25 Best Places To Visit In Chikmagalur 2022

1.Chikmagalur Tea Plantation

Chikmagalur Tea Plantation is located in the Kelagur village of the Mudigere Taluk in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The Chikmagalur tea plantation was also known as the Kelagur tea and coffee estate was first acquired by S L Mathias, who was a son of a coffee planter in the year 1927.

 It has since then been run by the Mathias family for four generations who have over time transformed the Plantation into one of India’s Premier Tea and Coffee Plantations. Spread over thousands of acres, it’s not only 500 men’s source of bread but also a sight for tourists.

Things to do in Chikmagalur Tea Plantation

The Plantation is a heaven on earth for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Visitors can take a leisurely walk through the green expanse learning about the coffee culture and how coffee first came into India. You can hire a guide and take part in a bittersweet coffee tasting experience. 

You can also participate in other attractions provided by the district like trekking along Kudremukh and Mullayanagiri, drenching yourself in the Hebbe falls, Jet skiing at Yagachi dam, visiting the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, or taking a Spiritual Tour to the Sharadamba Temple. 

Chikmagalur is a magical place that provides something for all. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Chikmagalur Tea Plantation

The best way to get to Chikmagalur is by KSRTC bus available from Bengaluru and Mangalore. You can take a train to Kadur which is the nearest railway station. There are plenty of Taxis available to Chikmagalur from there. You can travel by car taking NH73, NH75 or NH48.

Best time to visit Chikmagalur Tea Plantation

The best time to visit Chikmagalur is between September and May which is after the monsoon season and throughout the winter. The green beauty experiences heavy rainfall between June and September which is found inviting by some. During summers, between March and May, the temperatures go up but remain under 35°C.

2.Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

The Annapoorneshwari Temple is located in the southern state of Karnataka in a holy village called Horanadu. Characterized by the thick forests of the Chikkamagaluru district, this village is filled with serenity and natural beauty. The Annapoorneshwari temple is dedicated to the goddess Annapurna. Goddess Annapurna is said to be an incarnation of Parvati, the wife of the almighty Lord Shiva. 

The Devi of Annapurna at this temple is also known as the Goddess of food. Legend states that the icon of the goddess was first established by sage Agastya at this temple in the 8th century. The temple is now almost 400 years old and has been served by the same family of priests ever since.

Things to do in Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

The Annapoorneshwari Temple happily accepts people of all ages, castes, genders, and religions and even offers a free meal to all its visitors. The temple visit can start early in the morning and can even extend until night. Its unique architecture and history will make your temple visit truly memorable. 

Located on the banks of the Bhadra river, gives the temple luscious green surroundings, making it perfect for a trek on the surrounding hills and through the historic village of Horanadu. The locals residing in this special village are extremely friendly and happy to share their culture and heritage with tourists and visitors of the temple. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

The best way to reach the Annapoorneshwari Temple is to connect through Sringeri. Getting to Sringeri is convenient as it has several trains running from all the major surrounding towns and cities. From Sringeri, Horanadu is a quick 44km drive best done by taxi or bus.

Best time to visit Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

The biggest festival celebrated by the Annapoorneshwari Temple is Akshaya Tritiya, Which falls in the summer months of April or May and attracts several devotees. Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be the birthday of Devi and is therefore accompanied by widespread celebration. In the cooler months of November to February, the village looks like heaven with its lush surroundings, the temple also holds a 5-day Rathotsava in February, making it a very good time to visit this beautiful village.

3.Ayyanakere Lake

The only thing we don’t hesitate to do is travel, so make your traveling time more worthwhile by choosing the right destination. Ayyanakere lake is one of the most popular destinations in the town of Chikmagalur district. With its most beautiful attractive scenery, it adds more glory to the sight of tourists. 

It is said to be the second-largest and most beautiful lake in Karnataka, where voyagers visit the lake to see the excellence of nature on the Agumbe and Sringeri Hills during dawn and dusk. This rambling lake was built to address the issues of the individuals whose occupation was agriculture.

Things to do in Ayyanakere Lake

With an inexhaustible water supply, visitors can participate in recreational activities at the lake, and they can undergo camping and fishing at the lakeside. The tourists can engage themselves by wandering about climbing trails or investigating the territory’s rich untamed life. The endless lush hills and the sloppy coffee plantains make the trip more awesome for the voyagers. 

Boating at the lovely waters of the lake, encircled by fog covered slopes is the primary interest for the voyagers. The voyagers can visit ancient temples on the banks of the lake with stunning sculptures adding more enthusiasm to the trip. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Ayyanakere Lake

Ayyanakere Lake also called Dodda Magoda Kere surrounded by lush hills is situated on the Eastern side of Baba Budan Ranges. It can be reached at a distance of 25km from Chikmagalur district and 5km from Sakharayapatna. The trip duration from Chikmagalur includes a travel time of about 2-3 hours. The transportation options include either cab or taxi.

Best time to visit Ayyanakere Lake

The best time to visit Ayyanakere Lake is during the beautiful sunrise and majestic sunset. The tourists can visit the lake anytime from 6 am to 6 pm on the weekdays and at the weekends. The lake does not cost any entry fee for the voyagers and is completely free to witness the rejoicing glory of the hills and lake.


