25 Best places to visit in Manali 2022

1.Enchanting Manu Temple

Manali is one of the best places to visit in Manali, and a site renowned for its cool climate and aesthetic beauty is one of the finest places for a person to visit in India. The place is famous for its Buddhist monasteries and the Rohtang pass is also known for the enchanting Manu Temple. a

This Hindu temple is devoted to the Indian sage or the first human and the one who created this entire world. The destination is chosen to be the place where the great sage used to meditate. The atmosphere is blessed with positivity all around the beautiful temple. All of the combined with the calming sensation of cool breeze flowing across makes it a wonderful place to visit.

Things to do in Enchanting Manu Temple

Manu Temple is an exceptional place for trekking, it is located on the pinnacle of a beautiful hill that trekkers love to climb. The optimism in the environment adds to the experience and soothes everyone around the place. The temple is also admirable for sightseeing. This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

The architecture of the temple and the beautiful valleys around are a great place for mental peace and meditation. The silence in the temple where the voices of birds chirping seem to upgrade the beauty of the temple altogether. It is also a fantastic place for photography. The true colors of our nature embrace every picture taken near the temple.

How to reach Enchanting Manu Temple

Manu temple is located in old Manali which is around 3 km away from the Manali market and 54 km away from the nearest Manali Airport. The ones who wish to visit this beautiful temple must come on foot from a narrow passage which makes their visit even more exciting. April to June is the prominent time to visit the magnificent temple.

Best time to visit Enchanting Manu Temple

Even in summers, the atmosphere is very cool which makes it a very comfortable time to visit. The post-monsoon period transforms the place with its amazing scent of wet soil and doubles the beauty of the place. This temple has been the primary tourist attraction for Manali and everyone should visit this enchanting temple once in their life.

2.Maa Sharvari Temple

The alluring Sharvari temple is a must to visit in Manali, which offers a peek into the culture and history of the hill stations of Kullu Manali, positioned above Shaminallah village in the twin hills. The place holds sacred significance as is said to abode the ancestral deities of the Kullu Kings and is also an illustration of the Goddess Durga.

Disciples from across the world hurdle up in this procession to seek blessings from Maa Sharvari. worshipped. Bundled in ancient history, the temple is considered to be a significant place of worship. During the colorful festival of Dusshera which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor in the hill station, the statue is taken to Kullu in a colorful procession to meet Lord Raghunathji.

Things to do in Maa Sharvari Temple

Hike down from the main city to the temple with quaint views of the panoramas to experience some adventure.

Submit your prayers to the ancient goddess.

Shutterbugs can capture the picturesque view of the surrounding in your camera for a lifetime of memory.

Don’t forget to experience the snow games if you are visiting the temple in winter.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach Maa Sharvari Temple

Being placed only 5 km away from the Manali Bus Stop, The Maa Sharvari Temple is a hassle-free journey in a hired cab or a private bus.

Best time to visit Maa Sharvari Temple

The Maa Sharvari Temple can be visited at any time of the year. However, as Maa Sharvari is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, the best time to visit the temple would be during the Hindu festival of Dussehra as the celebrations are magnificent at that time.

3.Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

The exquisite greenery and the presence of wild mountain animals make the Popular Manali Wildlife Sanctuary one of the must-see destinations in Manali.

Location: This amazing Sanctuary is located about 2 km away from the main town and spread over 3180 hectares.

Established in: 1954

Wildlife included: Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Flying Fox, Striped Hyena, Himalayan Tahr, Palm Civet, etc.

Endangered animals: Leopards, Brown Bears and Goral can also be seen here.

The rich forest of this Sanctuary is covered with trees like Deodar, Horse Chestnut, Kail, Maple, and Walnut which makes the place more beautiful and serene.

Things to do in Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal spot to explore the rich flora and fauna that the place harbors. Other than opportunities of sighting a variety of these reptiles, birds, animals, and mammals. The popular Manali Sanctuary also has ample options that will entice the adventurous and fun-loving soul. 

These include fabulous trekking routes and camping facilities. The Sanctuary is undoubtedly a paradise on Earth for all animals and nature lovers who flock here in large numbers to experience what this heaven is like, also there are special facilities of camping arrangements for the students who love adventurous trips.

How to reach Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

The nearest airport from Sanctuary is the Kullu-Manali Airport which is an approximate distance of about 51km.

There are several options visitors can employ to travel. To start with, bus services or private cab service can be hired from the airport that will drop the tourist directly at the Sanctuary.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Although the Sanctuary is open throughout the year, the best time to visit this place is during the cold and cozy time i.e.between the months of October-February and for the adventurer, the best time to visit is during the summer season i.e between the months of May-June.

4.Manu Temple

I suggest you, there is a great idea to refresh yourself, pack your bags and let’s explore northeastern states of India, to be frank, north-eastern states in India are most underrated and unexplored. So once we are free from Covid -19 the best destinations to visit are the northeastern states. 

The one we are speaking about is the Enchanting Manu temple near Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This temple is centuries old, built-in dedication to sage Manu whom the neighborhoods believe to be the creator of the world.

The History of sage Manu:

Ranked 10 out of 51 sightseeing in Manali, Manu temple is believed to be the only temple of Manu and therefore the main tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. Vaivasvata Manu who is said to be the creator of the world and the writer of Manusmriti is said to be the first king to rule the earth after saving mankind from the large flood from the Matsya avatar.

 He constructed a large boat where he filled his family, 9 kinds of seeds, birds, and animals to repopulate the earth-saving it from the flood. After which he meditated in the spot which is now the magnificent Manu temple.

Things to do in Manu Temple

Activities to Explore-

You need to trek a bit to reach Manu temple and it’s worth it, take a visit to the temple, meditate, watch the green Lush with snowfall all over them and go paragliding amidst those large mountains covered with snow and have a great view of the greens, experience the thrill of rafting in the brooks and if you are a biker and bored of the urban traffic it’s time for a change, you are in Manali go Mountain biking. 

