereas Dhovan Khola is a feeder stream with its outlet Tal Khola at Sistani ghat. It supports many floral and fauna species.

A total of 36 species of water birds have been recorded in the lake which represents about 19 percent of the total 193 wetland-dependent birds found in Nepal.

Things to do in Rupa Lake

The best things to do in Pokhara are centered around multiple leisure and adventure activities. Lying in the lap of the Annapurna range, the city is an abode for trekkers and nature lovers. Trekkers can also enjoy the Annapurna trek and Everest base camp trek. 

The spectacular view of the Annapurna circuit and the Seti Gandaki river flowing through the city creating several canyons add a serene touch to the region. The Phewa Tal is famous for the world Peace Pagoda which attracts many travelers. 

Along with the mountain ranges, Pokhara valley is home to eight lakes which is why it holds some “city of lakes”. Most famous among all is the Phewa lake for its boating activities. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Rupa Lake

It’s easy to catch a bus to Begnas lake. People enjoy going swimming. There are many people there, and a short trail around the part of the lake to hike for an hour, a few small restaurants along the way. Certainly, if you are looking for peace, you can reserve economy hotels there for $10 or less a night and have the place all to yourself. 

This was the high season and in no way was there any crowds. I imagine a writer might enjoy the solitude. There are boats to rent and row.

Best time to visit Rupa Lake

The Bindhyabasini temple comes with its beauty which makes the temple a beautiful place for tourists. Situated at a height of 3000 ft. Above sea level and dedicated to Goddess Bhagawathi this is one of the oldest temples in Pokhara valley. 

This freshwater lake in the Kaski district of Nepal changes the color depending on the season. It is the largest of the eight lakes in Pokhara valley with a maximum depth of 10 meters. Enjoy the panoramic, spectacular view of the valley with the Landrauk trek.

18.Phewa Lake Sightseeing

Nestled in the Pokhara Valley, the Phewa Lake is a freshwater lake, in Western Nepal. It is the second-largest lake in the country situated at an altitude of 2434 ft above sea level and spread over an area of 4.43 sq. km.

The lake is famous for the reflection that is cast on it by the Macchapuchhre mountain. The Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges surround the lake.

The clear waters and scenic surroundings are a dream location for photographers and anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature’s bounty.

The Tal Barahi Temple is situated on the same island as well. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Phewa Lake Sightseeing

The major tourist attraction at Phewa City is water sports. The northern shore of Phewa Lake has been specifically developed as a tourist district.

This area is known more commonly as Lake-Side and is well equipped with hotels, restaurants, and bars. All hotels have tour packages for guests and guides available.

Other activities possible here include

1) Sightseeing places like Tal Barahi Temple and Pokhara Island, Poon Hills, etc

2) Shopping for handicrafts and other items.

3) Tibetan Encounter Day Tours, to experience the local culture.

4) Enjoying Tibetan Spas

5) Trekking the Annapurna Ranges with well-guided tours.

How to reach Phewa Lake Sightseeing

Roads are the most convenient way to get here.

The nearest airport to Phewa Lake is Pokhara Airport, at a distance of 6.4kms. Due to the high altitudes, railways do not function in the Pokhara region. One must take a train up to the border and then travel by road.

Best time to visit Phewa Lake Sightseeing

The best time to visit Phewa Lake would be around April to June. The weather is most welcoming and temperatures range between 30° and 17°.

December to February are unfeasible since the Winter sets in and can be very harsh.

The month of September is preferred for the Autumnal scenery.

19.Swayambhunath Stupa

West of Kathmandu city, on top of the Kathmandu hill, lies an ancient Swayambhunath Stupa, one of the oldest religious sites in Nepal. There’s interesting mythology hidden in these valleys they say once it was filled with an enormous lake, out of which grew a lotus, and hence the valley came to be known as Swayambhu, meaning “Self-Created”. 

We call it Swayambhunath Stupa, but foreigners might know it better as ‘Monkey Temple’ because of monkeys residing there for centuries. The tranquility you witness will be something you have never experienced. The lush green trees around, the mesmerizing colors of the sky, the subtle music of birds chirping, and amongst all of this, being able to witness this wonder was a completely different vibe in itself. 