Kemmangundi is located in the district of Chikmagalur in the Baba Budan range of Karnataka. It is famous for the picturesque scene of sunrise and sunset. The region is covered with plantations of coffee and tea along with thick bamboo groves forming a dense forest cover. It has a subtropical highland climate. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Things to do in Kemmangundi

Lush foliage, mountain trails, trekking, and many more adventurous activities.

How to reach Kemmangundi

Both public and private buses are available that connect different regions like Chikmaglur, the nearest airport at Mangalore which is about 190 km from Kemmangundi.

Best time to visit Kemmangundi

The best time to visit is from September to May( summertime), avoid visiting this destination during the monsoon times.


The highest peak of Karnataka -Mullayanagiri, is located in Chandra Drona Hill ranges. of western Ghats of Chikmagalur. Mullai refers to the forest in the Old Kannada language. A sage Mulappa Swamy is believed to have meditated in the caves of these mountain peaks. These trails are very much liked and used by Trekkers. It has a height of 1930 meters. The point is around 30 km from Chikmagalur

Things to do in Mullayanagiri 

1. This is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka, trekking to this peak during monsoon is excellent with a little bit of drizzle and mist on the peak, gives a wonderful feel of nature.

2. Mullayanagiri is one of the best trekking places in Karnataka and South India.

3. Seethalai Yadagiri is a prominent peak adjacent to Mullayanagiri.

4. Unlike other treks in Karnataka where the return is to the starting point after finishing the trek, the Mullayanagiri trek starts from Mullayanagiri peak and ends at the BabaBudanGiri peak which is the second-highest peak of Karnataka.

5. From Chikmagalur, Sarpadhari is around 15 Kms.

It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Mullayanagiri 

Mullayanagiri Trek from Bangalore can be done by taking an overnight KSRTC bus from Bangalore to Chikmagalur.

Opt to drive yourself by going from Bangalore to Hassan, on to Belur, and finally, Chikmagalur.

One more alternate route is to go via Tumkur then to Arsikere, Kadur, and Chikmagalur. The road from Chikmagalur to Mulyangiri was in very good shape.

It might be a good idea to rent a jeep from Chikmagalur to go up Mullayanagiri one can have flexible time. It is also possible to visit Seethalayanagiri on the way as it might be worth a stop there.

Best time to visit Mullayanagiri 

The best time to visit Mullayanagiri is from September to April.

The winter months are a wonderful period.

To see the Western Ghats come alive, however, go during the monsoon which is from June to September.

Chikmagalur has a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year.

6.Kallathigiri Falls

The Kallathigiri Falls, also known as Kalhatti falls, is located 50 km away from Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The fall gushes down Chandra Dona Mountains from a height of about 400 feet with a magnificent natural abode surrounding it.

It contains the headwaters of the river Sharavathi. It is a natural goldmine. The fall is in front of Veerabhadreshwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The water from the falls is considered holy, because of its spiritual connection with history. Once holy Saint Agastya chanced here during his wanderings and stayed here for a few months. The temple was built during the Vijayanagara era. 

The temple entrance has a structure of three elements, which is one of the characteristics of Vijayanagara architecture. A three day annual fair is also held as a tribute to Lord Veerabhadra. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Things to do in Kallathigiri Falls

Besides the architectural detailing, this place holds natural capture also.

Trekking: The trekking begins from Tarikere, the base camp located 24km away from the falls. The trail has two paths: one opens up directly next to the falls and the other goes through the coffee plantations of Blue Mountain Estate.

Flora and Fauna: There lies an abundance of natural greenery, including shrubs, vines, and trees like cardamom. Animals like monkeys, elephants, Panthers, spotted deers, and bison are found there.

Visitors can even enjoy a shower in the waterfalls.

It is also a good sight and spot for passionate photographers.

Veerabhadreshwara temple as a pilgrimage and stating architectural significance.

NEARBY PLACES TO VISIT:(distance from Kallathigiri Falls is given)

1. Z point: trekking spot; 6.1 km 2. Kemmangundi Peak: 10.3 km

3. Hebbe waterfalls: 14 km

How to reach Kallathigiri Falls

By rail: Birur is the closest railway station. From there one can take a taxi, auto pr rickshaw to reach the destination.

By air: Mangalore is the nearest airport(around 180 km). From there one can take a bus or cab to reach the destination.

By road: Birur is the closest station to Kalhatti Giri and is also well connected to other places by road, including Bangalore and Mangalore. it is 50 km outside Chikmagalur

Best time to visit Kallathigiri Falls

The falls remain open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The best time to visit this waterfall is the Monsoon season, with its fast-flowing water.

one can also enjoy it in the summer months.

but, it is better not to visit during winter when the water turns extremely cold and too hard to adjust.

7.Hanumana gundi falls

In the habitat ambiance of Kudremukh National Park, one can have the absolute charm to watch the water coming down from an elevation of 3,268 ft. Stationed at the midst of Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka; the Hanumana Gundi falls or the Suthanabbe falls are the ultimate captive spot, where one can discover the scenic glory of the 72ft. layered waterfall. 