This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Camp around the River like those you see in movies. Shop at Manu market and what not?

How to reach Manu Temple

How can I reach Manu?

Okay, now you know about Manu temple, you are excited about the activities you could do in Manali. But, how to reach Manu? It’s simple- the most convenient way to reach Himachal is by air, take a flight to Chandigarh and then get on a bus from Chandigarh to Shimla or you can prefer a flight from Chandigarh to Shimla.

 Now take a cab or bus to reach Manali and it’s a 3km walk to Manu temple. The other way is to take a flight to Chandigarh and get on the train from Chandigarh to Manali and it’s a 3km walk or you can choose local transport and you are at Manu temple. 

There is no entry fee at all and is open from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, wear clothes which cover your knees and shoulders and you are in!

Best time to visit Manu Temple

The best time to visit Manali would be in the months of early July to August end. The nearby places to visit are the Hadimba temple, a distinctive shrine dedicated to Hadimba Devi wife of Bhīma. It is built on a rock which is believed to be the image of goddess Hadimba herself. 

Some other places to visit nearby are Siyali Mahadev Temple, Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk art, Ghatotkach tree temple, Manali Nature Park, Manali Bazaar, Hotel riverbank, and restaurant.


Gulaba is a village in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The village is designed and manned as per the guidelines of the National Green Tribunal Act. Gulaba is situated on the way to Rohtang Pass, on the Leh-Manali Highway.

 It is named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir. Gulaba has all the essential equipment and computerized system to ensure good tourism management. The natural landscape of the village attracts a large number of tourists every year from every corner of the world. 

The village is tucked in between attractive snow-capped mountains and verdant green meadows, with the Beas River adding richness and serenity to its beauty.

It is a wonderful place to visit. The village has also risen to fame especially for Indians, after the popular Ranbir Kapoor, movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, featured some scenes that were shot here.

Things to do in Gulaba

There are a lot of things that you would love to do there. One of them is stargazing from the camp. The sky in Gulaba is nothing less than a treat for lovers of stargazing. You can gaze at the glittering sky for hours till the stars give way to the early morning sun.

The adventure activities include trekking, hiking, camping, paragliding, and even skiing and zorbing, among others. You can also experience a yak or a horse ride and you would love it and it will be an adventurous movement of your life.

How to reach Gulaba

The distance between Gulaba Manali and Manali City Centre is around 12.5 kilometers, which takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, but it depends on the conditions of the roads as well as the weather and traffic.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

The best way to reach Gulaba Manali from Manali City Centre is by taking a car, or by hiring a private car or taxi. Even jeeps operate around the state which can take you to Gulaba But the cheapest way to reach Gulaba from Manali City Centre is by availing the state bus services. Everything depends totally on your budget.

Best time to visit Gulaba

The best time to visit Gulaba Manali is in the summer as well as winter months.

The winter months, between November and February, are amongst the best times to visit the village. The entire region is covered with a thick layer of snow, making it suitable for enjoying various exciting adventure activities, such as ice skating, skiing, paragliding, trekking, and much more. 

From March to June, Gulaba experiences summer. The season is filled with lush greenery, verdant trees as well as a pleasant Weather. You can enjoy zorbing, river rafting or other mountain sports. 

However, the only time which is unfit for a visit to Gulaba is the monsoon season, from July till September. These are times when the entire region experiences heavy downpours which can lead to landslides and other accidents.

6.Tirthan Valley

The best-kept secret of Himachal the Tirthan Valley is located in the Banjar town of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh besides the Tirthan river with an altitude of 1600metres. Tirthan Valley is also famous by its other name as Banjar valley.

The valley has the most popular Tirthan river flowing through it, so this place is named as Tirthan Valley.

Tirthan Valley is dominated by cloud kissed mountains with dense coniferous forest.

Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley Waterfalls, Trek to Serloskar Lake, Sainj Valley, and many more are some of the most visited and to be visited places in Tirthan Valley.

Things to do in Tirthan Valley

Starting from your stay there are many attractive wooden houses which you would like to stay in. You could have your best experience in Great Himalayan National Park trekking located at Banjar division in the same Kullu district

If you wish to have trekking at higher altitudes then you can prefer Jalori pass which is located at an altitude of around 3000metres. 

You can even pack your lunch box and have a picnic.

If you love water sightseeing places then you have many options of waterfalls and lakes and even trout fishing, if you ask for my suggestion we would prefer you to visit Chhoie Waterfall where you can do both trekkings of around 5kms from Sharchi road and then you can enjoy the best scenes of the waterfall.

Coming to food one should never miss the Sharbat over here and the famous Himachali dishes like Meetha chawal, Siddus, and many more.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach Tirthan Valley

reach Delhi first and then I would suggest you can reach Kiratpur by train and then take a cab to Tirthan valley and can even enjoy the nature on the way because Kiratpur is the nearest railway station to Tirthan or else if you want to enjoy the car riding I would suggest you take a cab from Delhi itself and reach Tirthan valley by Manali highway from Chandigarh.

Best time to visit Tirthan Valley

The best time to visit Tirthan Valley is from January-June because this is the season of spring and summer in which you can have a great exploration of flora and fauna and even enjoy the waterfalls and even you can enjoy swimming in waterfalls during this season.

 Even though the summers are at moderate temperature due to high altitudes, this is such a safe place to have a family tour or tour with our friends according to me.

7. Jana falls

Ever felt the need to get away from hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the lap of nature? Jana place is the right place to go to. This scenic location is gaining popularity because of its natural beauty and aesthetic nature.

The waterfall cascades from a height of about 30 feet and its presence in the dense flora is sure to create a sense of awe. Located about 40 kilometers from Manali at 2280 meters above sea level, it is a treat for both adventure freaks and nature lovers at the same time.