The fantastic structure of the dome with the startling colors is truly a sight to look at.

White in itself represents peace and having the entire structure covered in white, there’s no doubt to the peace and harmony you encounter.

With your gaze imbibing the beauty and gradually moving skyward to see the eyes of Buddha, you’ll feel humbled and at peace. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Swayambhunath Stupa

One can visit:

Harati Devi Temple:

This is a notable temple of the structure. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Harati, the eradicator of smallpox. Shantipur:

This is a box-shaped temple, which is said to contain a living man, who has been there for 1500 years. Pratappur and Anantapur:

These are two temples in the shape of a bullet.

Shree Karma Raj Mahavihar:

This is an active monastery located in the northeast corner of the temple complex.


On the side of the stupa, there is a Dharmadhatu mandala.

Apart from all these sacred places, one can also enjoy the delicious dish popular in Nepal i.e. momos or you can get yourself relaxed by taking advantage of the nearby spa and massage centers. Also, one can keep his/her mind calm in the pure air with birds chirping around in the essence of a variety of trees by meditation.  Several meditation centers are available here.

How to reach Swayambhunath Stupa

You can find flights from India to Kathmandu, every day. Once you reach the capital of Nepal (Kathmandu) Swayambhunath Stupa is 4.8 km, if you follow the radius with Kathmandu as the center choosing Swayambhu Marg. climbing stairs. 

Once you reach, the scene as well as the wind itself will take away your dizziness due to climbing stairs. Or, you can reach there by hiring a taxi or cab or public transport only if you are sure of the routes.

Best time to visit Swayambhunath Stupa

If you wanna enjoy the trip to its fullest I will suggest the morning time is the best before 9 am, as all the hustle-bustle begins past 9 and the temple is openly 24/7. But visiting on Saturday is not preferable as it is the day-off of this country and you can find many prime activities during Saturday in this temple.

Taking seasons into consideration, spring and fall (September to mid-May) is the best time slot. With regards to religious festivals, Buddha Jayanth of April/May and Losar of Feb/March are the best time to visit this temple. Gunla celebration of August or September is also a good time to visit. However, it would be during the rainy season, which would be harder for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and other activities.

20.Taudaha Lake

Taudaha Lake is a famous freshwater small lake Located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The name of Taudaha Lake comes from a combination of Newari words ‘Ta’, and ‘Daha’, which means snake and lake respectively. This beautiful lake is wholly covered by hills with dense forests. 

Besides that, it is filled up with many fishes and is also called heaven for birdwatchers because many migratory birds spend their whole time in the area. The main mythology behind Taudaha lake is that a Buddhist mythical character Manjushree had cut some part of the hill to drain the whole water of this lake, due to that, it is smaller than before as we see. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Taudaha Lake

If we are wondering what we can do except for visiting the Taudaha lake in Kathmandu and make our trip exceptional in an unconventional way, there are many ways for that too.

Fish Feeding:

This place contains a large number of fishes and they allow us to do fish feeding there. There are many shops near the lake that provide fish food, so we collect it easily from there and enjoy the moment.

Bird Watching:

The Lake is also called the Migratory heaven of birds. so, here we can see different types of birds which will be an overall unique experience for us.

How to reach Taudaha Lake

Kathmandu is located in Nepal which is situated in the north part of India. To travel in Kathmandu as a tourist, you need to travel by Domestically the airport which is connected by some airlines such as Buddha Air, Cosmic Air, Nepal Airlines, and many more. Another way, you can fly directly from Amsterdam and Istanbul to Kathmandu through Arkefly and Turkish Airlines relatively.

Best time to visit Taudaha Lake

The country is located in the North part of India. Thus, it adopts the apparent impacts of nature easily which may affect tourism. If we want to make a trip in Summers then it may trouble your tour due to nature, so the winter season (October to March) is best to visit this place.