It is the ultimate adventure spot located between Karkala and the Lakya Dam of Karnataka. A drive of 79km from Mangalore, the Hanumana Gundi falls are recommendable to visit during and after the monsoon season, as the habitat ambiance is full of greenery and nature. The crystal clear water falling from a height of 22 meters looks magnificent and soothing at the same time.

Things to do in Hanumana gundi falls

Being an impressive travel destination, the immense water flowing from the top attracts the visitors as a fun-loving picnic spot. The favorable day trips to the grandiose waterfall are likely to overtake the attention of the majority. It has the layout for the photography and videography opportunities.

 The appealing pond penetrating at the bottom of the fall is a perfect place for pool lovers to enjoy. The scenic lookouts impact the minds of the visitors. The voice of the water cascading is another reason that makes the Bushwalks memorable with the enduring sights. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Hanuman gundi falls

One can reach the destination nearest to the bus stop at 3.6km, the taxi stand at 32km, and the train station at 55km. Stay can be held close to the Mangalore city, which is briefly at a distance of 79km. All you gotta do is collect your entry ticket before stepping down the falls. A nominal fee is collected by the department of the forest at the entry point of the fall.

Best time to visit Hanumana gundi falls

The average temperature over the Hanumana Gundi fall is usually 30°C and has a moderate climate lasting around the year. The beginning of the year and the kick-off from the monsoon are the brightest seasons to visit the heavenly place. The astonishing rains pour on plenty rushing cool water, which invades the visitors from far away places in their vacations. Call it off in a nutshell from January to March or August until December!


Shimoga city is one of the famous cities in the state of Karnataka and it has been locally known as Shiva-mogga. The name of the city has been derived from the term Shiva-Mukha which means the “Face of Shiva”. Shimoga’s real beauty is portrayed through various bounty-landscapes that are dotted with waterfalls and paddy fields. 

Shimoga is present at a distance of about 273 kilometers from the southwest region of Bangalore The whole Shimoga city is bounded up by the Chikmagalur districts on the southeast, Haveri on the northeast, Davanagere on the east, Udupi on the southwest, and the North Canara on the northwest. 

The city is also called the rice bowl for the state of Karnataka. Shimoga has seven taluks namely, Sagara, Shimoga, Thirthahalli, Hosanagara, Shikaripur, Bhadravathi, and Soraba. Shimoga has perennial rivers namely, Sharavathi, Tungabhadra, Varada, and Kumudavathi which help in making the Shimoga a lush green city. The power needs of Shimoga are sorted out by the Sharavathi Hydel Project and the Varahi project.

Shimoga was once ruled by Indian dynasties of the Chalukyas, Kadambas, Gangas, Hoysals, Rashtrakutas, Keladi Nayakas, and the Mysore Maharajas and got its independent identity during the 16th century by the Keladi Nayakas. At present, Shimoga is the most favored tourist destination in the state of Karnataka. Shimoga is very rich in terms of education, culture, fine arts, and much more.

As the district lies in the tropical region, the rainy season occurs from June to October. In the years 1901–1970, Shimoga received an average annual rainfall of 1813.9 mm with an average of 86 days in the year being rainy days. The average annual temperature of Shimoga District is around 26 °C. The average temperature has increased substantially over the years. In some regions of the district, the day temperature can reach 40 °C during summer.

Things to do in Shimoga

There are many tourist places to visit in and around Shimoga as the whole city has been covered with many falls, monuments, and many other tourist places. Schedule your plan with the help of the travel agents and as they guide you about the places that one must visit in Shimoga, as there are many tourist places to witness with.

Shimoga has many temples, falls, palaces, monuments, and much more. The tourist places in Shimoga can be adventurous ones as most of them are surrounded by mountains all around. The parks and gardens in Shimoga are maintained in very good condition.

The historical monuments and the forts that can be found in Shimoga portray the tradition, culture, and architectural brilliance that existed in the older times. Jog falls is a popular spot in Shimoga, as people love to drench in the cascading water that rushes from the mountain top.

Shimoga celebrates many festivals; not just the local ones but from the other districts in India as well. Dasara is the most celebrated festival in Shimoga, during which the entire city is marvelously decorated with flowers and lights. The Dasara festival takes place continuously for ten days and many cultural programs take place during these days.

The Phala Pushpa Pradarshana is conducted at the famous Gandhi Park in Shimoga and it is a three-day affair in which varieties of flower art are showcased to the public. Many spectacular flower decorations of animals, letters, religious idols, and others can be found in the Phala Pushpa Pradarshana festival.

The Kodachadri Vybhava festival is celebrated during the mid half of the year and it takes place up to seven continuous days. This festival encourages small-scale industries that are known for agricultural products, traditional crafts, and local cuisines. One can purchase ethnic village products, traditional handicrafts, and other household items in the Kodachadri Vybhava festival.