Things to do in Jana falls

There are a lot of things you can do at Jana falls, you can try a bunch of adventure sports like zip-lining and archery to get the adrenaline flowing. You can even take a leisurely swim or just dip your feet in the soothing water and relax while you wait for your Siddu roll. Wondering what it is? 

A tasty, local delicacy, served with ghee and jaggery at the famous Mani Ram Dhaba opposite the falls. As you are enjoying the cold weather, delicious food, and the beautiful falls, make sure you capture your moments on the old wooden bridge to cherish those memories forever.

How to reach Jana falls

Jana falls, located about 13-15 kilometers from Naggar city, can be reached by either renting a vehicle or taking your own. There are about 3-4 buses every day from Naggar, so the commute won’t be a problem. Surrounded by stretches of apple orchards, the journey is as beautiful as the destination.

Best time to visit Pleasing Jana falls

The Jana falls is open for visitors only between 8 am-8 pm but the timings may differ on Thursdays and the falls are at their best between September and June which is the winter season in Manali.

The 360 views of pine trees, dense and untouched greenery with snow-covered mountains is bound to take your breath away. As Maxime Lagacé rightly said “By discovering nature, you discover yourself.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

8.Rahala Waterfall

Situated 28kms from India’s Honeymoon capital “MANALI”. Rahala waterfall is situated in a very immaculate area surrounded by a dense growth of silver birch and deodar. This waterfall gives a perfect panoramic view of snow-capped Himalayas and greenery which is worth experiencing. This fall is situated at an altitude of 2501m (8200ft).

 It is generally an outcome of melting glaciers which makes the water extremely cold. The waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh providing an authentic view of the lush green mountains of this beautiful valley.

Things to do in Rahala Waterfall

Although we can feel the freshness of the air and calm our mind with the peaceful environment here. We can feel much more alive in these places thus clicking amazing pictures of the lush green and snow capped mountains would be the perfect thing to do here. 

Having A cup of CHAI would make you feel more alive here for especially chai lovers. Sitting alone on the cliff near the waterfall can give inner peace to our mind where you can just enjoy the view and the amazing sound of the waterfall.

How to reach Rahala Waterfall

A person can normally use a taxi, bus, or bike to reach here as it is situated in MANALI – LEH NATIONAL HIGHWAY. It is usually 28km from Manali Bus Stand, 23km from Rohtang Pass, and 15km from Kothi village which is the nearest village to this amazing waterfall.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Rahala Waterfall

The perfect time to visit this waterfall is March to October as at this time a person can see the lush green trees on the mountains and the snow-capped Himalayas with the maximum flow of water flowing through the rocks in the waterfall making it worth experiencing waterfall.

9.Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is a high-altitude lake located in the district of Kullu, about 40 kilometers away from Manali. The route to the lake passes through entrancing meadows which are also called the Bhrigu Lake Meadows. Not many tourists know about the beautiful meadows that can be compared with the alpine meadows found at high altitude locations like Switzerland.

 As one walks through the expansive stretch of grasslands amidst snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, they are bound to feel like they have entered a different world altogether. For those who constantly search for locations to escape the city life, traffic, and pollution, Bhrigu Lake is the place for them.

It takes about 6 hours to reach the enrapturing Bhrigu Lake from Gulaba Village. The name Bhrigu is derived from the name of Maharishi Bhrigu. A salient characteristic of the lake is that it never freezes entirely during winters. 

According to a legend, the lake never freezes completely because Maharishi Bhrigu meditated near it. Campers can set a camp near Bhrigu Lake and spend some leisure time with friends and family while trekking to the lake.

Most of the tourist season, the region has clear blue skies during the day. The gentle warmth of the sun during a clear day makes the walk a pleasant one. Night skies are a special treat for campers and night gazers.”

Things to do in Soul-stirring Bhrigu Lake

Trekking and witnessing the beauty are the things to do in Bhrigu Lake.

The trek to Bhrigu Lake is 10 km long which has to be started at the rise of dawn. On the way, one gets a stunning panoramic view 0f Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges. Major peaks such as Indrasen, Deo Tibba stand majestically in front of the trekkers.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

 However, the route to the lake is enveloped by fog due to the weather and is quite tricky. The entire journey takes 6-7 hours and after reaching the lake, people spend some time near the lake which is located between Two-High Altitude ranges and is surrounded by snow and fresh alpine flowers.

After spending time near the lake, one retraces his/her way back to Rola Khuli.

How to reach Soul-stirring Bhrigu Lake

From Manali, tourists have to drive to Gulaba Village which is about 24 kilometers away and is very well connected by road. Shared or private taxis are the best and the most affordable modes of local transport to reach Gulaba Village. From the village, tourists need to walk or trek through the alpine meadows to reach Bhrigu Lake.

Best time to visit Soul-stirring Bhrigu Lake

The best time to visit Bhrigu Lake is between October and May which be the winter season in Manali. A significant portion of the lake is frozen during this time, and the surrounding is covered with snow. Between March and May is summertime which is also an excellent season to visit the lake for an adventurous/recreational activity as the weather stays clear and pleasant throughout the day.

10.Arjun Gufa

21 km from Manali bus stand, 23 km from Kullu, and 10 km from Prini village exist the imposing Arjun Gufa with mysteries embedded deep into its rocks. It is located on the left bank of the stupendous Beas river which flows with you as a friend throughout your journey from Manali. 

The mystical Arjun Gufa is a major tourist attraction owing to its magnificent scenic beauty and is situated near Naggar. It is named after Arjun the great Pandava warrior from the Indian legend of Mahabharata.

 He meditated in this place. Impressed by his devotion, Arjun was given the most powerful weapon ‘Pashupata Astra’ by Lord Indra.

Things to do in Arjun gufa

With the breath-taking beauty surrounding the cave, it makes an incredible picnic spot. With the cool wind swishing through your hair a stroll is undeniable. Fresh and clean air without the everyday hustle of city life entering your lungs helps to bring peace to your thoughts. 