21.Thamel area

Thamel, Kathmandu’s designated tourist quarter, is a funny old thing. It started as a medieval site of Buddhist learning, but by the turn of the millennium, it had mutated into a red-light sandpit for an unholy trinity of thugs, dirty cops, and ex-rebels. 

Since then, it’s cleaned up its image, cleared away the rubble (of the 2015 earthquake), and braced itself to welcome not just the usual backpacker crowd, but well-heeled visitors to new deluxe hotels as well as a wave of Chinese tourists. Thamel is not a portal to a more “authentic” Nepal. It’s the real deal. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in the Thamel area

Thamel is a popular tourist hub within the capital city of Kathmandu. Most of the first-time visitors coming to Nepal usually end up in Thamel after leaving the airport by taxi. From adventure sports to bar hopping, Thamel is the perfect place to start and end your trek. 

Recently, the decision from the Government of Nepal has banned vehicle entrance inside Thamel which has allowed tourists to walk freely in the streets of Thamel with less traffic and noise

1. Explore eateries

2. Live music in Thamel

3. Bar hopping and Clubbing

4. Indoor sports like Wall climbing, Archery, Fuss ball, board games

5. Garden of Dreams

6. Enjoy watching the movie at the nearest Multiplex

7. Buy books, trekking gears, and Souvenir

8. Rickshaw tour

How to reach the Thamel area

Thamel can be reached by-

1- Bus


3- Flight (till Kathmandu then by road till Thamel area)

4- Car (by driving)

5- Taxi

Best time to visit Thamel area

Most guidebooks state that spring and autumn are the best times for visiting Nepal, since the weather tends to be moderate and stable, with clear skies. However, due to the complex nature of Nepal’s geography and climate, there’s a lot more to this. 

An ever-increasing number of travelers visit Thamel in winter and summer, and for good reason. With the right information, travel plan, and preparation, Thamel is a great year-round destination.

22.National Museum Of Nepal

The National Museum is the main attraction point for tourist destinations in the capital city of Kathmandu, it is also called Rashtriya Sangrahalaya. It displays the weapons used in the wars in the 18-19th century and glorifies a collection of historical creations like sculpture, paintings, and the rich culture of Nepal. 

It was built in 1928 as an arsenal museum earlier used to be ‘Chhauni Silkhana’ means the stone house of arms and ammunitions. It was publicly opened in 1938 by then prime minister Juddha Sumsher JBR. The museum is divided into several buildings and galleries (statues, paintings, etc.).

Things to do in National Museum Of Nepal

At the entrance of the museum campus, one can visit Judda Art Gallery, which contains attractive stones, metal and terracotta statues of Nepali deities, and fabulous Paubha cloth paintings. Buddhist Art Gallery is situated in the back of the campus, which has archaeological displays brought from Buddha’s birthplace at Lumbini and Buddhist statues. 

Hudson Phantom in the corner of the campus, which is believed to be the first car to reach Nepal in the early 1900s. On the ground floor, the Natural History Gallery has stuffed animals and old whale bones. The upper-story building has a collection of weapons, coins, and stamps. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach the National Museum Of Nepal

The National Museum of Nepal is placed at Museum road, Kathmandu. It is well connected and reachable by private and public transportation. The entrance gate is closely opposite to the Nepal Army Military Museum and by walking it takes only 15 min from Swayambhunath temple. It is only 25 mins from Hanuman Dhoka Palace.

Best time to visit the National Museum Of Nepal

The best suitable time is February to October. The museum is operational in summer and Wintertime but closes early in extremes of both seasons.

Operation hours: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm every day, except during summer and winter.

23.Kathesimbhu Stupa

This beautiful stupa is located in Kathmandu city in Nepal atop a hill. The architecture dates back to the 5th century BC making it one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in Nepal. Along with the stupa, there is the Harati Devi temple and other small stupas. 

The construction includes a dome at the base and above that is a cubical structure painted with eyes of Buddha looking in all four directions. The stupa depicts Swayambhu Purana which is a Buddhist scripture and is about the origin and development of Kathmandu. 