Marikamba Jatra is yet another festival that is celebrated in honor of Goddess Marikamba. Thousands of people visit Shimoga to pay their homage to the Goddess Marikamba. All the festivals that occur in Shimoga depict the culture and tradition that is said to be followed by the local people in one way or another. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Shimoga

By air :

The nearest airport to reach Shimoga city is at Hubli, at a distance of about 165 kilometers. Other airports accessible from Shimoga are Mangalore Airport (200 km) and Bangalore Airport (275 km). An airport in Sogane is coming up soon and is just 6 Kilometers away from Shimoga.

By rail:

Shimoga city has its station and it has been well connected to Mysore and Bangalore by the regular trains. Birur Station is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of about 60 kilometers away from Shimoga city.

by road:

NH 206 connects Bangalore to Shimoga in around 6 hours at a distance of 274 km. Shimoga also has regular buses running up and down to nearby cities like Mangalore, Udupi, etc. There are also many luxury buses manufactured by private companies to reach Shimoga. The auto-rickshaws and taxis are widely available all around the day. The tourists can hire the taxis to reach Shimoga city by road.

Best time to visit Shimoga

The best time to visit Shimoga is in the winter months from October to February, as the beauty of the place is enhanced with the pleasant weather. With seasons rotating, the town of Shimoga sways between dry and wet. Monsoon season hits the town somewhere between June and October and transforms the place into a paradise all refreshed and blooming. The rivers and waterfalls are spurting in full force and present a beautiful sight.

Shimoga has plenty of tourist attractions. Many people visit Shimoga to witness the Jog falls which are said to be the highest natural waterfall. Apart from this, there are other interesting places in Shimoga and which are as follows:

• Jog Falls

• Kunchikal Falls

• Barkana Falls

• Ikkeri Temple

• Padmavathi Temple

• Chowdeshwari Temple

• Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

• Sarvajna Peeth

• Koodli

• Kedareswara Temple

• Rameshwar Temple

• Sri Ranganatha Temple

• Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

• Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

• Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

• Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

• Nagara

• Kodachadri

• The Linganamakki Dam

• Gajanur Dam

Shimoga is the most beautiful city that has depicted the culture and tradition in every product that is manufactured from the industries. People tend to follow the culture in a very good way and one can witness a rich cultural heritage even in the dressing sense of the people who live in Shimoga city. 

The city is very much rich in celebrating various festivals and one can purchase a variety of products and many useful things during the festival. During the festive season, one can purchase many traditional products that can portray the culture and tradition that was followed by the people who lived in the past in Shimoga.

9.Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Sringeri Sharada Peetham, an eminent monastery established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Malnad hills, on the banks of the Tunga River. This monastery or matha, named after the great Rishi Rishyashringa, is among the Advaita centers of authority. It is an important essence of Karnataka tourism and brings out the culture and beliefs of the natives. 

This matha holds the authority over Yajur Veda, chiefly Krishna Yajur Veda among Samarthas, i.e., followers of the Advaita School. It is a library and a source of historic Sanskrit manuscripts and has been active in preserving the Vedas.

Things to do in Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Not only will you get to see the incredible temples of Sringeri but also the beauty that surrounds it. The waterfalls and rivers add to the aura. Apart from a place to worship, Sringeri Sharada Peetham is an incredible sightseeing tourist spot set between the quaint surroundings, you will feel like being in seventh heaven in Sringeri. 

This ancient matha is an elegant work of architecture, particularly that of the outside walls. One can experience the festival of Sarada Navrathri if they visit during the beginning of the autumn (Sarad) season, a festival consecrated to the Mother Goddess. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Sringeri is well-connected by a network of roads. There are buses to Sringeri from Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shimoga, Birur, Agumbe, and other places in Karnataka. The nearest railway station is Birur on the Bangalore – Pune railroad. The nearest airport is in Mangalore.

Best time to visit Sringeri Sharada Peetham

The best time to visit Sringeri Sharada Peetham is from October to March. Apart from the weather, you get to be a part of the festivals celebrated.

10.Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint

Kavikal Gandi’s viewpoint or the Horseshoe point is situated in the region of Chikmagalur in Karnataka considered to be one of the prominent viewpoints there. This place has got pleasant wind and scenic views all around. It can be a great picnic spot for one, and one must have it included in their Chikmagalur travel package. 

It lies within the way of Mullayanagiri to Baba Budangiri. The idol of the deity Hanuman at the bottom of the hill and a painting of Swami Vivekananda is at the top of the hill.

Things to do in Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint

The Kavikal Gandi viewpoint gives a spectacular bird’s eye view of Chikmagalur. And a mesmerizing view of the natural beauty with which it is surrounded. One can also witness the panoramic view of the Chandra Drona range. One can relax and enjoy the soothing and cool breeze at the top of the hill away from the chaos and noise of the city. The place is appropriate for trekking as well. 