With the fast-paced life, closing your eyes and letting the cold breeze touch your face while water ripples against the rocks are the finest method of meditating your tired mind. One has to explore and find their way through the dimly lit cave with a flashlight which makes this short hike exhilarating.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach Arjun Gufa

Now the trip to the mystical Arjun Gufa is a half-day excursion. So strap up your sports shoes because this journey involves a lot of walk through nature. To reach this cave a bus can be taken to Prini village and then a 45-minute walk to the cave or a hike from Manali if nature’s miracles are what you wanna admire.

Best time to visit Arjun gufa

Manali can be visited from April to June and September to October or November to January if white paradise is what u want to experience. The best time to visit Arjun Gufa is during the peak summer or at the onset of autumn for the pre-eminent experience.

11. Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa is a Buddhist monastery located in Manali. Its religious significance is highly important for devotees, but tourists are also attracted by the architectural beauty. The most prominent feature of this temple is the enormous statue of Sakyamuni in a meditative posture. The Divine and tranquil vibe of the monastery can be felt right from the entrance of the Temple.

 The icon, statues, and colorful paintings on the walls add extra beauty to the monastery. The word Nyingmapa denotes “Nyingma” which is one of the oldest traditions of the four major schools of Tiberian Buddhism. A tip: Greet here in locals by saying “JULLEY” and you will see the smile on the other side.

Things to do in Charming Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

It is advised to have a few minutes of meditation to get a glimpse into the beautiful lives of the Buddhist monks. It is located close to mall avenue in Manali. Anyone who likes to calm their minds is welcome to the monastery. It is always recommended to move along the right side of the temple since it shows the reverence of Buddha.

How to reach Charming Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

It is exactly located near the mall avenue in Pangan. The nearest railway station is Una Railway Station which is 98.04 km away from the temple. The nearest airport is Bhuntar, located at a distance of 50 km from Manali.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Charming Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

Manali is surely one of the prettiest locations you can look forward to visiting to get closer to the natural aspects of a Hill Station. Each season in Manali has its charms alongside a few expected seatbacks. This Buddhist temple is open from 6 ‘o clock in the morning till 7 in the night.

Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple is a perfect place to get a glimpse into the spiritual importance of Buddhism and must be visited while exploring Manali.

12.Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is one famous attraction place which is located in Manali, built in the year 1960 by Tibetan refugee this spiritual monastery was specially built for the Buddhist, this monastery is a small shrine which is dedicated to Lord Buddha, a place where people from all over the world regardless of their respective beliefs are welcomed to experience spirituality.

Tthe monastery has a massive image of Lord Buddha and charming murals which illustrates the non-violent philosophy of Lord Buddha.

Things to do in Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

One of the two main things under a travel checklist is sightseeing and shopping, and you can do both at Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa, within the complex, there are small shops where you can buy Tibetan handicrafts and carpets. This being a spiritual place has an area where mats are placed for visitors to meditate.

 Photography is encouraged here the monastery is covered with wonderfully crafted interiors, the shrine has images of Lord Buddha and charming murals which makes it picture-perfect.

You can also indulge in the local cuisine from a restaurant that is nearby. For all the nature lovers there is a well-maintained garden where you can sit and enjoy for hours.

How to reach Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is located in Manali mall road near the Manali bus stop. so, from your hotel, via bus or auto, you can travel to Manali mall road which won’t be hard since it’s the most popular spot, Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa being a walk-able distance from mall road you can either ask the locals or use google map to guide you to the monastery.

This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

There is no specific time phrase to visit this place although if you prefer the colder season than visiting during October to February is considered the best months to visit if you prefer warmer weather than you can visit during March to June, the monastery has brilliant architectural sites which makes it mesmerizing to capture, so visiting during sunrise and sunset would be accurate.

 However this is the perfect place to visit whenever you want an escape from reality and get in touch with your spiritual side.

13.Siyali Mahadev Temple, Manali

The Siyali Mahadev temple is located on the Hadimba temple road in Manali. This temple is incredibly famous for its architectural beauty. The Siyali Mahadev temple is of religious importance to the followers of Hinduism but people of any caste are allowed to explore the architecture and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. 

The shiva linga is said to have existed since ancient times. Several types of poojas are performed at this temple. According to legend, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared on earth from a tree trunk at the place near Siyali Mahadev temple where the smaller temple is now built.

Things to do in Siyali Mahadev Temple, Manali

Manali is an extremely beautiful place situated beside the river Beas. We can explore the nature and village on a leisure walk it is the best way to mingle with the locals to know about their culture and also explore life.

The top places to visit in Manali are:

1.siyali Mahadev temple 2.hadimba temple 3.vashisht hot water spring

3.buddist Monastery

 Things to do in Siyali Mahadev temple which is located on the road of Hidimba temple which can also be reached by mall road. This way has several stores, shops, restaurants, and cafes. On the way, we can explore the expertise of the artisans of Manali.

Adventures : Many more exciting adventures feats can be done like Riverside camping, paragliding, camping, rafting, mountain bike site seeing, etc.

How to reach Siyali Mahadev Temple, Manali

Depending upon the place we are starting from we can reach Manali through airways or roadways. From Manali, we can reach the Siyali Mahadev temple which is located on Hadimba temple road through mall road in 10mins by car or on horses or mules. we can also go by cycles or bikes in bike sightseeing.

Best time to visit Siyali Mahadev Temple, Manali

October to June is the best time to visit Manali and so is the Siyali Mahadev temple. This temple is, as we know, opened rarely. As we pass through the ghat road With bright, colorful flowers awaiting to welcome us, we experience not chill but moderate temperature ranging between 10 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

But for the lovers of snowfall, December to February is the best time. With temperatures that hover around subzero, Manali becomes a paradise on earth with its snow-clad surroundings.