A visit there would provide eternal peace as the place can make you feel the presence of Buddha because of his teachings which was the sole reason for its construction. Prayers are offered in the morning and at night and the lights sparkling in the night make the view eye-catching. 

Visiting here would make you filled with morals and ethics and most importantly unity which this place symbolizes.

Things to do in Kathesimbhu Stupa

The sightseeing includes other small stupas and temples which are located close to Kathesimbhu stupa. Buddhist as well as Hindu pilgrims come here to worship and seek blessings. You can come across the busy street called Chandraman Singh Marg which connects Thamel with Durbar Square. 

You can find attractive items in the shops which resound Buddhist music. Traveling for a short while, you can explore other things in Kathmandu most of which are temples and stupas. Some of them are Pashupatinath temple, Durbar square, Boudhanath, and Svayambhunath which make up the world heritage sites. 

Their art, history, and culture are worth seeing. The delicacies are worth trying like momos, Chatamari, Choila, for trying something spicy. Beverages include Suja, Raksi, Jaand. Also, for the sweet tooth, the must-try is Yomari and Lakhamari. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

How to reach Kathesimbhu Stupa

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is easily accessible and can be reached by direct flights or roads or by taking a train to Janakpur from where you can reach Kathmandu by road. Cab services can also be taken on the spot as the buses can be overcrowded. 

Tempos, cycle rickshaws, and auto-rickshaws are available for traveling inside the city. Our Kathmandu stupa can be reached by hitting the road with the above means as it is located between Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Best time to visit Kathesimbhu Stupa

The best time to visit would be from October to December as this is the time when the place is comparatively dry. The place experiences unseasoned rainfall as it is close to the Himalayan ranges. The winters can be chilly at night but it’s the most favorable season to visit. 

The summers are dry as well but can have untimely showers and the monsoons have high-density rainfall which makes winter the best season to visit.


Phulchowki is the highest point around the Kathmandu valley and has a height of 2791 meters. Phulchowki means hill of flowers, it is situated among the surrounding hills of Kathmandu valley. It is the name of one of the oldest Hindu goddesses and it is floriferous which comprises rhododendron flowers and Chestnut-headed Tesia, red-billed Leiothrix woodpecker, Nepal Cutia, etc. 

You can witness the festivals of Phulchowki if you visit it in July or August, also it is the only place in the vicinity which experiences rainfall during the winter month. It is voted as one of the best places to visit in Nepal in 2021 by Tourzop.

Things to do in Phulchowki

You can experience a whole lot of things ranging from mountaineering, trekking, rafting, kayaking, and hiking. It is one of the best places to find the experience of an immense amount of vegetation and a healthy atmosphere throughout. is a great place to reinvent yourself, it may seem tiring for one but in the end, everything seems like a worth when the expedition finally pays off in numerous ways. 

It teaches us the epiphany of the importance of nature and we find that until we are accustomed we all are telluric as the mizzle will strike you with immense contentment.

How to reach Phulchowki

Phulchowki is located in the southeast of Kathmandu valley and popular for romantic views as it is the highest hill in Nepal. There are two preferred ways to reach the destination; one is to take a long walk around the hills of Kathmandu valley and you can go to Phulchowki hill through Namo Buddha. Unless you are in a hurry and need to make it in a hurry, you shall ascend from the Godavari according to my suggestion.

Best time to visit Phulchowki

It is viable to trek or visit the Phulchowki in between March-April or in July and August. It will expose you to witnessing one of the major festivals on the full moon days in July and August every year. Nevertheless, masses from surrounding areas like Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and other towns also like to visit at the time of these months. 

Also, you can get a pleasing view of the villages and Nepalese hills from the top and you can also witness. one marvel factory and Godward botanical garden in the Godavari.

The list of best places to visit in Nepal in the year 2021 has been updated keeping in mind the choice of the travelers post covid19. Tourzop suggests these 25 best places to visit in Nepal curated with the help of top travel experts and bloggers. We are open to suggestions from you and the winner for the best suggestion will get a free trek from Tourzop, please contribute your choices for the best places to visit in Nepal.

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