Alongside, one can also plan various adventurous activities like camping, bonfire at the night, and sightseeing. The activities can be according to convenience and comfort. As the place offers a lot to explore and admire with its beauty and scenery. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint

This viewpoint is at a distance of 22.8km from Chikmagalur. The various travel options you may have are Sedan(AC 4+1), SUVs(AC 7+1), Tempo, or Travellers(AC 12+1). A check post can be seen within the route, further 50 steps from that check post would take you to the destination i.e. the Kavikal Gandi viewpoint. The total duration of 30-60 minutes would be consumed in this trip including the travel period.

Best time to visit Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint

The suitable time to visit the Kavikal Gandi viewpoint is from September to March. This weather is perfect and safe for a picnic or trek. Other months are quite harsh in terms of weather and not very suitable for a trip. However, the months of September to march offers monsoons which are considered the best time, for all kinds of outdoor activities and outdoor sightseeing


Madikeri is generally covered as a part of trips to Coorg. Madikeri is a hill town in Karnataka with vast coffee plantations, lush forests, and misty hills, all culminating in a breathtaking view. This hill station is located in Kodagu District, around 6 hours from Bengaluru. Madikeri is a perfect weekend getaway. 

There is no pollution, no noise to hurt your ears and the cool breeze that accompanies you throughout makes your trip memorable. Madikeri, apart from being a refreshing summer retreat, is also famous for its coffee plantations, which are one of its kind in India. No wonder why Madikeri is also famous as ‘Karnataka’s Coffee Capital.’ Renowned for its coffee plantations, this is one of the best places for coffee lovers.

Things to do in Madikeri

There are many mind-blowing places to visit in Madikeri like the most famous place of Madikeri is Raja’s Seat- a famous viewpoint from where you can grab all the striking beauty of Madikeri at one go. Madikeri fort and various water cascades are among the other must-visits of the place. 

You can also take Plantation Tours and help out in berry picking on the fields. Places like Abbey falls, Talacauvery, Namdroling Monastery, and many such places are worth watching. Madikeri is an equally enjoyable destination for all those whose feet itch for trekking through its landscapes, high peaks, and lush greenery interspersed by streams and threads of River Cauvery. 

A lot of trails here, experience relatively less footfall, leaving them untouched and pristine. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Madikeri

The nearest airport is at Mangalore (136 km). Madikeri does not have its railway station and the nearest is Hassan, Kasaragod, Cannanore, and Tellicherry, each of them around 115 km away. Madikeri is well connected by road as it lies on the State Highway itself and can be easily accessed by road. Regular bus services ply to and fro Madikeri. 

Madikeri has no direct connectivity in railways. The nearest railway station is in Subrahmanya Road, from where you can take a taxi once you step down to the city of Madikeri, 86 km away.

Best time to visit Madikeri

July to September and November to April is the best time to visit Madikeri. Although a hill station, Madikeri experiences quite hot summers. The winters and monsoons are equally inviting. The scenic landscapes, coffee plantations, and the unique ancient architecture from the age of Tipu Sultan are what Madikeri has in store for anyone who visits. 

Being a hill station with moderate weather throughout the year, many prefer to visit Madikeri during the winters and Monsoons.

12.Sri Veera Narayana temple

Sri Veera Narayana temple was located in Belavadi at Chikmagalur village, district of Karnataka state India. It was built during the rule of the Hoysala empire. Belavadi place is mentioned in Mahabharata where Pandava prince Bheema killed the demon Bakkasura and protected the village and its people. 

Belavadi is 29km southeast of Chikmagalur town on the way to the Chikmagalur-Jagaval highway. It is a Hindu religion god. It is a short distance from the famous temple towns of Belur and Halebidu. 

The temple was built by Soapstone material. Each of the three shrines has a complete superstructure and is one of the largest temples built by the Hoysala Kings. This temple is known for its architecture.

Things to do in Sri Veera Narayana temple

Veera Narayana temple at Gadag is a heritage temple from the Chaulkhya era. Kumara Vyasa, a great poet, composed his Mahabharatha in this temple. We can see so many restaurants as well as nearby many small temples also. We can enjoy this journey with our family by sight-seeing in so many places. 

This temple was located in Chikmagalur so we can see Belur and Halebidu were once the seats of the Hoysala empire. We can get fresh air. We can enjoy ourselves by going to coffee shops. We can also see Hebbe fall around there. There you can do the trekking also. 

We can enjoy nature by seeing Chikmagalur verdant hills which is the best place to spend time with family. We can breathe Salubrious air and enjoy picturesque landscapes. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Sri Veera Narayana temple

To reach the place we can arrange a train, bus, and car also. We can see the nearest airport also. If you plan to go with many members, you can arrange a bus. If you have a small family, you can arrange a train also. The nearest railway station is also available. We can also arrange a car to see the temple. 

We can arrange hotel rooms to stay. The train is the cheapest way to go to Veera Narayana temple. As per your wish, we can arrange the thing for travel.

Best time to visit Sri Veera Narayana temple

The best time to visit the Veera Narayana temple is after September when the weather will be pleasant. We can also go to this temple from May to June which is the summer season when children’s holidays. If we go for the spring season means we can enjoy it a lot. The temple was very peaceful with a Rose garden so we can enjoy the weather while going in the spring season.