14.Jana Waterfall

Jana waterfall is a major attraction for tourists in Manali. It is located in a quaint village named Jana. Jana is at a height of 2280 meters approximately and it takes 1.5 hours to reach there from Manali. It is a natural waterfall that is a favorite picnic spot and is often visited by people residing in nearby villages and towns. Jana waterfall is an escape from the chaotic city life. 

The pleasing beauty of the Jana waterfall will rejuvenate your mind and will boost up your spirit. The water gushes down from a particular height and refreshes all your mood. If you want to get a clear look at this beautiful scenic waterfall it includes a small trek.

 The trek is easy to do and the sound of a trickling waterfall amidst the chirping of birds calms any soul entering this area. Jana waterfall is a must-visit for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Things to do in Jana Waterfall

Jana waterfall trek is pleasing as the fresh air and scenic beauty make you hypnotic. You can bathe in the water or swim leisurely in a small pool. From the top, you can adore the view of deodar and pine trees, apple orchards, snow-covered mountains, and clear blue skies. 

It is a favorite picnic spot and photography can be done at its best. There is a shop nearby where you can enjoy local food. The local dhabas there serve amazing finger-licking Himalayan cuisine just near the waterfall.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach Jana Waterfall

You have to travel via Jana Road. Which is also known as Kullu-Naggar-Manali Road. It is 33 kilometers away from Manali Town. You can hire a government bus, a local taxi or a private cab. The route to Jana waterfall is pleasing as it covers dense forests. The road towards Jana waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful.

Best time to visit Jana Waterfall

The best time to reach Jana waterfall is between September and June months which is the winter season in Manali. There is no harm in planning your trip in monsoons but the temperature drops monstrously during this season making it trek testing. This is the best place to relax in the lap of nature.

15.Gorgeous Solang Valley

The beautiful Solang Valley is a 14km drive from Manali and lies on the way to Rohtang pass. Solang Valley is also known as Solang Nallah and derives its name from Solang, a nearby village, and Nallah, water.

 Solang Valley is a giant slope of lawn on the bank of river Beas. It’s a must-visit place and is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and ardent tourists. Not only is it famous for its view, but also, for sports activities like paragliding, parachuting, skating, and zorbing. There are so many petty shops selling hot chai and maggie to comfort the tourists and travelers.

 If you are looking out for the best place for a photo shoot, then Solang valley is the place for it. You cannot miss traveling to Solang Valley if you have plans for Manali. Solang Valley, no doubt is a paradise on earth and should be added to the bucket list. Want to visit a beautiful place on a shoestring budget? Visit Solang Valley!

Things to do in Gorgeous Solang Valley

Solang Valley offers a lot of unique experiences. The first and foremost thing to try would be trekking to the snow point in Solang Valley. The second foremost thing would be visiting the Anjanim Mahadev temple (Shiva temple) above the snow point.

It gives a spectacular view of the waterfall falling bright on the Shiv Ling. If you are not on your shoestring budget, the sports should be added to your must-try list. 

Ziplining, river crossing, and paragliding are the most adventurous sports that one must try and is also worth your time and money. Sightseeing comes under the most basic activity that everyone visiting the place should do, otherwise, you have just misspent your money on this trip. The activities offered differ according to the climates.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

 Snowslide, snow scooter, and skiing are recommendable during winters, and paragliding and zorbing are recommendable during summers. You must try all these activities keeping in mind the cost of each sport! Each sport is adventurous in its way!

How to reach Gorgeous Solang Valley

The only way to reach Solang Valley is to rent a car or book a cab, as buses are not allowed to the Solang Valley. To reach the snow point, one can trek, rent a mountain bike which costs Rs. 1000 for three people or a horse which costs Rs. 100 for one person. Trekking is the most recommended.

Best time to visit Gorgeous Solang Valley

The best time to visit the place would be during March or April. The springtimes have the right amount of snow and the weather is pretty chill and pleasant. This climate is the best for experiencing all types of sports activities.

 The temperature teeters between 7°celcius to 12°celcius, which is bearable and pleasant.

16.Picturesque Bhuntar

Imagine a town surrounded by greenery, leading the way towards the scenic view of hills, dominated by the beauty of the confluence of rivers. It’s all liveable at Bhuntar. Bhuntar is a town situated in one of the Indian states known as Himachal Pradesh. 

The town witnesses the confluence of Beas river and Parvati river also it has got its dominance for being tranquil and for holding religious significance. Bhuntar is a passage towards the “Queen of hills” Kullu Manali. The natural beauty of the town is accompanied by pleasant weather in the summers, gaining much attention from tourists.

Things to do in Picturesque Bhuntar

Despite being a beautiful example of nature’s beauty, the town has got enough nearby attractions. Basheshwar Temple is one of the famous temples located in the town. Also, there are certain campsites available near the town.

 The town is a perfect destination for people who want to escape from busy city life for some time. Trekking, which is loved by many hill station lovers can also be done here in Bhuntar. Tourists also visit the bridge crossing the Beas River located in the town. With a peaceful environment, the town is a paradise for relaxing.

How to reach Picturesque Bhuntar

Any mode of transport be it bus, train or flight can be opted to reach Bhuntar. Though traveling by road is much easier. Bhuntar has its airport so if you wish to travel by flight then it is also available but with limited flights.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Picturesque Bhuntar

Though the climate is pleasant throughout the year, yet if you wish to see snow you can visit the place in January or February. Or, if you want to avoid cold weather you can visit the place in the summers to experience some gentle breeze.

17.Chandrakhani Pass

Serenity is one word that truly describes the Chandrakhani pass. Seated at an elevation of 3660m in the Kullu valley, the Chandrakhani pass is a beauty that provides stunning views of the Deo Tibba peak, Pir Panjal, and Parbati range of mountains.

 Its low altitude makes it a perfect start for travelers who are new to the mountains and is also a perfect introduction to the lush and hilly terrain of Himachal. The region also has religious importance as it was once the seat of meditation for the Saptarishi Jamadagni.