Hello, trippers. Are you all planning to have a vacation after this quarantine but can’t decide your destination. Well, after these 2 months of torture at your place you surely deserve some adventure and what can a better place than Seethalayanagiri, a beautiful and serene mountain peak situated in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is positioned at an altitude of 5000 feet and can be located on the way from Chikmagalur hill station to Mullayangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka. It has always been a prominent tourist spot and garners a lot of tourists every year because of its tranquil environment.

Things to do in Seethalayanagiri

A visit to Seethalayanagiri place can be very relaxing and refreshing. The place is pretty and picturesque. Sight-seeing from this peak is going to be a lifetime experience that is undoubtedly going to take out your fearless and venturesome side. The view is so scenic and lovely that it is going to strike a chord in your heart.

You will also find a bijou temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can visit this soothing temple and offer your prayers. A cave can also be located on the left of the temple that is perfect for clicking great pictures. You can also go trekking to Mullayanagiri which is about 3 km from this spot. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Seethalayanagiri

The place is easily accessible by both buses and cabs. Both private and government buses make tours to this place. The operating hours of the buses are from 6 AM to 6 PM. You can also drive through this place. The parking lot has also been constructed so visitors don’t face any problems.

Best time to visit Seethalayanagiri

The climate of this place is pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit is between September to March which is the winter months. The temperature ranges from 14 °C and 32 °C. The place should be avoided in August as it receives heavy rainfall.

14.Kadambi falls

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself”. This quote by Danny Kaye hit my brain, touched my soul, sanctified my heart when I saw the stunning sight of steam with sparkling whiteness, falling down the rocks, surrounded by copious greenery. This place, the Kadambi falls behold our souls. The peace this place holds intensifies its beauty. 

Situated in Karnataka in the Chikmagalur district this fall has a height of 30 feet. Surrounded by great greenery, it’s a delight to the eyes. The waterfall complemented by the cool breeze on its roadside makes people love it more. Situated in the western ghats it offers a soothing experience to all the people visiting it. 

Standing in front of it, with cool breezing slipping through your ears, the gleam of water sparkling in your eyes, the birds chirping in the nearby Kudremukh National park makes you forget all the tensions. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Things to do in Kadambi falls

There are several things to do at Kadambi falls. Apart from giving a great feel of the love of mother nature, the peace it offers, the sense of belongingness this place fills us with, it has many other attractions surrounding it. It has the Kudremukh range, Kudremukh National park, Rajendra hill, Lakya dam, Hanuman Gundi falls which adds to the beauty of this place. These all places behold us.

How to reach Kadambi falls

These falls are situated in Karnataka in Chikmagalur district at a distance of 350 km from Bangalore and are accessible by various means of transport. By Air: The Mangalore airport is the closest one i.e. 130 km and by train also it is closest to the Mangalore station. By road: There are several cabs, buses available from different cities like Mangalore, Karkala, Kalasa, etc. to Kudremukh. From here there are buses and taxis which drop passengers at the location of the waterfall.

Best time to visit Kadambi falls

Kadambi falls are the most beautiful and most alive during the monsoon season. The monsoon makes the breeze cooler and gives a soothing experience to the travelers. It is best to visit the falls from October to May to watch its full Glory.


Kyatanamakki Hill Station is a true off-road paradise with winding roads and this lush green place is situated near Kudremukh and Horanadu in Chikmagalur in the state of Karnataka. Kyatanamakki is a beautiful place to watch the sunset surrounded by mountains. It is considered an awesome place with a panoramic view and it has a superb scenic beauty and a calm and pleasant way to spend time with nature.

 Kyathanamakki’s last stretch to the top of the hill is a real treat and the first sight of those rolling hills is something worth experiencing. Kyathanamakki is a stunning place. Don’t forget that the best place for photography is Kyathanamakki.

Things to do in Kyatanamakki

Although no mobile network, Kyatanamakki is a wonderful hamlet for trekkers, a waterfall to dip in. While trekking fog will cross you and make you dip in the sudden coolness and every peak will give a variety of experiences like the sunrise point. From the two hillocks, watching the sunset is the most amazing thing to do. Riding a bike up the hill is a mind-blowing experience. Some of the crazy riders proceed off-road. 

The waterfall is small but the water is clear. thousands of fire flakes and blinking in the nearby tree, on the top of the sky will look as if it is filled with millions of stars. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Kyatanamakki

Route:- Bangalore –Hassan – Chikmagalur – Belur- Horanadu – Kyatanamakki (380 Kms). By Bus or private vehicle from Bangalore to Horanadu. Before Horanadu temple needs to take a left and only through jeep you can reach this place, Bumpy roads inside the forest. This grassland is located in Basadi Road on the Koppa taluk border.

Best time to visit Kyatanamakki

Time to visit:- All seasons and especially after the monsoon. The best time to visit is in the winter or rainy season. October might be the sweet spot to visit here as you will get to see rolling green hills all around and will still have a high probability of catching a sunrise/sunset. The grasslands sprawling over acres provide an enchanting view to the visitors.

Like to visit Kyatanamakki now, come let’s explore!!!