Things to do in Chandrakhani Pass

Being one of the hotspots for trekking in India, treks are done throughout the year. This trek stands out amongst the most delightful treks that acquaint the tripper with the remote societies of Himachal Pradesh. The magnificence of the Kullu valley and the mountain tops that spot that skyline is a treat for nature significant others all through the excursion.

 Exploring the valley is also a memory to cherish as its beauty is sure to sweep you off your feet. The ancient towns of Naggar, Rumsu, and the famous Malana are also nearby, each unique in its way.

How to reach Chandrakhani Pass

Kullu is the nearest hotspot when it comes to buses and the major railway station and airport is located in Chandigarh. Chandrkahani can also be reached from Manali, which is well connected to other nearby cities, as it is 18km from Naggar.

Best time to visit Chandrakhani Pass

The best time to visit would be from early June to mid-October. There is a lot of snow on the trail during the early months of the year and this can make the trek interesting. This trail can be done in monsoon months as well as winters (with added precautions).This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

18.Mystical Arjun Gufa

The Arjun Gufa is a natural site situated in Manali. The Gufa, as the name suggests is related to one of the fiercest Pandava brothers, Arjun.

It is said that Arjun meditated in that very Gufa or the cave for many years until one instance when lord Indra, pleased by his perseverance and heartfelt devotion and dedication appeared and granted him his blessings along with a weapon knows as ‘Pashupata Astra’. 

This was the main reason as to how the Gufa got its name. It has caught the eyes of many tourists due to its undying beauty and of course the legend attached to it which gives the destination a cultural and historical significance.

Things to do in Mystical Arjun Gufa

The Gufa/cave is considered an awesome picnic spot and is located towards Naggar, it is based on the left bank of Beas river. The nearest village to the Gufa is Prini and the village is known for its natural beauty and diverse cultural elements. It also provides an enthralling exploration experience and is a great adventurous spot. 

The creation of the Gufa has fascinated the tourists as well. Visiting this historical place will also be of cultural significance. It also provides a view of sightseeing and a soothing spot near the bank of the Beas river. The place is filled with greenery including lush green pine trees which excites nature lovers as well.

How to reach Mystical Arjun Gufa

The Gufa is situated at a distance of 21km from the Manali Bus Stand, 23 km from Kullu, and approximately 10 km from Prini village. Depending upon the needs and the available transport, one can visit the Gufa be the means of a private/rented four-wheelers but majorly the transport option remains as walking/trekking.

This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Mystical Arjun Gufa

The best time to visit the Arjun Gufa is from April to June and then September to October. During these months of April-June, the place is blooming with greenery and the temperature is moderate and not extreme.

19.Old Manali

Old Manali is a charming, laid-back district known for its wooded mountain trails, apple orchards, and scenic spots by the Manaslu River. It’s dotted with quaint backpacker lodgings and bohemian cafes serving global fare, grilled trout, and pancake breakfasts, while souvenir shops sell hand-knitted woolens and dreamcatchers. Set amid a cedar forest, 16th-century Hadimba Devi Temple contains a cave shrine.

The transition from Manali to Old Manali is like a timelapse video as if you are entering into a different world altogether. Though both are unique in their way.

Old Manali is way more clean and beautiful than New Manali. You can see stunning views from Old Manali which stay hidden from New Manali. There are a lot of nature trails in Old Manali. Begin walking on any; you will be amazed by the magnificence of nature. The fresh air opens up your senses and the flowing River acts like a music to mind and soul. 

The water here is unadulterated, its sounds are like a piece of music cause it is coming directly from the glaciers.

Manali is known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries. With the highest concentration of Tibetan refugees in the entire Kullu valley, it is famous for its Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa, built in 1969.

Things to do in Old Manali

Manali is one of the built-in prominent tourist destinations that have earned its popularity in the entire globe.

The tourists travel to the place by taking the best cab services and enjoy their vacation.

1) Fresh Air = Water and Spirituality

Cross the River Beas, isolating Old and Main Manali, the cool wind and otherworldliness of Old Manali inundated you. The fresh air opens up your senses and the flowing River acts as a piece of music to mind and soul. The water here is unadulterated pure because it’s coming directly from the glaciers.

2) Clean and Beautiful :

 Old Manali is way more clean and beautiful than New Manali. You can see stunning views from Old Manali which stay hidden from New Manali.

3) Nature Trails :

There are a lot of nature trails in Old Manali and everyone is one of a kind. Begin walking on any; you will be flabbergasted by the magnificence of nature. The spot makes you feel totally in the lap of nature and at some point incidentally, you drift to find the covered up or mystery trails.

4) Peaceful and Serene :

We come to the mountains to get away from our city life, to get away from all the noises. You’ll find Old Manali peaceful and serene. You would not want to leave Old Manali if you stay here only for a day.

The bright lined shops and the smiling owners on the winding streets invite you. They sell nearby crafted works, woolen stuff, crazy adornments, sling sacks, dream catchers, Tibetan Prayer Flags, a wide range of Chillums, Punk T-shirts, and other particular stuff at a very sensible value, which superbly fits the necessities of Backpackers.

How to reach Old Manali

This summer vacation my parents planned to visit Manali. We were very excited to go there. I and my sister started to pack our bags and started to imagine the level of excitement we’ll have. We went there by train.

 The journey on the train was also very exciting. We saw many places through the window and the many things on the train. After reaching we found that the weather of Manali was very cool and soothing. We went to the temples and explored many places. This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

The hotel room was also very beautiful. We stayed there for two days but it was the most memorable trip of ours. Also, my mother bought a yak shawl from there. The shawl is very famous and is exclusively found there. We returned via train. The trip was very exciting and we enjoyed it a lot.  

Best time to visit Old Manali

October to February is the winter season and is considered to be the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall. The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius. Summer in the region starts in March and lasts till June.