16.Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls in Chikmagalur district is the most stunning waterfall among the 35 falls in Karnataka, hidden inside the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary in Kemmangundi. This waterfall is a delightful destination for many nature-lovers and wanderers. 

Apart from the lush green forests and the coffee plantations that add to the natural exuberance of this region, the presence of medicinal herbs is another peculiarity of this green abode. This place is a must-visit for every adventure lover and the vast diversity of flora attracts many biologists to this falls. Hebbe falls offers adventure and relaxation alike for all the visitors.

Things to do in Hebbe Falls

Hebbe falls offers a variety of activities to the visitors. The road journey along with the coffee estates up to the green hills covers many ponds and small streams that offer plenty of picturesque locations for photography. In winter, the dense fog covering the road is another site to cherish during the journey. 

Tourists often take a dip in the water which is believed to have healing power. Trekking is one of the main adventure sports in Hebbe falls. During the trek, you may come across many rare species of plants and animals and a delightful sunset at the hilltop. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is located in Chikmagalur district which is 300 kilometers away from Bangalore. The nearest town to the falls is Tarikere which is  35 kilometers from Kemmangundi. Tourists can reach the Forest Department Office by four-wheeled vehicles followed by a narrow steep walk along forest landscapes to reach the falls.

Best time to visit Hebbe Falls

The best time to visit Hebbe Falls would be around the winter from October to January. Tourists can witness the dense green forests during this time. The presence of fog and dew, a pleasant sight to watch during winter.  Leeches are considerably lower in winter than in the monsoons.

17.Manikyadhara Falls

‘Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself!’

With some of the scenic and dazzling views of the hills presents the Manikyadhara falls,

situated amidst the dense forest of Baba Budangiri hills in the Western Ghats of India.

The word Manikyadhara means ‘string of pearls’ which derives its name where it waterfalls in droplets shining bright in sunlight. Peeking into history Baba Budan came here with his 4 disciples in search of water. After their prayers, they were blessed with this water coming from this place.

Things to do in Manikyadhara Falls

Manikyadhara falls is a perfect place for someone in search of a serene and scenic atmosphere, this offers a great view of Baba Budangiri hills which also the local people call Nellikayi Theertha. Apart from this, the water is considered a holy spirit by both Hindu and Muslims, it is also believed to be curative to a wide range of ailments. 

There are many shops in the vicinity of the falls that sell herbal medicine. Muslim girls who face hardships with getting married often believe that offering bangles would help them to find a suitable groom. Also it is a great photogenic place so keep your shutters ready! It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Manikyadhara Falls

Manikyadhara falls is situated in BabaBudangiri hills which is 25 kilometers(15.5 mi) from Chikmagalur. You can reach Chikmagalur and then take a cab there.

Nearest Railway station: Kadur (40 km from Chikmagalur by road). Taxi is available outside Kadur railway station

Nearest Bus Stop: Chikamagalur

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport(156 km from Chikmagalur)

Also, you can walk 3 km from Datta Peetha (approx 1-hour back-forth)

A good number of homestays are available nearby

Entry ticket is 2 bucks

Best time to visit Manikyadhara Falls

Manikyadhara falls is a place that can be visited throughout the year but the best time to visit is October-April. During the monsoons it is close to the approach road.

18.Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is located in the district of Karnataka and most specifically in north of Chikmagalur and predominantly this is a mountainous region which is in the Baba Budan range. This place is prominent for a holy and worshipful place which is devoted to the Sufi saint. It lies in the Western Ghats of India. 

This place is also renowned as Dattagiri Hill Range. This is the ideal place for both Hindus and Muslims which welcomes both religions without any restrictions and also abandoned the discrepancies and discrimination in the name of religion. It is considered the fourth highest mountain peak between the Nilgiri Hills and the Himalayas region.

Things to do in BabaBudangiri

This is one of the admirable places when it comes to sightseeing as it encompasses ginormous ranges of forests which makes hiking and trekking more favorable and enjoyable. Hence, this is considered as the utopia for hiking and trekking. 

Besides, this place is also adventurous by which one can go for their adventure as a lot of other mountain ranges lie and these picturesque mountains with forests make it suitable for adventure activity. Within Baba Budangiri, the camping process is also one of the intriguing attributes and hence provides the sense of satiety in doing that. 

Eventually, these activities further enhance the tourist attraction or interests to a great extent. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Baba Budangiri

This Baba Budangiri place is located 270 km from Bangalore which is not quite far. So one can easily reach this place by private bus which takes you to the Chikamagalur in between and further assists you to the shrine of Baba Budangiri. Hence, you can avail the facility of the bus to reach this place.

Best time to visit Baba Budangiri

Indeed, this is one of the splendid and worth going mountainous places. So, the ideal time to visit this stupendous place is from September and March as this month offers a favorable and tolerable temperature to enjoy this place. And also, one can visit this place in Winter which makes the visit more interesting.

During these months one can enjoy a place more with pleasant temperature ranges.