20.Gandhola monastery

Gandhola monastery, located in Himachal Pradesh is one of the greatest places to visit. It is located on a hill above Top Chilling village at the sacred junction of the Chandra and Bhaga rivers. It is also known as the Chandrabhaga river. The village is at 3,160 m, and it is famous for its 7-story tower fort.

Things to do in Gandhola monastery

Cable car rides are most popular in Gandhola monastery. World’s largest cable car rides are available here. It is one of the good things here.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach the Gandhola monastery

the nearest rail track to the city is Shimla Railway station. Distance is 376 km to reach there and it takes around 10 hours. The nearest international airport is Chandigarh Airport.

Best time to visit Gandhola monastery

We can visit the city throughout the year, but visit the city from May till December is mostly recommended. They allot time from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

21.Intoxicating Malana

With nature in its lap and guided by mystery, India is on the top wishlist for modern travelers. The Himalayas attracts tourists from all over India and around the world in search of tranquility, spirituality, and seclusion. 

People from around the world love to travel the untouched villages of the Himalayas. Among these untouched destinations, the mysterious Malana is situated in the Parvati valley which is surrounded by Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba hills.

Amidst the fragrance of deodar and cannabis, this mysterious hamlet is nestled, which is not yet acquainted with the conventional traveling bandwagon.

Things to do in Intoxicating Malana

The festivals of Malani people are intoxicating and allow you to celebrate life as the people sing and dance with live music. Take a long trek to Kheer Ganga from Malana to refresh yourself with the sight of the spectacular beauty of nature. 

You can trek to Malana from Kasol, being one of the best trekking tours in Kasol, as Malana is a very beautiful, breathtaking place and it refreshes your soul.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

How to reach Intoxicating Malana

From my place, you can directly book an air ticket to Bhuntar and after reaching the place you can start your foot journey to the Malana

Best time to visit Intoxicating Malana

February to June, September, and October is the best time to visit both Kasol and Malana.To be honest, there is no straight one-line answer to the question of the best time to visit Malana Because it will be different for everyone. Not just Malana but when to go to any tourist place depends on your reason for the visit.

22.Lush Van Vihar

Endowed with sky-touching deodar trees and densely habituated by vivid greenery, Lush Van Vihar stands as an exemplary portrait of greater India. Van Vihar National park bestows us with exquisite wildlife, elegant flora, and astonishing avian fauna.

 The park is the abode of diverse beautiful butterflies and insects. Many man-made structures are added in addition to the existing natural effect, thus enhancing the beauty of this place. It was declared a national park in 1981.

Things to do in Lush Van Vihar

To begin with, the park amuses us with the chirp of birds everywhere. The main tourist attraction is the splendid artificial lake in the middle of the woods where people can enjoy also boating on the placid waters.

During winter, flocks of elegant migratory birds come over to the lakeside of the park providing a heavenly experience for nature lovers and bird lovers.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

 The dazzling garden is one of the most preferred destinations for kids and couples. In an atmosphere of sky tall deodar trees, it becomes an ideal place for leisure activities and to enjoy the perfect climate. One cannot leave this place without having a glimpse of the lush green vegetation.

How to reach Lush Van Vihar

Being located in the heart of the city of Manali, Van Vihar National park is accessible by all modes of transport. Either through the airline or by rail you can get to Bhopal city. From there either by hiring a taxi or by bus ride, one could arrive at the destination economically.

Best time to visit Lush Van Vihar

To enjoy its natural beauty, the best time to visit is early morning. During July and September, the climate is so spectacular and it is the best time to watch this park. The best way to explore the spectacular scenery is to ride a bicycle or just walk around.

23.Chang la

An anthropologist would find interest to peep into the lifestyle of a nomadic tribe, residents of this place called Chang pa. Their main hamlet is in a picturesque village Tangtse. The village comprises not more than hundreds of houses. Country’s highest research center developed by DRDA functions here. 

According to local belief, one has to take blessings of Chang la baba, located very close to the highest point of Changla pass. Another site of tourist interest is Hemis Gompa, a Tibetan monastery renovated in 1672 by a Ladakhi king, Senge Namgyal.

An acute descent from Chang La (a 15 km road) takes you to a serene lake of saline water Pangong Tso lake.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

 It is shared by India and China located at a marvelous height of 14270 feet above sea level. The actual charm for the visitors lies in sightseeing because of amazing landscapes (glaciers and mountains). It’s a heaven for bikers and trekking lovers. 

One can adventure the rare experience of snowfall during biking. In Chang la one can see narrow curves, echo points, etc. One gets an opportunity to salute the Indian army who always stands to serve people.

Things to do in Chang la

Chang la can be reached from Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Close to Manali, a landmark is Kharu junction. After traveling 8km from Kharu, one reaches Chemery monastery, from there the road leads to Serthy village and finally reaches Chang la (44 km from Kharu junction). 

This distance can be covered from Leh also (83 km from Leh). Adventurous bikers are often thrilled to ride. We can also reach there by four-wheelers.

How to reach Chang La

The region is cold dessert, therefore the best time to visit is in summer (from May to October). Bikers are often thrilled to ride this extremely high difficult terrain but they should take precautions in dealing with sub-zero temperatures, rough roads, steep inclination, and obstruction shown by the tiny stream coming across the road.

 If one overcomes all these hurdles, the divine quiet natural calmness of cold dessert can be experienced through the heart. It’s a nice place to adventure. If sufficient precautions are taken to deal with the low level of oxygen, bad weather, and Changthang plateau, tourists can perceive a heavenly pleasure here.

Best time to visit Chang La

The region is cold desert, therefore the best time to visit is in summer (from May to October). Bikers are often thrilled to ride this extremely high difficult terrain but they should take precautions in dealing with sub-zero temperatures, rough roads, steep inclination, and obstruction shown by tiny streams coming across the road.