19.Ballalarayana Durga Fort

Ballalarayana Durga is an isolated Fort that is one of the best places to visit if you’re a palaeophile along with being adventurous. It’s located in the heart of Chikmagalur District, South Karnataka, far away from the chaos of the city. The fort is 970mts (approx.) above sea level, in the Western Ghats hill ranges. 

The fort was built in the 12th century during the reign of the Hoysala dynasty, by king Veer Ballala’s wife. The Fort is proof of our magnificent past and architectural excellence. The wide-open grasslands, hills lashed with greenery, and soothing ambiance, all are its prominent features.

Things to do in Ballalarayana Durga Fort

The Ballalarayana is a well-known place for trekking. The trekking route from Sunkasale to the fort is about 4 to 5 km from the motorable road, which runs through the dense forest and vegetation, with breathtaking views all around it. Some other treks like from Bandage falls to Alekan falls can also be planned. 

The location proves to be the best place for activities like camping and sightseeing. Few nearby places like Rani jhari falls, Kalabhairava temple that is situated just below the fort can be visited too. This fort is such an amazing site which is full of mystery and rich history, a good time can be spent here by doing some research and photography. 

And don’t miss the sunset, which comes alive with different color hues. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Ballalarayana Durga Fort

The place is well connected through a road network from Bangalore. Frequently, buses are also available up to Chikmagalur, which also operates some daily passenger’s train, but there is no airport. But, there is only one way to reach the fort, and that is walking or trekking through the hilly forest region. You can also arrange your private transport.

Best time to visit Ballalarayana Durga Fort

The best time to plan your tour to Ballalarayana Durga Fort is from November to May. It will be great if you visit there during the monsoons because trekking in this season becomes very exciting. The fort can be visited between 6 am to 6 pm, any day of the week.

20.Doddabale Siddaragudda peak

The Doddabale Siddaragudda peak is located in the Shivgiri trails in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It proves to be an ideal countryside location whenever you want to spend a few days with your family at someplace which is a perfect combination of nature, hospitality, and peace! 

Often we need to get a short vacation from our daily hustle and we look for a place that is restful, pleasant, and also provides you with stunning views, amazing locations to visit nearby, and hosts that satisfyingly cater to your requirements. It has had great reviews from everyone who visited and is a must-have on your bucket list of places to visit! Doddabale Siddaragudda peak is just the place for your mind and soul!

Things to do in Doddabale Siddaragudda peak

Located at a height of 5500ft, the Doddabale Siddaragudda peak is a complete package for a location that gives you adventure, discovery, astonishment, and calm! The adventures of Trekking or Rock Climbing, are great activities to experience. The peak provides breathtaking views of Madagadakere Lake, Bhadra Lake, Baba Budangiri hills, Yemmedoddi village, the 800 hundred-year-old Shiva Temple, and the lush green forests and coffee plantations that the trail runs through.

 One could just sit by and enjoy the serenity and tranquil views while the day just passes by and have the best time of their lives. The astonishing sunset views along with the “far from civilization” feels make this place full of adrenaline pumping and heartwarming experiences. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Doddabale Siddaragudda peak

For reaching the Doddabale Siddaragudda peak, one could fly to the Mangalore Airport(113 km away from Chikmagalur and then take a 50 km ride to the peak from Chikmagalur bus stand) or you take a train to Kadur, have a 40km taxi ride to Chikmagalur and then the 50 km ride to the peak.

Best time to visit Doddabale Siddaragudda peak

The best time to visit this peak is November to March, which is the Winter season in Karnataka. This time provides the perfect, clear weather and an ideal temperature of under 30 degrees in the daytime. One can visit the place anytime during the day.

21.Jhari Waterfalls

The Jhari Waterfalls is one of the most famous waterfalls and is located in the Chikmagalur district. The Jhari Waterfalls are also known as the Buttermilk Falls and are one of the most exciting tourist destinations. The waterfalls have created a pool in the lower part of the waterfall where tourists can relax and have a laid back vacation. The Jhari Waterfalls show the inert beauty of India and have such olden day roads that tourists are required to leave their vehicles and use jeeps provided for them to reach the waterfalls.

Things to do in Jhari Waterfalls

The Jhari waterfalls are a sightseeing location for a tourist to visit in India. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls have created an impression of buttermilk at the bottom of the falls and have formed a pool there. Tourists should make it a point to swim in this pool. Tourists should take the jeep to the falls to reach these falls as the road leading up to these waterfalls are extremely steep. 

One should also visit Baba Budangiri while visiting the Jhari waterfalls. Baba Budangiri is a meager 1.4 km from Jhari Waterfalls. The canteens are affordable and the coffee is superb. It is rated one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

How to reach Jhari Waterfalls

The Jhari Waterfalls is at a distance of 22 km from Chikmagalur. You can reach a specific point by car or any other mode of transport but from there onwards you would have to rent a jeep to take you to the waterfalls which are around 5 km and would cost between Rs. 600-800

Best time to visit Jhari Waterfalls

The best time to visit the Jhari waterfalls is either during the monsoons or immediately after the monsoons. The waterfall has the most amount of water content during this time and in addition to the already present scenic beauty, the heat is also at its minimum.

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