 If one overcomes all these hurdles, the divine quiet natural calmness of cold dessert can be experienced through the heart. It’s a nice place to adventure. If sufficient precautions are taken to deal with the low level of oxygen, bad weather, and Changthang plateau, tourists can perceive a heavenly pleasure here.


Darcha is a village of Himachal Pradesh in India. This small village is located at the brim of the Bhaga river. Darcha is famous for its “loneliness” says the travelers. This silent village of Spiti Lahaul is the place for travelers to take a nap and to refresh and especially “trekking”. This village has a very low population which is “289”. 

The travelers who have been to the Darcha Padum trek commented that it is a “must go one”. This trekking is something which is mixed with ancient Tibetan culture and high mountain- landscapes which makes it riskier. The trekking routes of this trip include the famous passes through Yulchung.

Things to do in Darcha

This place doesn’t have many things to do besides trekking and travelers just stop to take a small glance through this little village. Places like Solang valley, Kothi village, Gulaba Hadimba temple, Jogini falls, etc are some of the attractions near Darcha. 

One night spending time tenting at Darcha on the brim of Bhaga river is one of the worth things to do because of its silence, fresh air, and atmosphere. This place offers a vast opportunity to discover the place by trekking through the breathtaking mountain range. Even though the trekking is a bit risky, the memories are gonna make your day.

How to reach Darcha

For international travelers, they can arrive at the international airports near Himachal Pradesh and take a domestic flight to Gaggal airport, the nearest domestic airport to Darcha, and take busses and jeeps.

For local travelers busses and trains can be used, so visiting Darcha before Manali will be a better option.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Darcha

The best time to visit Darcha is June, because of its pleasant atmospheric conditions. In the winter it may be very hard for us to stay, the weather is too cold. Spending summer in Darcha will be a better option than spending any other time. During the monsoon season, there will be landslides and blockages.

25. Jogini Falls

The Jogini falls are situated in the area of the Vashist village in Himachal Pradesh. This picturesque waterfall is in a remote area with temples at its foot and is a sacred place for the locals of the area who also bring their children here for their first tonsure. 

It is at a distance of approximately 4 Km from the Vashisht Temple and about 7.5 Km from the Manali Bus Stand. The waterfall is beautifully formed by a steady stream which is later merged into the Beas downstream.

 A small pool is formed on the base of this fall where the tourists can take a plunge inside the water and unwind themselves.

Things to do in Jogini Falls

Apart from the various temples like the Vashishtha temple, the Fall water temple and the Manu temple which are available for a visit, people can spend time while trekking, plunging in the water, taking part in various adventure as well as nautical sports, visiting places like the Nehru Kund or just by enjoying the scenic beauty of this alluring area among the copper tinted stones. 

There is also an option of a clubhouse where the tourists can get some entertainment. The Tibetan and the Nyingma monasteries and the Vashist hot water springs say a lot about this heavenly place which sends the mind to an ecstatic expedition.

How to reach Jogini Falls

A gentle walk can easily take about one hour to reach the base of the waterfall starting from the border of the Vashist village. The top point of the waterfall can be reached by a walk of another half an hour.

This is a nice trek that can be completed in three to four hours from the Vashisht Temple.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Jogini Falls

The best time to visit the magnificent Jogini Waterfall is during the summer season, i.e. March and May and during the winters, i.e. of October and February. The summer months are an ideal time to visit if trekking is the main priority as it ensures a safe trek without the dangers from sleet or rain.

26. Manikaran

Nestled in the bosom of the middle Himalayas, within the Parvati Valley, Manikaran is a peaceful town by the Parvati river, located at an altitude of 1760m from MSL(Mean Sea Level) and 35 km away by road from the famous town of Kullu, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. 

Manikaran is famous for its scenic beauty and a site of religious pilgrimage for Hindus and Sikhs. This place is most famous for its Shiva temple and gurudwara, and hot water springs. The Parvati Valley region contains deep fissures that cause the water from the Parvati river to seep inside the Earth’s crust and make contact with the molten core.

 This results in the water becoming extremely hot and shooting up with high pressure outside the crust. Many hot water springs are found littered throughout the valley.

Things to do in Manikaran

Manikaran is an engaging place for tourists, wanting a break from their hectic life. From solo backpackers to family travelers, everyone visiting the place must experience the following – Begin the journey auspiciously by visiting the Shiva temple and gurudwara Sri Manikaran Sahib and enjoy the heavenly beauty to find peace with the maker.

 After having gratified the gods, begins the real trip. Tourists can enjoy natural hot springs, which feel especially comfortable in the winters and is beneficial for the skin, as hot water cleanses germs.

Kasol, only 5km away, is an explorer’s paradise. Known as mini Tel-Aviv, Kasol is full of young backpackers and Israeli settlers. Enjoy Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisine in cafès and chic restro bars. 

This place is ideal for urban youngsters looking for a pause from the hustle. Fitness enthusiasts need not break their workout routines on a vacation, and undertake treks to Sar Pass, Kheerganga, Manali-Chandrakhani-Malana among others. And finally, shopping in the mall to buy authentic handicrafts to take home some memories.

How to reach Manikaran

The nearest airport is Kullu-Manali Airport, in Bhuntar, 24km away by road from Manikaran. Bhuntar airport is connected to Chandigarh airport through Alliance Air and Pawan Hans. By road, Manikaran is well connected to all the major cities.This is voted one of the best places to visit in Manali post lockdown in 2021.

Best time to visit Manikaran

Manikaran, nestled in the middle Himalayas, is quite cold and experiences snowfall in the winter months from November to March, with temperatures regularly falling below freezing at night. Tourists looking for a white wonderland can visit in the winter months, taking sufficient precautions to tackle the cold weather.

However, the best time to visit would be during the summer months, when temperatures vary within the comfortable range of 16-22°C. The skies are clear and visibility is great, enhancing the serene beauty of the hill station.

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